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  1. Without Slash there would not be a guns n roses, well there would but it would have been another unknown band from that era that no one has ever heard of
  2. Like a few others, Welcome to the Jungle on GTA. Was probably around 10 or 11 at the time, just thought it was the best thing I ever heard. After that I started paying more attention to them after that and quickly became a fan of SCOM, Paradise City, November Rain etc It was years after that I actually bought an album though.. first time listening to AFD just blew me away, any music I liked before that just went out the window
  3. Solutions

    I sympathise with the managers of the site if there are legal issues due to people sharing links etc but seems like a sure fire way to kill off the forum if you decide to block half of it off to more casual users. It seems like a few just want a private discussion board for themselves, to that I’d say just make a private group on Facebook or WhatsApp and just invite the people you want.
  4. Coma and Jungle Demos

    Can’t wait to hear the final version on an album one day
  5. Why no Street of Dreams?

    I thought Sorry was about the media and critics in general i can’t say I’ve listened to that song enough times to really analyse though. It’s pretty mediocre throughout and those bizarre vocals “but I don’t want to do it” just make me want to press Next
  6. Why no Street of Dreams?

    The recent leaked version of The Blues has absolutely ruined the album version called Street of Dreams for me, I can barely listen to it anymore. I think the song is rumoured to be about Slash which might be the reason
  7. It’s a shame they re-worked it on the album, the final version is pretty bland and mediocre compared to the Blues demo, which would have been a highlight of the album had they kept it how it was, that mini guitar riff part just elevates the whole song
  8. I wasn’t old enough to be into GNR at that point but can totally imagine 90% of people watching it thinking wtf is going on? For all of Bucketheads apparent brilliance, he was a poor look for Guns as it made the band look like a complete freak show. Add in the odd “fashion” style choice of axl and then terrible vocals and no wonder the performance got panned and ticket sales were crap
  9. I’ve never really understood why November Rain is viewed as some sort of classic to the wider public but Estranged is completely unknown For me Estranged is the ultimate UYI song, perfect combination of Axl and Slash
  10. What are the chance the leakers have changed course and have decided to try to get some cash for the final disc mix 2 rather than getting it out to the fans?
  11. I think it would be great if they released an EP with an A side of 5 or 6 new songs written brand new, and a B side or disc 2 with 5 or 6 leftovers from the Chinese democracy sessions in their current format without Slash re-recording; Atlas, Perhaps, Hard School, I assume a couple of others must exist too. Provides a way to get the CD era stuff out, fans are happy with new music up but they only have to worry about writing and recording 5 new songs i have a feeling a full album would never live up to AFD or UYI so an EP is maybe less pressure
  12. Hard school isn’t an instrumental so doesn’t really relate to my post. and for the record I think there is a big cognitive bias to these demo songs because they are new and previously unheard. I’ve had Atlas and Perhaps on repeat every day since I heard them but in 6 or 12 months will I prefer these songs over Appetite.. maybe or maybe not. It might be in a years time if still listening to Perhaps then I’d consider it one of my top 5 but at the moment I’d need to wait until the excitement wears off and the dust settles before any of these new songs can genuinely be placed as a top song.
  13. @SoulMonster it looks like rough mix 1 was an initial draft of what Chinese could be. I would agree mix 1 and mix 2 were probably drafts of separate albums with the other songs to be added on to album 1 or 2 (as the run time of each isn’t that long) either as a “b” list / filler so to speak or songs which require further work (eg writing lyrics)
  14. If there was an ultra rare song rehearsed then yes that’d be great to hear, but otherwise it’s a big “meh” from me
  15. Sorry but I have to question how anyone can put any of those unfinished instrumental demos in their top 5 songs? I mean what have you been listening to all these years if you are apparently a guns n roses fan but don’t like the classic songs off appetite and Illusion as much as unreleased demos with no lyrics? Blimey. Absolutely bizarre but each to their own I suppose.