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  1. Tension in the early 2000's lineup

    I feel like smashing a bunch of virtuosos into the same lineup without organically forming a band was probably a big part of early nuGuns' issues lineup-wise.
  2. Guys, I think we found Doug's account! Doug is despised by everyone in Guns for a reason.
  3. Axl Rose hosting his own festival could go one of two ways... Either it ends up like Metallica's Orion Festival, which bombed so hard they had to spend the next 3 years touring relentlessly to recoup the losses (admittedly their expensive IMAX movie bombing didn't help). Or it could end up weirdly successful, like the CalJam festival the Foo Fighters have ran the past two years. Although a festival associated with the NuGuns that barely anybody have a damn about at that point in time? Yeah, that'd have made Orion Festival look downright lucrative.
  4. I really wish we'd gotten the re-recorded Appetite in some form. From what we've heard from Live Era, Axl's 1999 voice was kind of cool. I would not have objected to hearing a different take on Appetite (maybe not as a full release, but maybe some box set bonus).
  5. Doug quoting the Eminem song 'Stan' without a single hint of irony regarding the subject matter of the song honestly makes this letter for me. Also, has GNR ever had a manager that isn't either a complete wingnut or a prick cruising by on nepotism?
  6. Lots of old Recordings

    I doubt this material will stay in the vault forever. As soon as Axl pops his cloggs, the TB vultures will be itching to keep their income coming!
  7. Would I have preferred the leftovers from a time period that turned GNR into an absolute joke and relegated Axl to playing theatres and bowling alleys, or would I have preferred Axl, Slash, and Duff onstage again with Axl sounding generally pretty great throughout 2016 and playing 3-hour sets in stadiums around the world, thus resurrecting Axl's reputation and restoring GNR to a titan of the rock industry? Hmmm, big think 🤔
  8. Velvet Revolver Stage Lights for sale!

    If I had a spare few thousand pounds, sure!
  9. Axl Rose on Looney Tunes episode w/new song

    Or, what's far more likely, is that it's just a song Axl recorded for fun as part of a guest appearance on a kid's cartoon show. If it were either an AC/DC song or a Guns N' Roses song, it would not be making its debut with absolutely no prior announcement in a Looney Tunes episode of all places.
  10. Axl Rose on Looney Tunes episode w/new song

    What the holy shit. Being a GNR fan sure gets surreal sometimes.
  11. Axl's probably got everyone over to help him count his money
  12. "Sometime soon" has been the word during every NITL-related interview he's done
  13. After his divorce settlement, I think Slash would quite happily tour without new music for a few more years.
  14. The most offensive part about that is the lack of apostrophe in "shits"