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  1. I believe it's Loaded-related, not GNR, sadly.
  2. Slash Will Be Doing a Reddit AMA on September 20th

    Prepare for a vague "Everyone in the GNR camp is very supportive of each other's solo projects blah blah"
  3. Because Fernando treats GNR like a fashion label and this is their latest 'line'
  4. An eternity of GNR tours and re-releases basically confirmed.
  5. Melissa might just be more offensive to me than DJ Ashba at this point. She just strikes me as incredible annoying.
  6. Do you think Axl likes SMKC's music?

    I'd say Dirty Little Thing by VR sounds more Guns, but I suppose it basically being It's So Easy 2 helps.
  7. Slash Q1043 interview

    I like to imagine Axl tilting his head back and screaming at every interview he reads or watches where Slash mentions the idea of Guns heading into the studio within the next couple of years.
  8. Slash Q1043 interview

    I don't think I'm ever gonna get tired of Slash talking about how great the chemistry is between himself and Axl and Duff.
  9. I honestly love how much of a horror geek Slash is. As a big fan of the horror genre, seeing people like Slash and Kirk Hammett being obsessed with horror is cool.
  10. As far as I'm aware, no, unless it's for a live album or DVD. Then I think he'd get royalties for any songs he had a part in on the live album/DVD. You don't need to pay royalties to another artist for playing their songs, otherwise cover bands would have a hard time.
  11. Do you think Axl likes SMKC's music?

    Probably sent one of his hangers-on to go and buy it for him so he doesn't feel guilty for directly putting money towards a Slash product.
  12. Myles is the musical equivalent of mashed potato.
  13. I interpreted Slash's answers as him mostly being pissed off about being asked about GNR in every interview about his solo band, plus him genuinely not being able to mention a lot of stuff.
  14. I'm beginning to think that maybe Axl isn't overweight and that mass is just storage for his absolutely enormous lungs.