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  1. So do we have any idea who is playing on this? Is it Robin? Bucket? Robin and Bucket? This is probably my favorite out of all the leaks...
  2. This is on par with the 2016 shows....No doubt about it.
  3. You can't shit on Axl so far tonight, he is giving it whatever he's got
  4. Did Axl rehearse this time? WTH
  5. Oh no, Axl even doing decent on Better?
  6. Wow, Axl is actually doing great tonight
  7. Best Jungle is a looooong time.
  8. Good they deserve it! I hope more is coming! I’m a huge supporter of the band and Axl particularly, attended multiple shows on every tour since 02, but I’m not going this year, I just can’t. I’m not demanding they release new music, just be upfront with the fans about future plans and intentions.
  9. The Instrumentals- 1. Me and My Elvis 2. Mustache 3. Zodiac 4. Quick Song 5. Oklahoma 6. Bastard 7. D Tune 8. Curley Shuffle 9.Tonto 10. Real Doll 11. As it Began 12. Prom Violence Unreleased Songs with Lyrics- 1. Atlas Shrugged 2. State of Grace 3. Perhaps 4. Hard School 5. Eye on You 6. Silkworms 7. Nothing
  10. Axl and Co. would have too much respect to even suggest AC/DC open a show for them, I’m sure they’d be honored to play before AC/DC though. Don't forget the reverence Axl displayed for the band and their songs, much more than his own!
  11. Funny thing, he wrote the lyrics and created the vocal melody. I've listened to 3 dollar pyramid, Robin came in with a great idea and with contributions from Axl a great song was created.
  12. The album really needed to have 'Better' on it, it's simply the best pop song Axl has written (That we know of) since the UYI era. Otherwise I prefer the rough mixes of all the songs minus TWAT.
  13. One in a million lyrics

    I surely hope Axl is now ashamed of the song, hopefully. It was embarrassing when Duff attempted to recontextualize the lyrics earlier this year. I think and hope Axl would have matured enough to own up to it.
  14. One in a million lyrics

    Trash lyrics, trash song....Axl's albatross.
  15. The leaks. That’s it. Just put out some music, damn.
  16. Yeah, let us pretend we know Axl personally and what was/is happening in his mind in regards to a failed relationship decades ago... Use your illusion, let it take you where it may. Back on topic, I think CD and the 'unreleased' material from that time period still have a lot left to give.... I don't know how Axl feels about it, the best I can tell is that we will not be seeing these songs leave the set anytime soon and that's a good thing. I only hope whatever negative feelings he has about the release of CD motivates the release of "new" material.
  17. Vocal Coach Reacts to GN'R

    If you watch any of Kens videos, reactions or when he performs GnR songs, he clearly has a distaste for Axls sound and technique.
  18. Vocal Coach Reacts to GN'R

    Ken is your typical evangelical Christian, with his passive aggressive criticism. He is a great singer and coach but he needs to check his ego, Ken your begging for subs on YouTube while Axl is Critically (and commercially) lauded for his singing and songwriting.
  19. From all the songs we've heard I don't think Axl or the band we're ever really concerned with making a mainstream hit single, from the entire CD sessions that we've heard I think 'Better' is still the closest the band ever got to a truly radio friendly single. Out of all these songs I think 'Atlas' would have the best chance today, 'Hardschool' seems to have a lot of love here, but any non GnR fan I've played it for have thought it was boring and sounded dated, Not an opinion I share by the way. I really like all of these new recordings we've heard and personally I'm unconcerned if any of them would make a 'great single'.
  20. It'd be pretty good with you know, some actual Verses and the Mac Daddy line removed haha...The Chorus and actual music are pretty interesting.
  21. Cool song, nice lyrics, might be about Pat Garret and Billy the Kid, not sure.
  22. State of Grace and Atlas are the two best songs to come out of these leaks, don't know why people seem to be down on them compared to some of the other shit.
  23. I like it, like many CD songs it never takes you where you think it would. I think people looking for a song with catchy poppy hook from the CD recording sessions need to move on, “Better” was the closest and best thing Axl probably captured in that regard.
  24. I really question the advice Axl was given that these songs weren't ready for release back in the early 00's after hearing more of Hard School.
  25. Okay, NEVER MIND....... Lend you my haaaand, had to be a fool throw it all away