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  1. What was the debacle with Steven? That he sounded amazing?
  2. Axl sounds damn good on the RQ Outro.
  3. Axl’s rasp on Madagascar was on Axl/DC level of badassery
  4. I filmed this. Just uploaded for my homies.
  5. Need to see Madagascar clip. Full on Rasp mode.
  6. Awesome show. Axl has so much rasp on Madagascar. Slash’s tone was so beautiful. Fantastic show. I like them in the arena. Great production on the video boards. Not too much Mickey last night. Maybe YCBM was the most mickey. In person Mickey is not as noticeable. Slash’s opening portion of his solo spot was freaking awesome. I am talking the part before The Godfather. I will post some videos later.
  7. Fuck 7:00 is early as fuck I am driving from Birmingham
  8. I am on my way. What time do doors open what time does the show start? Keith Roth said 8:00 the other night on Hair Nation.
  9. One of Axl's finest moments \m/

    Prime Era Axl right here. His opening few lines were so fucking glorious. What a great song!
  10. Fuck, the talent in GNR was off the charts!!
  11. Best Slash/GNR fan shot video I have ever seen maybe. Excellent video and audio and Slash is ON FIRE!!!
  12. I thought it was pretty fucking cool to see Pink.
  13. Madagascar and There Was A Time are so damn boring. How long was the line to the pisser for those songs?