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  1. This is the best Slash album musically since UYI2. It is that fucking good. Myles doesn’t even bother me anymore. I can listen to this album all the way through with no issues. It is GREAT. Slash is in top form. Axl must be liking what he is hearing guitar wise.
  2. Amazing solo, I agree. There are soooo many good ones!
  3. Give it a few spins. Don’t be too hypercritical after one listen. This is a damn good album.
  4. Does anywhere have the physical copy to sell? Doesn’t look like Target or Walmart or Barnes and noble does.
  5. 2 best songs are Boulevard and The One You Loved Is Gone.
  6. Lead single should have been Boulevard of Broken Hearts and single 2 should have been The One You Loved is Gone.
  7. So funny you just mentioned Exile, I was just telling my buddies not 5 minutes ago in group chat that Exile is one of the greatest front to back albums ever.. Perfect listening at all times and you never want to skip a song.
  8. Am I the only fucker that digs Boulevard of Broken Hearts???
  9. Love this song!!! Slash’s solo is so beautiful!
  10. Boulevard Of Broken Hearts is my darkhorse favorite. I love it!! That and the ballad about the only girl you ever loved are both exceptional. I like the album. Slash has some flash back moments. Great playing. But anyway, Boulevard is a major grower!
  11. @Gibbo is dead on about Eric Dover... That video of him doing SCOM was just last year. The fucker still sounds great. He wrote great lyrics, he was different. I would argue outside of Axl, Dover was his most talented front man. Back in 1995 Geffen pulled them from the road. Now in 2018 Slash says Dover wasn't comfortable. Looks comfortable now!! Look at him sing Weiland! NOTHING GENERIC ABOUT THIS GUY!
  12. The solo is Sick!!! It reminds me of a shreddy version of Whole Lotta Love meets Don’t Damn Me but not as good as either of those solos lol.
  13. Corey Taylor is a better version is Weiland. But in his own bands he has some good tunes but his range isn’t that great.
  14. Lol @Dave Grohl. Dude has ZERO RANGE. Slash should do an album with Chris Stapleton or just get this guy and be done with it.
  15. Sounds so killer and just like that everyone is happy again. Axl is so ridiculous for pissing away Slash like this and not recording with him. Brent’s kit sounds huge and of course the riffs are badass. Can’t wait!