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  1. Thought it was a different quote than that one but I could be remembering incorrectly
  2. Call me crazy but I believe around the time of the 2000s allegations I remember reading a quote from slash along the lines of “I love Michael, but until he sorts this out he’s not allowed around my kids” does anybody remember that besides me? So it’s possible his stance on him hardened throughout the years.
  3. I’m just hoping they don’t give us it’s so easy again but I’m stoked either way. Would be cool if they didn’t repeat songs & eventually compiled all these to a dvd.
  4. I’m gonna pool all the ideas here & day they should just do like a pay per view stream of the 2016 show, would take minimal effort, would raise a lot of $$&
  5. I dream of a world where GNR just hires you to do the NITL selects, it’s never gonna happen but I can dream right?
  6. Even if it was the quality of Coma & the first half of Patience from Live Era I’d be down.
  7. To imply GNR can’t get a record done in a week is not only drastically underestimated the current band’s potential, it’s also a bit disrespectful to guys like Huge, Stinson, Fink, Brain hell even Sorum who grinded away in the studio for years on end to insure guns would have enough material to never have to write an album again.
  8. You must assemble all the Infinity Frogs (TM UZISUICIDAL) in order to snap the new GNR album into existence.
  9. Richard & Frank collaborated many times before GNR, they were even both in the Psychedelic Furs together for a bit. I’m pretty sure that’s how he got the gig. I like Frank just fine, would I prefer Sorum, Adler or Brain? Of course but I kind of accepted Frank as part of the reunion deal from the get-go And moved on. Probably a controversial opinion cuz everybody seems to love him but I’d rather have Frank than Freese.
  10. Good performance, been on a velvet revolver trip recently, such a great band.
  11. I ain’t gonna lie guys, I can’t think of a GNR cover I like besides LA Gun’s My Michelle. (Unless we’re counting when a former GN’R member covers it, cuz in that case Scott Weiland is the king)
  12. If anyone ever interviews Phil Ealy please ask him where this speech was recorded, it’s like the last mystery of live era, except Robin on Brownstone which I doubt we’ll ever solve. Hell somebody as Robin lol.
  13. Aight how bout since they’re doing these in sets of three do one for Nashville 2016 with OTGM/My Michelle with Steven then that version of PC since Stephen comes out for the final bow at that show if I’m not mistaken, everybody would be stoked about that. For the record I liked the first one a lot I just feel like nobody could complain about That one haha.
  14. I’m guessing we’re gonna get little volumes from different shows, it was short but it was pretty cool I enjoyed it.
  15. On the plus side I recorded some vocals for my band a few days ago. One of our members has asthma and our Drummer doesn’t even have recording equipment at his house but even we’re being productive during the pandemic. For anyone that thinks it’s hard to do.
  16. Just look at the village cds, a lot of those songs sounded done in 1999, in fact a lot of people on the boards saying they should have just mixed & mastered rough mixes #1 and put that out as CD. But Axl’s definition of a demo is very different than you or I’s.
  17. I can definitely here the effect to but there are certain lines where It sounds like two vocal tracks are ending at slightly different times. But hey I’m not an expert so I could be wrong but it sounds like double tracking to me.
  18. He’s definitely double tracked on certain parts, I’m not 100% that he overdubbed it because they could have pretty easily used another live performance or an edited version of the original vocal but there’s definitely Something going on.
  19. I hope by clips he means full songs & not like the Axl/Dc videos they put out.
  20. Some 2016 footage would be A+, in fact why not just mix one of the better 2016 shows & release it to stream, it’s not like they’re doing a proper NITL love album at this point anyways.
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