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  1. Teddy Zig-Zag is defiantly Bill Wennington
  2. Good gravy, Seattle was my first GN'R show, would love an IEM of that.
  3. I can’t believe there’s GNR fans that are hardcore enough to debate why ticket sales are bad but has no idea about the “Fat Axl” memes rom Rio 2011. Axl even tried to get them all taken down.
  4. I'm pretty stoked to have an HQ version of Slither, pretty bummed that SOYL is one of the timing issue performances. The only other thing from the gig I listened to was Happy Birthday Slash but I can't complain, stoked to have some new GN'R to listen to even it's just a VR cover lol.
  5. Posts like this really make me miss the downloads section, this community has forever been tarnished
  6. No matter how many times I hear this song, I always get goosebumps when the "all in good faith" line kicks in because it doesn't fade out lol.
  7. They better add a Pumpkins tier opener for Seattle if they want me to plan a 4th trip to go see them on this reunion tour, or they could just book a PDX date.
  8. I agree, Slash has played here a bunch & Duff came through on his last tour so i don't know what the deal is. Even Adler's played here in the past Decade.
  9. You're telling me, I know we're not the biggest rock & metal city but even Ghost just headlined an arena show here.
  10. Im actually thinking of skipping this leg, I do wanna see it & there's a show near me (Seattle) but i think it's downright rediculous that they've been at this for almost 4 years now and they haven't played a single show in my hometown (Portland, Or) Guns in general hasn't played a show here since 2006.
  11. What I think is happening is that there was some truth to that whole "EP before the album" rumor from a couple months back but certian people in the group don't wanna do it that way, which is where all this how do we go about releasing it stuff came from.
  12. If somebody else gets to meet Tommy, please ask him what "Tommy Demo #1" is called, that name is a dang eyesore on my playlist lol.
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