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  1. Yes exactly! I know when I teach some theory to my guitar students sometimes they ask why they should learn it if the artists we are learning songs from didn't know the terminology, and I always say that music theory is there even if we aren't consciously aware of it So if for example Axl uses a secondary dominant on piano in any given tune, it is still a secondary dominant even if he didn't know what it was called, and for us being able to recognize when it occurs allows us to have an even richer understanding on how to apply certain chords and notes in specific situations. Not that a
  2. I majored in music, and music theory ultimately isn't neccesarily a set of rules but more of an explanation of musical events and elements. To me, music theory isn't something that you need to understand in order to make great music, but if you know what music theory is, it isn't a creativity limiter if you are creative enough to use the knowledge in your favor For example for me when I am writing a guitar part, I kind of just let my ears guide me and worry about analysis afterwords. The theory explains what I did as opposed to guiding what I decide to do, to get needlessly eso
  3. He wasn't wrong about advising Buckethead not to take the gig lol that is exactly why Bucket ended up leaving the band in '04 right? The lack of any forward momentum from the band and Chinese Democracy seeming like a fantasy rather than an album that would come out anytime soon
  4. New material isn't coming out anyways so hey might as well try and get something
  5. The Black Crowes - Soul Singing
  6. As long as it is mixed properly and they pick mostly audio from 2016 I would buy it lol. Regarding why anyone would want it, well for me personally I enjoy listening to different eras of different bands and think that when this current lineup is on it, they sound great and I especially would love a recent live album of Slash, Axl, and Duff back together.
  7. I don't know if this will be effective however best of luck. I know I would love to see really just any full show from 2016 in general
  8. A new record is up to Axl and we all know how that goes when you want new music from him lol. At least with a live album we are shown that the recordings and capability is there via the Selects videos
  9. On a side note along these lines, I find it funny how Axl fully intended on Robin being Slash's replacement according to Matt's story of Axl talking about him, and then just a few years later he told Slash's replacement he is now second to Bucketheaad who is now gonna be the most prominent lead guitarist in the live shows lol. Then Bucket leaves and Robin is probably going "now is my chance - I am the new Slash finally!" only for BBF to randomly stroll in and steal his thunder Robin Finck is the true victim of it all, poor Finckster
  10. 2016 was in my opinion one of the great years for GNR ever since 1993. I truly hope there is a way for Axl to return to that level and while under quarantine has figured out how, because to me 2016 compared to now is like a night and day thing
  11. I would have loved that. Not anything against BBF of course, I like him both personally and as a guitarist. But to me GNR has never needed 3 guitarists on stage, the two shows I caught in 2011 and 2012 the songs were there but the guitar parts were just this huge murky sound of so many guitars going at it you couldn't make out any one particular thing save for guitar solos and lead licks The shows I caught in 2016 were much better. Slash was super high up in the mix compared to Fortus but I heard their distinct parts, exactly what they played, and how they related to what the other guy
  12. Right. These right anti-BLM people did the exact same thing with George Floyd's death. "Well the man was no angel", as if that matters in the case of police deciding to be the judge, jury, and executioner of these people right there on the streets. They are fishing for reasons to blame the deceased as opposed to acknowledging we have a serious issue with police in the US
  13. My only issue with the final mix, beyond removing the badass guitar lick that made the song feel like an Illusions era tune, is that when you listen to the Village Session versions and come back to the final album version, the drums on the final version sound so tame and quiet in the mix overall
  14. The only other one I can think of would be the B-side to Jungle on vinyl being Whole Lotta Rosie live which also ended up on the Live From The Jungle EP, and that is just a live cover of an AC/DC tune anyways I am now imagining a world where GNR used the B-sides to their singles as a way to put out tunes like Just Another Sunday that wouldn't have necessarily fit the albums they came out with and man that is yet another hugely missed opportunity for the band over the years
  15. I would say open chords are definitely a great place to begin. Open chords and learning both chord symbol notation and how to read guitar tablature in general - so that way you can work out both some chord shapes and starting to learn some guitar riffs and basic licks from the songs you really dig From there I would say the basic barre chord shapes are a great next step as well as the basic major scale and pentatonic scale. Another thing that could really help in terms of just preparing to start tackling songs could be looking up various warmups for both the fretting hand and the
  16. I guess the year 2035 is sooner than 2055 so Frank could technically still be right lol
  17. Crazy to think that we have been waiting for a new GNR album the same amount of time as the wait for Chinese Democracy to come out from 1996 to 2008. 12 years
  18. I am late to this thread so I don't know if this has already been touched upon, but one aspect of Cancel Culture I find really troubling is how streaming services like Netflix are removing episodes of television shows not even because people have talked about having issues with them - but in preparation before anyone even mentioned them lol For example, there was an episode of Community where one of the characters while playing D&D was dressed in makeup dressed as a dark elf and the actual joke was how he was doing unintentional blackface. There really was nothing offensive th
  19. I believe just this one, it is the only one to have a new mix to it - the rest of the demos are the OG mixes from back in the day just with a new masteing
  20. Sometimes it is to entice people who had enough of the band's albums to not need a Greatest Hits, to buy the album. The one that comes to mind immediately is when Courtney Love put Nirvana's "You Know You're Right" on their Greatest Hits compilation to try and hype of the album for more sales
  21. For real. I busted out a couple of the Vault shows in recent years and the Sticky Fingers Live album, along with some cuts off the Goats Head Soup deluxe set and man they are always releasing something cool
  22. I think a lot of the "Biden has dementia" people are running with the fact that Biden grew up with a stutter and sometimes fumbles over words in his life due to that. You can disagree with his policies or statements but there is no indication of him not being all there mentally Which is why to me it is funny how the right uses the "Biden is old and not mentally there" argumentative tactic when Trump is going and delivering the most incoherent, classless, logically-deficient press conferences and interviews in US history right now. If anyone needs proof of said incoherent rambling look u
  23. I have always liked that idea! Like, release a limited edition physical box set of like "The Chinese Democracy Era '96-'08" with every finished unreleased track and those CD remixes for the hardcore fans. That way they could have gotten all that material out there and a limited edition run could have provided a small profit without having to worry about a big commercial release selling well, and it would give Guns an opportunity to write together and come up with a vibe that can only truly be created when everyone in the band is there for the writing process of a new album
  24. I must say, it is disheartening seeing pretty much every single meaningful thing that would be good for fan morale (new music, live releases, Axl Q&A) being met with one of three responses: "Possibly", "we discussed it but nothing planned", or just a flat out "no" with him on Reddit recently. I rarely listen to GNR anymore because it is hard to keep things fresh when you only have a single digit amount of studio albums to listen to in a 30+ year span of a musical career from that band, and feeling like nothing is on the horizon. I come on here still but as far as my GNR fandom tha
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