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  1. Especially as the dream of the 90's is alive in Portland and flannel shirts still look fly.
  2. New emoji added to post reactions. Get your 😮 face on!

  3. Which is why they haven't done it. Which I get from their pov but I bet a number of publications tried quite hard.
  4. I would imagine there's some annoyance that the 'big' interviews haven't been forthcoming in 4 years. No sit-down with Axl and Slash, no photo spread. Slash and Duff have done the odd thing here and there but the mainstream music press has been denied the coveted deal. I'm fairly sure many of these publications have tried to secure such an exclusive and knock backs tend to piss journalists off. I can understand why they haven't gone there as a band especially early on but like it or not you do have to throw the MSM a bone now and then to keep them onside.
  5. Ladies another thread for you to check out. The OP found a cool app that turns B&W photos to colour. Some interesting results with old GNR pics
  6. It's quiet at the moment but so is most of the forum. The first couple of years of the reunion it was a busy section with a lot of fan postings. It seems to me the popularity of the section ebbs and flows depending on how many of our female members are posting regularly. That's dropped off recently (see also The GNR Women's Thread). Just an observation but when the forum demographics skew majority male picture threads don't do as well. Caveat: Some guys like discussing photo's obvs but as a broad generalisation that's how it seems to play out.
  7. I do really like this discovery btw. It's a great app.
  8. Sorry. I left it there for most of the day but really image threads belong in here. I left a link so it will still be viewable from D&N for a few days. I get the point about other sections not being well used but we can't just use D&N as a deposit for everything either. Hopefully if it's bumped enough people will spot it. Or add a link to your sig to encourage traffic this way.
  9. If you ever have the misfortune to hear me sing you'll truly know what bad singing is! Stadiums would pay me millions to stay away.
  10. I know this has been done to death on here but I don't think he's that out of shape. I'm considerably younger than him and I couldn't put on that show - I'd be laid on the floor gasping for breath after 20 minutes. Vocal issues aside it's 2-3 hours of aerobic-ish exercise. Maybe there are specific exercises someone can focus on as a man in their late fifties in order to lose the belly but his general fitness can't be that bad otherwise he'd literally collapse. I think his short stature combined with an odd upper body posture (which he's always had) unfortunately makes him look worse that he is
  11. I mostly agree. I never expect SCOM to sound great and this was no exception. There are far better songs (in vocal terms) they could have picked. Slash was on point and just about saved it with his solo.
  12. I am tempted to read some of them now. I believe they go into more detail than TV allows for.
  13. We can post videos from official channels that own the music licensing (this applies to all artists not just GNR). Unfortunately we are being targeted by people who hold a grudge against this forum so every single unofficial video linked gets reported to the RIAA and puts our hosting company under pressure to shut the forum down. These draconian rules around youtube/ social media content is not our choice as a Mod Team. It's a position we have been forced to to take. For a longer explanation everyone joining or who hasn't posted in a while please read downzy's announcement that Padme
  14. I just finished watching all the seasons of Bosch. I can't believe it took me this long to discover it seeing as it's one of the earliest Prime shows and I've had Prime for years. Very well adapted although I understand it was a bit of a mix and match of various books and doesn't 100% stick to original plots. Possibly the best show I've seen that has LA as it's backdrop, really showcases the city in all it's gritty glory. Worth watching just on that alone tbh. It's not as good as The Wire but it's up there and I love the sidekick guy, J Edgar, who was in The Wire. Brilliant actor.
  15. I've made a show thread so I'm going to lock this one so discussion can go in one place. Thanks @UK_GNR for the new date heads up.
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