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  1. They shoud've just filmed one of the tour rehearsals where Axl sang Hard Skool and call it the Official Music Video. That would've been much better than this crap. And Axl looks great in his soundcheck outfit
  2. The video is cool, but why all the advertising? They literally could've released it 2 months ago. There's nothing here that deserves an NFL commercial announcement. A normal band would've used that promotion for the release of the song itself, not a lyric video I really don't get this band. Just Gn'R being Gn'R, I guess.
  3. I'm not so sure about that. Atlas was going to be on CD until last minute, when they switched it for This I Love (IIRC). That means that the song was worked until 2008. Now, on the Village leaks, the Rough Mixes 1 version is the most complete one, yet is the oldest. The other versions of Atlas, that are on the Atlas CD and the Rough Mixes CD, are newer but lack lots of stuff from the RM1 version. It's like they started again with the new Brain drums. And also remember that BBF recorded guitar for it. The 2008 version could be something very different, and it scares me because the Rough Mixes 1 version is one of my favorite GnR songs.
  4. Spot on. There obviously is a whole album of CD2 songs (most likely more than that), no reason to throw that in the trash and write new songs. People need to remember that it’s Slash and Duff that returned to Axl’s band after 30 years, and not the other way around. I’m also looking forward to an all new album. In 8 years
  5. That's not true. The amount of shows that were shot on film can be counted with one (maybe two) hands. Pretty much all of the UYI shows were recorded digitally. And only the ones shot on film can get you that 'Get Back'-like 4K quality.
  6. Guns N' Roses has more subscribers on their YouTube channel (9,41M), than Iron Maiden (only 2,02M) and AC/DC (8,35). Yet both bands get 3 or 4 times more views per single. GnR could easily have more views than both bands. Fuck, even Metallica's EXTREMELY active YouTube channel has less subscribers (7,71M) than GnR's.
  7. People will buy the shit of it only if the band and the label decide to do a proper marketing campaign. There's a reason why Hard Skool hasn't even surpassed Absurd in views and is being already forgotten with a pathetic amount of 1.6M views, when bands like AC/DC or Iron Maiden are pulling off 5, 6, 7 or even 10 million views per single. And those bands have been around forever, they don't have the Axl+Slash sales boost. Back in 2016, even a compilation of Slash and Axl farts would've gotten 10M views without advertisement. Now it's too late IMO.
  8. Also, the "Do Not Use" version of Better is 5:33 minutes long... and guess what, the unreleased official music video of Better is... 5:33 minutes long
  9. Taking ABSUЯD for example: USUG12103950 can be separated in 4 parts: US is the country code (duh). UG1 is the registrant code (Universal Group) 21 is the year the ISRC code was created (2021). 03950 is the code asigned to ABSUЯD. The last part is the important one. The way it works is that the ISRC organization gives a batch of codes to the registrant (in this case Universal) to use, but it's the registrant the one who asigns each code to one song (in this case, it was Universal who specifically linked 03950 to ABSUЯD. The fact that Absurd and Hard Skool are in the same batch of codes, with unassigned codes in between and after, that's some clear evidence that both songs are part of something bigger. With that said, yes, I do agree that this doesn't mean that the album is "imminent", but it would be nice to know when ABSUЯD and Hard Skool ISRC's codes were created.
  10. The order in which the songs were uploaded to the IRSC database don't necessarily mean to be the album order. Just checked and yes, between USUG12103950 (Absurd) and USUG12103961 (Hard Skool) it's all in blank. But also between HS and USUG12103973. That's 23 spots between Absurd and the first result after Hard Skool.
  11. Literally the day after GnR's last show Hopefully some GnR news in his upcoming interviews!
  12. The OMG lyrics in the YCBM video have been there for all the 2021 shows.
  13. It doesn't put anything to rest. His higher rasp is toasted. The end of Hard Skool last night is a clear example. With that said, I'm really enjoying Axl's current voice and it's the best he has ever sounded since 2017.
  14. 2017 was a raspy year for Paradise City. I'm sure there are better versions on those shows, specially the US ones.
  15. I'm not sure if they're done for this year. The may pull off something last minute (A Vegas residency?), or even the actual album, or something like a live Blu-ray. And not only they brought back Coma and Shadow, but also Sorry and Catcher (and Madagascar earlier). They also got that new Jungle intro which is cool, and You're Crazy being a regular in the setlist is amazing. This was my favorite "NITL lineup" year after 2016 and 2017.
  16. That guy created his account today Obviously fake/trolling. https://www.setlist.fm/user/Axer188
  17. Another really fucking stupid post from you. We shouldn't "complain" about Slash playing Catcher's solo like shit, because... it's a Chinese Democracy song? So we should only complain about the solos that you care about? Please make a list so next time it doesn't happen again. Oh, and why should I be grateful that Slash and Duff are back in 2021? They have been back for half a decade.
  18. First video posted is the one that @Dean and I are talking about
  19. Foro Sol, Mexico City 2016 (2nd night) Trust me. It’s, by far, their best version. Axl sounded fantastic. It’s been brought up multiple times in the various 'NITL Best performances' threads.
  20. Apparently it's cool that GnR is shaking up the setlist, but only if they play the songs that I personally like
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