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  1. For those that were already very positive, like myself, this is just more evidence that a release is imminent. Multiple soundchecks, the alt setlist, a screen video, the Fernando posts, and now the confirmation that a studio version exists and is already done? Yeah. It's coming Since Absurd I always believed that HS would drop 1 month later. So I'm veeery positive for this friday, after the Chicago date
  2. I think that Axl's greatest achievement this last few shows in comparison to the first ones, was to make Better sound listenable again. This one and Indianapolis have been very solid. However, I think he's reaching his limit, it's evident from the videos that he's giving it all 110%. I don't think there's much more room for improvement at this point.
  3. If we follow the Absurd route, the song was actually debuted live the night before the one of the "release announcement". So, HS should be debuted tomorrow. Chicago would be the 2nd time they play it live. That's my theory. But I 100% agree that if we are getting Hard Skool this year, then it has to be this week. Either tomorrow or at Chicago.
  4. I feel like people like to shit on current members because nostalgia, mainly. For some reason Tracy&Roberta are OK and should come back "if Axl needs help", but apparently Melissa shouldn't be there (even if she adds much more to the shows than just backing vocals). Same with the Gilby/Fortus comments. Some people don't realize it isn't 1992 anymore
  5. They didn't make lithos for any of the South America 2016 shows.
  6. Original file (750x1000) from Lithorati: http://lithorati.com/na2016/2016-07-31 New Orleans.jpg AI upscaled version using Topaz Gigapixel (2250x3000):
  7. Yesterday I was mentioned of that specific show by @Gordon Comstock. Estranged was probably Axl’s raspiest version since the 90s (I always recommended Chile 2011 but I think this one beats it). A truly mindblowing performance
  8. No need to. I'll just leave the links below. You just need to refresh them on showtime, and if there're any streams, they will show up. Facebook Watch: only live videos, from today, with 'guns n roses' filter. https://www.facebook.com/watch/search?q=guns n roses&filters=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%3D You can replace the 'guns_n_roses' part of the link (bold in the link above) with other GnR related keyword, such as 'gnr' https://www.facebook.com/watch/search?q=gnr&filters=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%3D
  9. Wake up dude, it's 2021. That was how I felt like 2 years ago, have you not realized at this point that it's just what it is? Either you take it or leave it. Axl won't sound any better than this, he's 60 years old. He IS singing the best he can (even if it's bad). These past 2 years of bad vocals + a fucking pandemic haven't taught you anything? What were you expecting? It's hilarious that you are bringing these cliché arguments 2 years late. Also why are you bringing the "in the 90s they were real" stupid argument now? Where has your head been for the last 30 years? Were they "real" in 2001, 2006, 2014, 2016? Jesus... If I learned something from following the band's shows this last few years, is that they are not playing for their Facebook Watch audience. No band in the world does that.
  10. People "magically" liking it only because it dates back to the Slash era would be hilarious On topic: I don't think this IG story means much. It's been soundchecked almost all shows. If Meegan doesn't delete the story then it might mean something.
  11. No they didn't. That's from Los Angeles (which is great news anyway)
  12. Axl's last shows have been pretty good, I think his current 2021 voice sits behind 2017. It is much better than 2018, 2019 and 2020. His high pitch rasp seems to be totally gone though, it's very noticeable in songs like Jungle or the 1st verse of Nightrain. His mid range rasp seems improved, like in most of Nightrain, Chinese Democracy or the Patience ending. Those are still very strong. But I think his best improvement is the clean voice, which sounds much more powerful now. Last show's SCOM is actually enjoyable. Songs like YCBM or Better should be dropped from the set. Those sound horrible. Another good thing is that Axl is in a much better shape, too, probably the best since 2016. That helps a lot. That + the fact that he's actually trying his best + being so interactive with the audience and overall very happy, I think these are the best shows since 2017.
  13. Yes, and that’s not even his best 2010 show. Check Bucharest 2010
  14. Basically because this show will be the first one ever in that venue, and we know about Axl's historic preference for Vegas (it was the only show of this tour that he advertised on Twitter). And also, because the people that make the screen videos (we know the Hard Skool video exists because of Meegan's IG story) are flying to Vegas for that specific show. https://www.instagram.com/p/CS_uSNPHmwZ/
  15. Like, 7 or 8 years, I think? We only know since the Village leaks (2019) that it's 99% legit, because of Perhaps. Edit: 99% legit
  16. I'm still leaning towards Chicago, I think now it's too soon. However, I have to say that (as some suggested), the Friday date in Vegas seems suspicious.
  17. Ahhhhhh, now that the casuals are the ones hating GnR for their "stab in the back by releasing a filthy CD era song", Fernando comes crawling back to us
  18. Well, before the Axl/Slash phone call of March 2015, you have both GnR's "Appetite For Democracy" and Slash's "Live At The Roxy" releases, which according to Marc Canter they signed each other's in 2014 (citing an old post from @Blackstar from 2019 that has the actual quote). So things were slooowly going in that direction even as early as 2014. It's also quite amazing how in May 2015 (2 months after the phone call), Slash started with these kind of comments, slowly paving the way to the reunion. And we weren't aware of anything back then And in August 2015, Slash had that weird interview with Aftonbladet where the interviewer "magically" knew that Axl and Slash were on speaking terms again (or Slash mentioning it without anyone asking) Literally out of nowhere.
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