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  1. He chose exactly the right notes/chords for that tone as well. Very pleasing to the ear
  2. I was not expecting this. I remember seeing a performance of 'Ain't Talkin' Bout Love' from 1986 and was just blown away by the emotion Eddie put into his performances. Sad day, RIP brother.
  3. Found out from a friend that my ex is with someone else. That's always fun to hear
  4. I like this! I mainly use the forum on mobile, it's much quicker now
  5. I write a ton of music and although I'm nowhere near Axl's level of talent, I'd be shocked if he wrote NR or Estranged without some understanding of theory.
  6. This version of the solo actually sounds pretty cool
  7. I'd kill for a pro-shot of Catcher from the Houston show, it's my favorite song. Nightrain from that show would be awesome as well
  8. He hasn't lost it at all, I think he's just uninspired and kind of bored with the GN'R shows. If you listen to the most recent run of SMKC shows, he's still playing lights out.
  9. I just woke up from the weirdest dream- all I remember is that my ex girlfriend was living on the side of a mountain and my little sister apparently haunts a supermarket.
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