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  1. Dusty Hill of ZZ Top has passed at 72. RIP https://www.guitarworld.com/news/dusty-hill-dies-at-72
  2. This really sucks, Joey was ridiculously talented. RIP brother 🤟
  3. I always liked it, Axl did a great job with the vocal
  4. Cool, I can smoke out of it while I listen to bands that actually release music
  5. I took an edible last night, thought it wouldn't hit very hard... I think I'm still a little high.
  6. These guys are from my local music scene. I'm good friends with one of the guitar players. The band isn't signed as far as I know.
  7. I have a good amount of material on streaming services but this is the song I consider to be my best. It's deep house, hopefully you're not too picky on genre.
  8. I agreed with your whole post but I wanted to single this part out as I really agree here. MJ was/is on a different level of fame. Everyone knows about Michael Jackson.
  9. Hey everyone, I had @RussTCB on my show this past week. Since it's semi-relevant, I'll post it here if anyone wants to check it out as well.
  10. LA Woman by the Doors. Fantastic record.
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