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  1. I struggle with anxiety/depression and I have to go with Axl's peace of mind here. Those kind of problems don't vibe well with the music industry, especially when you're someone like Axl. I understand that as fans, we want that material. To justify my answer though, I relate to the stress that comes with writing/releasing music and I'm on an underground level. That shit is terrifying at times because as a songwriter, you know all of the intricacies of your music and you can fall into the trap of being a perfectionist. I can't imagine how much worse it is on Axl's level.
  2. Wrong thread but I don't want to dig for the other one I usually have joints but I tried a bowl with my friend yesterday and I don't know what it is but the high is way better for me. I ended up going out and getting one today.
  3. Planning a solo road trip to Nashville, TN. Anyone from there/been there that knows what there is to do? Open to pretty much any suggestions.
  4. I actually had a dream last week where GN'R were playing a show at the church my parents made me go to as a kid. They were playing Attitude and Duff walks over with the mic while somehow still playing the bass and we would both shout "Attitude!" into the mic. Then, after the show, we all went to Rockford, Illinois, which is like 2 hours from where the show was, and we had donuts with hundreds of other people. I managed to get "backstage" which was actually just an outdoor seating area. Axl and Duff come and sit down next to me, we talk about whatever. I saw Slash but he didn't talk to me.
  5. 1. The Patriots went to 5 more Super Bowls ('11, '14, '16, '17, '18) winning 3 of them. 2. I started 6th Grade in 2009, dropped out of college in 2019. 3. Eminem has released 6 albums since 2009 4. We saw the rise, peak, and death of Avicii (House producer, found massive success starting in 2011, suicide in 2018).
  6. Almost 8 years later and it's still an absolute banger
  7. Any of the Madden games Skyrim American Truck Simulator Borderlands The Last of Us Minecraft MW3 MLB: The Show '14 Guitar Hero III Lego Star Wars
  8. Wait, which characters are getting cancelled now?
  9. So I just learned that the kids on TikTok now want to cancel Eminem
  10. Well, we fired Mike Pettine, so that's progress.
  11. Speaking as a lifelong fan, this organization has completely screwed Aaron Rodgers out of multiple SB appearances, if not victories. I remember seeing the point this morning that the Packers have never gone all in and tried to take a shot. This team has always planned for the future and done close to nothing for the present. We just need to load up and take a shot this off season. Get a new DC, maybe a new WR, definitely some better defensive personnel, and we're good to go.
  12. If I recall correctly, he was still doing coke. I remember seeing in his book that he and Duff christened the UYI tour jet by smoking crack in it (I think.)
  13. Taking it back to my sophomore year of High School
  14. Yeah I was gonna say, I think they just didn't put his solos in the pro shot we have.
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