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  1. This is why we have gnr toy trucks & bongs
  2. She knew he wasn’t marriage material but she figured she would milk the cow anyway. Fortunately Slash and his lawyers put a stop to it. Hence they argued over a prenup. Then Slash really fucked it up by marrying Perla without a prenup
  3. Allen rules. Drafted him to my fantasy football team when he was a rookie on the Jags. BEAST!
  4. I’m assuming since the place looked 30% full when they usually go on
  5. Social class and registers COCAINE in the halls You were the one……. fuck!!!! So fuckin good man!!!
  6. Loved Nottingham Lace until he released Soothsayer. They should’ve picked Soothsayer 100%
  7. Pretty sure they were stalling to come on. As they were giving out free tickets. Scrambling to get those empty seats somewhat filled
  8. I’m thinking of hittin up Baltimore show 9/26Sunday from NJ
  9. All this proves is the previous shows everyone was there to see Wolfe not gnr
  10. My entire New York Yankees team has tested positive for COVID despite being the most vaxxed team in baseball. 85% of their players were vaxxed before the season began
  11. Exactly right. Nor is he using his upper pallet. He should be filling his diaphragm with air and singing like he has a whole apple in his mouth to lift the upper pallet and then distort his voice for rasp. That is how he used to sing. He should easily be able to sing that way with less effort and get similar projection. He really should be working with the right vocal coach
  12. It’s like she’s still reading this forum What about Jarmo is he still around?
  13. I disagree. If they are not ready to release an album it makes sense to release SOMETHING to conjure up some buzz for this tour
  14. Just because he sings it on time live doesn’t mean the studio is wrong. Just means it would be extremely difficult and annoying to sing it that way live every night
  15. The only ones who buys these bootleg shirts are college kids who can barely afford their busch lite beers without pooling money together. Most fans prefer the merch stand show souvenir experience. They don’t want to be hassled on the street for a goofy low quality shirt. This is almost as bad as them removing YouTube videos. Pointless waste of time
  16. I thought the vaxxed narrative was that the vax don’t end up in hospitals. Vax, No-Vax nothing has changed the elderly and compromised are more likely to be hospitalized. At the same rate as if they get the flu, serious bacterial, viral infection etc
  17. I know a lot of people of all ages who had COVID. None them have long term effects
  18. Yea seriously criminals walking in Walgreens stealing garbage bags full of merch and cops or security can’t do a thing about it. Yet the Uber liberal gnr wants these cops to chase down dudes selling tshirts. Then something happens and the police is sued, jailed, lose job or killed and gnr has blood on their hands
  19. Not talking about everyone but I think there’s a significant amount of infringing on the rights of the unvaccinated are doing it because they are insecure and looking for validation for their decision to jump right in as directed in getting the vaccine. They don’t care that some people are holding off for a multitude of PERSONAL reasons. I’m seeing a lot of buyers remorse & regret over something that is far from a guarantee
  20. Yea it wipes out the elderly and at a vast rate. As well as the fast food grubhub/ubereats generation to an extent
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