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  1. what 's that !!! love it. The voice of Myles is better in this kind of song
  2. Let's be honest ; do you think that Hard Skool and Absurd could be in a GNR album ?? do you think it at the level of this band (exept "my word" !!). I already stop listened to this 2 tracks....sadly
  3. could we see the list of tracks on the 0.35 seconds in the vidéo ?
  4. If the first single is really really really good. Why not doint it with GNR ? ;(
  5. does the 3 have to said yes or.... only the one ??
  6. Arrived in France and it's .........so good to me . maybe exept the end . Nice work of Slash/Duff on it. Love the break also
  7. In another hand they don't try to do more money with old music on this birthday
  8. https://www.instagram.com/p/CMVPkyWnmuJ/ that right , I don't know what to beleive !!
  9. I see fire on this topic so I was so exiting that something really happen and it's just guys who have a "discussion" about nothing to do with a new album..............so why not speaking in MP ????? go away
  10. Axl will always surprise me in the good way...........and in the bad !!!
  11. could be a very classic GNR re-work by Slash/Duff IMO
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