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  1. Myles on the new Slash album: https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/slashs-new-album-is-in-the-can-its-got-a-live-vibe-to-it-says-myles-kennedy/
  2. Not much, but he did record couple of songs with NIN over the years. Memorabilia, cover of Soft Cell from Closer to God single. The Day The World Went Away, acoustic version from Still EP and pretty much whole The Slip free album from '08.
  3. I tried to figure out what Jackie Chan movie was it for. Seems to be Mr. Nice Guy, the one where he fights one of my favorite Martial Artists- Richard Norton Anyway, I do agree that Duff was talking about Hard School (in a Howard Stern interview) , it only makes sense.
  4. It seems Duff won't be here this time, if you look at the video Watt posted on IG, it's Rob Trujillo on bass (that would be his first time on Ozzy record since '01).
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