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Best Mr. Brownstone Imitaion ever.

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Oh my GOD. Thats amazing.

Guns 2 Roses got competition rock3:P

Hardly competition to Guns 2 Roses dude. One band is in the Usa and the other is in the Uk.

Mr Brownstone is a pretty easy song to get to sound like Axl. Try and get them doing something with a bit of effort vocally like Coma or Locomotive see how they sound then.

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I guess they forgot that G'n'R played everything tuned down 1/2 a step.

because being up or down half a step really matters live right?

the singer sounded really similar at points, at others it sounded like he was trying wayyyy too hard

woooah, he sounds EXACTLY the same at some parts of I used to love her

I would feel silly trying to sound exactly like someone else haha.

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