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Official Toronto Thread 1/28/10


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Tonight could be a surprising night maybe?



1.Chinese Democracy

2.Welcome To The Jungle

3.Its So Easy

4.Mr Brownstone



7.Fortus Guitar Solo

8.Live And Let Die

9.If The World


11.Dizzy Piano Solo

12.Street of Dreams

13.Rocket Queen

14.Catcher In The Rye

15.Dj Ashba Solo

16.Sweet Child O Mine


18.Axl Solo(Someone Saved My Life Tonight)

19.November Rain

20.Bumblefoot Solo

21.You Could Be Mine

22.Knockin On Heavens Doors



24.Shacklers Revenge


26.This I Love

27.Paradise City


Axl Quotes:

"Sorry about the delay, Got a little carried away jumping off stuff last night, Getting ready was like what the fuck? anyways im here now"

"a DJ on the radio said the band was expected to be on stage at 2am. "so I'm early""

"One of Bubbles' friend who was pissed that shed missed the GNR shows because of work commitments in Germany and there she meets Jimmy page who tells her he likes the trailer park boys and bubbles is his favorite"

"Were gonna do this for JD Salinger who passed away today"

"Not From The Jersey Shore...Ron Bumblefoot Thal"

"I remember last nights show... but not afterwards"

Richard Fortus" I saw you at the bar"

"We really had trouble planning this tour, we went to Asia without management! We've been wanting to play Toronto since 06"



Axl Came on stage in a wheelchair

Catchery In The Rye Dedicated To JD Salinger who Wrote the Book

Axl Plays Piano With Foot

Axl Puts Bra On Bumblefoots Mic Stand

Bumblefoot Puts The Bra From Mic Stand On Fortus's Guitar Neck


Aiight. As ya can see I am still in recovery mode. Hence the late review...

The Pre-Show Party

The day started with me hitting Loose Moose around 4pm. G N'R blazing the speakers and every 2nd tv had a G N'R vid on the screen. I got mashed early once I found out Budweiser drafts were $3.50. Fuckin' awesome. I had a few non-members chillin' in my area shootin' shit bout G N'R. I guess the waiter heard that I was a DJ and work in radio. Next think I know this young curly haired waiter, cool guy, is handing me his demo for his band. Too funny. I had a whole MyGNR section reserved near the HTZ FM booth but without knowing what anyone looks like, it's tough

I went out for a smoke about 4 beers later. And who do I see... Bumblefoot. Nope it fuckin' looked like him tho. I walked back inside and there's the "legendary shadow" of Jarmo sittin' at the bar with a couple people. I introduced myself, shot the shit. Talked a lot to his buddy who flew in from London, England yesterday. Says he loves it here. Then I met this nice guy from Virginia. Turned out to be MrBrownstone from HTGTH. He said "Toronto is fuckin' awesome. Just like New York City but cleaner and people are nice to ya." I had ta laugh. He kept ordering beers then complaining that he had GA tickets and was gonna be late. Then ok 1 more beer lol. He finally left at 7:30.

Had a guy walk over to me in a lumberjack flannel. Pure Canadian. Even smelled like some good Canadian hydro too. Introduced himself as, yup, peterboroguy. Cool guy to hang with. I see he mentioned me too. I lost focus when this hot blonde walked up to us. It was innocuous1. A few minutes later Eric walked in. Talked to him for a min. I didn't meet gunsguy but I'm sure someday I will. Then I decided to head to the show since peterboroguy was leaving too. I kinda wanted to see Danko.

Got to the vunue, line-up in the tunnel from Union Station into ACC was crazzzyyy. "Everyone be ready for extensive patdowns!" I got excited cuz I seen a hot chick security guard to my left. Then Q-107 announces... "All women please move to the left line for patdowns!" Damn it!!!. I stuck my celly into my boot, peterboroguy had his in his front pocket. Announcement again.."Anyone that has a camera will be told to leave immediately so if you have a camera go put in in your hotel or vehicle!" We finally get to security, mild patdown. Then peterboroguy shows his camera to security. I never seen him again lol!!!

Checked out the souvenir stand. Wheeled and dealed to get a $40 tour shirt for $30. Sweet. Got the one with the orange skull. pretty cool. Headed back out for a smoke then back into the ACC. Talked to security. He told me to be prepared to be there til around 2. I knew something was up.

Danko Jones

We were pretty high up. Good view though. Lots of weed and cigarettes lit during Danko Jones. Cool band. He sounds like Hetfield. "Toronto, this is an international show but tonight two thirds is from Toronto... Wee bach is from peterborough but close enough. No actually he's from Willowdale and I'm from Scarborough. No wait I'm from Willowdale too. OK we're both from Toronto." This whole announcement was in a rough, raspy James Hetfield voice. At the end of their set, they said "if ya have kids cover their ears." This next song is about oral sex. If you are of age and dunno what that is. It's when you take another persons genitals and stuff em' in your mouth!!!" Fuckin' priceless. He sounds like Hetfield, sings like Bret Michaels and the band sounds like Stone Temple Pilots. IMO.

Sebastian Bach

Danko finished at around 8:30. 10 minutes later, all the lighting changed and ya knew it was time. Baz hit like a loaded shotgun outta nowhere from sidestage. His vocal power is still as good as it was. He started to play Piece Of Me. Yelled for his band to stop. Then told Toronto get fuckin' start jumping. Great energy. He made a lot of comments about Toronto being his hometown. He was 2 or 3 songs in and ya could barely hear him. I just thought he sang that way this tour. He yells "You gotta be fuckin' kidding me?" Then pulls an (Axl ala St. Louis) and slams the mic to the stage. He stands there a minute and someone throws him a new mic. CORDED!!! He tells the fans, "I prefer this mic cuz it reminds me of playing the Gasworks (A popular rock bar in Toronto at the time) He said it felt great to be home. Lots of family and friends. Wanted to give a shoutout to one of his best friends... Mr. Axl Rose!!! Fans went nuts. He played Monkey Business. He said that it was his first time playing it live in years. Dunno if that's true. ACC was about 50% capacity. He changed the lyrics of American Metalhead to Canadian Metalhead. Kinda cool. He commented about the next song being so old that it dates back to when Much Music actually played music. He said "I turned on the tv the other day and they said Adam Labert is comin' to Toronto. Adam Lambert WHO GIVES A FUCK!!!" He closed with Youth Gone Wild. He said that he hates people sayin' Skid Row is a New Jersey band. I'm from fuckin' Toronto Canada motherfuckers!!! All of his performances seemed to be really extended. He is awesome live and so intense. Once he switched to a wired mic his voice was way louder and more piercing. He finished at 9:45.

Headed back out for a smoke (45 minutes to G N'R, so I thought anyways)

Back inside at 10:00. Some motherfucker in front of me was smashed outta his mind. He was high fiving everyone. Hmmm. Some other guy walked up and asked me for rolling papers lol. Typical Toronto. Gotta love it here. I realized that after no G N'R by 10:30 we'd be waiting. Back out for a smoke. Talked to an associate of mine that runs the elevator. He took me down to GA and I walked right out onto the floor. I now know where that setlist pic came from. The whole back of the floor is the "Mix" area. Monitors, pyro detonators etc. I talked to the mixing guy. H etold me that setlist they have there is for pyro. It tells them what has pyro and what doesn't. Then they have a seperate chart on a computer that tells them which pyro is for which song. Makes sense. Security started to haul some jackoff out of the venue. I seen Jarmo walking around, and I think Eric was there in VIP too. Lucky bastards. Crowds started booing and I was like "fuck this" I went back to my seat. 11:20

Fans were now booing loud. The venue was just about full. A few random seats. GA floors weren't packed because 25 feet was reserved for the "Mix" area. That's why people say it wasn't full on the floor. Security wouldn't let people stay in the cabling area for obvious pyro reasons lol. I had no isues walking up to the control centre on the floor though. Maybe I don't look like a hooligan. LOL.

Guns N' Roses

11:27 Lights out!!! Cool intro. Fans went from boos to cheers in about 5 seconds. Typical. Ashba walked up stood in front of the screen for his signature opener. Out walks Axl... Wait. Out rolls Axl in a fuckin' wheelchair. I won't go too much into the setlist. It was pretty standard. Axl sounded amazing. I've seen him live many times and he was just perfect (1991) on vocals. The into to Jungle started and Axl started talking. "Sorry I am late.... You know the rest! By jumping off, I think he was referring to barstools or barhopping. Not sure though.

The set rolled through. Brownstone came on. That drunk fuck in front of me. Cool guy though. had 2 beers beside him, 1 in his hand and he starts dancing. He spilled more beer on him then in his mouth. He was having fun. I now realize that it was our very own AxlCorp. Too fuckin' funny.

Axl's power was intense. The crowd loved him. I had people sitting on the aile stairs beside me cuz there were no seats left. Bullshit to those who think it wasn't sold out. Those fans must have been in GA and said that because of the "Mixing" area I had mentioned. From where I sat. It was full. I'd say 19000-20,000 easily. Axl loved the vibe. The fans cheered for everything. By Street Of Dreams, people started leaving. TTC closes at 2am. Go Bus stops at 1:20 and I dunno why these fuckers were leavin. Ever hear of a cab?

The solos were awesome. I'd actually classify em' as "unofficial songs." I loved Fortus and Bumblefoot's solos. Ashba was off the hook. Such energy with the fans during Ballad Of Death. The Pink Panther was cool. They sound so much better live then on You Tube. Now I understand what all those people were sayin' about having to see them live. They dedicated Catcher to their good friend J.D. Sallinger. "This is for him." Sweet.

Rocket Queen was great but Better was insane. My highlights were Sorry, Catcher, Rocket Queen, November Rain, Sweet Child O' MIne, Knockin' On Heaven's Door, Nightrain, Shackler's Revenge and This I Love. Axl just sounded particularly strong on these songs. During TIL Axl's falcetto voice was cracking but his power voice (Do you know where you are?" That voice. Was unbelievable and never quit on him once, or us for that matter. The foot on the piano is cool. He jumped on top of the piano during Street Of Dreams. Another memorable one. I Loved Someone Saved My Life Tonight, Gran Torino then straight into November Rain. Just an amazing pianist.

Nice gesture from Axl at the end to tell everyone Thank you, sorry and to drive safely. We hope to see you again soon. My sources say Fall. Canada/US tour. We'll see. I couldn't tell if they were filming but that Mixing area was huge. I thought Kiss used a lot of pyro etc. The front tresses, lighting, screens and the stage itself have to be seen to be believed. The lighted drum risers are cool. The lights did something different for every part of the show. Lots of vids on the big screen too. One blonde was featured in TIL and another one. Don't remember. Paradise City is the ultimate closer and Axl extended it and some other songs too.

Overall, 100/10 yes 100. Fans loved it. They cheered for every song. A few people left but very few. Don't believe negative reviews. It was SOLD OUT. Like someone mentiond... Just because a seat is empty doesn't mean it wasn't paid for. Ever see scalpers trying to sell off tickets last minute. Now ya get it.

I loved the show. You gotta see this tour live. Ashba really loves the stage and it loves him. Seeing 2 guitarists centre stage and one on each wing, looks so cool when Axl is on the drum riser between Dizzy and Ferrer. Just looks cool. I am sorry for the dragged out review but "TRUE FANS" will appreciate it. Sorry to Madison etc that tried to reach me. I was using my cell to record. Got audio from Jungle to Heaven's. It's a bit distorted but I kept the cam in my pocket so it's better then most. I flmed Live And Let Die and If The World on the same record but it isn't a great camcorder on my HTC Touch so it is far away. I'll try to upload it soon. I gotta break it apart first.

My Axl comment of the night... During KOHD. "Sing it all you fuckin' Toronto bitches!!!" In his louded most power voice. Then a minute later. "Sorry, I really gotta calm down with that bitches part!" Just hilarious.

G N'R 4 Ever!!!

To all those opposed...

Chinese Democracy

Welcome To The Jungle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=om8sC4vIYEw

Mr Brownstone http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1D4GBCQ_N4


Live And Let Die http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v32Pfw8oHwU

Catcher In The Rye http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruCXYhtsKNI

Sweet Child O Mine http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vA1eBfAXFuQ

November Rain(Axl Solo/1st Part) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4LGtuIKm20

November Rain(2nd Part) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2FbncEFwyg

Pink Panther Solo(Bumblefoot) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8Ft-euxdJ8

You Could Be Mine

Knockin On Heavens Door http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eOcS46FGME

Nightrain http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTh1qtqxGl4

Paradise City http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6tdps81Yxg

Outro http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wq3FpxqtyC8

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I can't see any surprises tonight, nothing out of the ordinary anyway, maybe a bubbles appearance or maybe a my michelle with Baz but that's about it, I can't see them doing anything to special and at most playing for 2hrs 45 minutes.

It is a rock show not a television series, you shouldn't be expecting or hoping for surprises

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I can't see any surprises tonight, nothing out of the ordinary anyway, maybe a bubbles appearance or maybe a my michelle with Baz but that's about it, I can't see them doing anything to special and at most playing for 2hrs 45 minutes.

It is a rock show not a television series, you shouldn't be expecting or hoping for surprises

Other songs can be played in rock shows as I know! Maybe not in Canadian tour, but in South american tour!

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