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Favorite Strip Club Songs


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I was at a strip club once and the girl came out in a GNR shirt and danced to Double Talking Jive, Dont Damn Me and Bad Apples. It was awesome. To quote Beavis and Butthead, boioioioinnggg....

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What? You're out of your mind. They're so deprived, seedy, and erotic. Plus you get to look at naked woman.

Deprived or depraved? Don't get me wrong I like the eastern european pole dancers as much as the next guy but they tend to be a bit on the skinny side for my liking. Kinda puts me off my stroke when I'm tucking the notes between their ribs cos the garter's slipped off.

Ended up in a basement strip bar in London on my friend's Stag night and I've never been so scared in my life. The guys on the door were clearly a bit on the dodgy side and it was skank central as far as the girls were concerned. It's one of the very few times that I've actually been afraid for my safety.

Depraved was it. Once it passes the second syllable I can't make any guarantees on my vocabulary.

I made it to an experience close to that. Got in a cab in Vegas and told the Indian cab driver to take us to a strip club. He took us off the strip to this industrial area where there was a "house" with half of the exterior was torn off. A few friends and I crammed into this room sealed off by two locked doors facing a bullet proof window. She let us in to a room that could barely be considered a hallway and went upstairs. There was a 6x6 dance floor with a bunch of curtained rooms. They were freely soliciting $50 acts. When a couple of skinhead lookin' guys took a 6' black woman back to the room we decided to jet. :shocked:

Also. Only if I was in a strip club right outside of Seattle in some dingy small town joint filled with college dropouts.

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