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GnR talk on Chelsea Handler right now


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Some memorable quotes from the panel

The fat black bitch "If you go to a Guns Roses show in 2012 you must be wasted" ..yes "guns roses"

The gay guy with the frosted tips "Who cares about them? They havent been good since Slash left! It's not like they went and got someone else whos better"

Then they just raved on making Charlie Sheen jokes that MIGHT have been funny 8 months ago

After bringing up Sheens quote about how "Mr. Brownstone" is his favorite guns song, and explaining that "brownstone" is slang for heroin, they just went off about how Charlie accidently sat on a full heroin needle at the show and so on..

Basically, this is why the media is fucking terrible, because they're incredible uninformed yet the public holds their opinion as the gospel. This goes for all media, not just in the spectrum relating to Guns, but all media in general.

It was a joke, and one that probably stings because it's based on reality. Guns N' Roses haven't been relevant since Duff and Slash left. That's pretty much fact.

Slash got roasted at the Charlie Sheen roast on a joke too. It was something about why is he even there since he hasn't had a hit since the '90s. No need to get uptight.

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Fact: Women can't do comedy.

Of course they can! She's just terrible at it :)

According to imdb.com, she's 36.

That stretched car looks older than that, (esp. non touched up) pffffft, chile please lol :lol:

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Chelsea herself didn't say anything about the matter if I recall correctly. It was just Loni Love (who admitted to not being into that type of music at all) and that other guy whose name escapes me. Besides, Chelsea's entire comedy material is based on making fun of everyone and everything unless they're black rappers.

And that picture is misleading. I don't think she's hot, but she's not that strung-out ugly.


Her show is good for mindless comedy, and that's what it's supposed to be. Nothing to take seriously. :thumbsup:

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