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The whisky/whiskey thread!


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As the title suggests. Because we need one. Any other whisk(e)y lovers on here?

I've been drinking the stuff for about 10 years now. Started off with all the ehrm...affordable stuff. But as taste develops I've grown to dislike bourbon and blended whisky in general and switch to almost exclusively single malt Scotch. Although I do love some Irish whiskey as well. I developed a strong preference for smokey and peaty whisky. Mostly Islay.. Stuff like Lagavulin, Ardbeg, Caol Ila, Laphroigh.. But also Talisker.

Last week I went on my first whisky trip through Scotland. We visited the highlands and the speyside. Went to Glenmorangie, Balblair, Dalmore, Clynelish / Brora, Benromach, Balvenie / Glenfiddich, Glenglassaugh and Glenfarclas. Absolutely amazing! It teaches you a lot about the process of creating the right whisky as well as the differences in the distilleries.

It really expanded my taste as well. The sweet vanilla tones are great as well as some more fruity whisky. And I do really love anything with sherry or port tones. Benromach, Dalmore and Balvanie had some amazing whisky's. As did glenfarclas. I really dislike the salty tones I got from Clynelish though.

So, what's your favorite whisky? Any tips are welcome! Also, whisky discussion in general.

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I've been really getting into quality beers lately, but when it comes to liquor I just drink it to mainline alcohol. Plus my pallet is really weak when it comes to these sort of things. If I do drink whiskey I'll get Evan Williams. Less expensive than JD and it's hard to tell the difference.

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I love whiskey, but don't know much. If I buy myself, always Glenfiddich. But I buy my whiskey mostly at a liquorstore, known for his whiskey's and the sellar picks out for me. Unfortunately I never remember the names, but he does for me.

Have you ever been to the whiskey bar in Amsterdam? Really great and educational.

I would love to read and learn more, so interested in more information.

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