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Does Your Top 3 Favorite GNR Songs Change From Time to Time?



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my top 10:

1) There Was A Time (And I don't care if anyone here hates that song or the new GN'R or Chinese Democracy)

2) Estranged (one of the most epics songs ever)

3) Madagascar

4) Better

5) Chinese Democracy (kinda like welcome to the jungle but with this strong angry fell that makes it all better)

6) Dead Horse (fav track out of UYI I, followed by RNDTH and coma)

7) Prostitute

8) Rocket Queen (gotta love this song, hands down the best song out of AFD for me)

9) Right Next Door To Hell

10) Breakdown/ Catcher In The Rye/ The Garden (Can't decide between this 3 tracks)

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I listen to different cds all the time. I like to switch up, but the songs I always love to listen to would be:

Welcome to the Jungle


Mr. Brownstone

I can listen to those 3 songs everyday.

I have many other GNR favorites and that includes songs from CD. Depends on the mood I'm in on what songs or cds I want to listen to.

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Mine change all the time depending on what kind of mood i'm in, but Sweet Child is always up at the top. Regardless to what or who I'm doing, where I am or where I'm going or how I'm feeling, I will always love to hear that song.

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