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Black Flag reunites!


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By Greg Prato

January 28, 2013 4:00 PM ET

Black Flag founder Greg Ginn has re-formed a version of the iconic hardcore group for a new album and a handful of live shows. He's not the only one: former Black Flag members Keith Morris, Chuck Dukowski and Bill Stevenson are also touring, as Flag, with former Descendants member Stephen Egerton.

Ginn's band, according to a statement, is "putting finishing touches on a new album" with singer Ron Reyes, drummer Gregory Moore and bassist Dale Nixon, a pseudonym for Ginn. It's unclear who will play bass when the band performs live. Gigs so far include headline slots May 18th at the Ruhrpott Rodeo in Germany; August 4th at Hevy Fest in the U.K.; and August 31st at the Muddy Roots Music Festival in Tennessee.

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Great news for the "First Four Years" fans.

Henry will probably give a diplomatic response and support both because he had been a fan of theirs before he was ever in the band.

Kira's doing fine, but I think she'd rather see Greg patch things up with everyone including Pettibon.

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I saw the '82 and '84 line ups.

Hope I get a chance to see this line up.

Having experienced the brutal force of this band live, these shows are going to fuckin rip, (Greg Ginn will see to that).

I hope they add more dates.

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