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Old Boy being remade by Spike Lee

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I still need to watch the first Old Boy movie, mostly out of curiosity. The movie's source material (a Japanese manga/comic book) isn't exactly known for being a particularly good one, so I'm interested in seeing what they changed up for the movie.

Really seems like the number of Hollywood anime/manga/light novel adaptations has been increasing lately. An Akira adaptation is still floating around somewhere I think. Tom Cruise is starring in that adaptation of All You Need Is Kill. Spike Lee's doing Old Boy again. The Cowboy Bebop adaptation is still in works, I believe. There are others out there as well. Seems to be getting a bit trendy.

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Don't count on it. The trailer shows him watching t.v. where his daughter said she could try to forgive him. Obviously he knowas what she looks like. Unlike the original where he never knew till near the end.

I loved the original, and when the announced a remake, I was kinda saying "wtf?!". Mainly because they mention that they were going to make it with original ideas. But based on the trailer, it looks pretty much like the exact same film.. nearly shot for shot. But I am looking forward to it. I believe it will still be a very good film regardless.

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I love Spike Lee, i think he's incredible. One of my favorite directors ever.

Not sure if a remake was really necessary but it doesn't look like he's done too bad a job from the trailer.

This. I'm glad someone like Michael Bay didn't get his hands on this.

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