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"Gonna get the corn"

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That probably just comes from being from the "cornbred" midwest.

Can't tell if it's really him...

Well, can't tell if it's not him either.

Sports jersey underneath gives it away. I can't imagine how much he spent in candy at his parties and I'm sure he also had airport bottles in pinatas, it's a California thing.

I doubt he did much trick or treating in Malibu, but he probably took Beta's kids around a few times in their neighborhood and was able to dress up and no one know it was him, it afforded him privacy for a day. I wouldn't be surprised if he's gone to Comic Con doing the same thing. It's easier for celebrities to hide in plain sight than people think, especially if they're in a costume.

It's fun that he's making light of it, but I'm sure when he did "give them the corn" they were probably afraid of what he'd do. It's the kind of "funny" you saw in "Goodfellas", that nervous laughter, but minus the firearms. Maybe.

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