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Why do we want another album, anyway?

Dr. Who

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The media believes that Nirvana pushed aside Guns N' Roses back in 1991/1992. First of all Kurt had come out name calling other bands & musicians, trying to be as cool as possible in the process but maintaining he was like just being himself. He had the celebrity relationship with Love, which was all over the media. I believe he know he would never match Nevermind.

Kurt was a massively childish hypocrite, and I can say that as a huge fan of his music. It would have been interesting to see if he matured and regretted his past childish behavior, had he not died.

He was far worse than Axl when it came to playground-style name calling. Kurt said the most childish shit about Pearl Jam, GNR, and so many other great bands. Those guys also came up from the streets-- Kurt didn't have the copyright on being a nobody before becoming a rock star.

As a kid, what made me lose the most respect for Kurt as a person was his hatred of Pearl Jam. And yet, Pearl Jam walked away from music videos, all while Kurt would plan these elaborate videos for MTV, which is the very height of commercialism.

I agree. He was a talented individual. I prefer AiC unplugged.

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Surprised me to see Guns N Roses -The General as an unreleased album that we'd love to hear on this list. (#40) from 2012

I want a new album with new vocals. I hope that whenever we do get the next part of the album that it comes with vocals from 2006-present. Anything before 06 will be disappointing.

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it wouldn't be a good idea to release a new album with this line-up, it's doomed to failure

The last album was released with this line-up basically in place and having contributed to CD as well. I don't see why they couldn't do so again, plus there isn't anything Finck or Bucket wrote that the current guys can't play or add to.

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Because that "All cautions made" snippet is catchier than quite a few songs on Chinese and Going Down is a good song so Axl obviously still has stuff worth hearing in the vault.


And Axl is my favorite singer so of course I want to hear new music from him.

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