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Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll


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This is a new series by Denis Leary and it aired last night.

I thought it was awesome. Funny as shit and Denis Leary as an ex singer of a band from the 70's and 80's is spot on.

It's only a half hour show, but I really am looking forward to seeing this every week.

I've been a fan of Denis since his MTV days and Rescue me was one of my favorite shows. I think this show is a good fit for him too.

It doesn't take itself too seriously and I thought hearing Dave Grohl saying how The Heathens were a big inspiration for his band was so funny.

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The Job and Rescue Me were great. Based on the pilot, this seems like an embarrassingly self-indulgent misfire. And for me to criticize something that contains multiple Afghan Whigs references, and features Greg Dulli is not easy.

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I thought it was funny Corbett plays a character named Flash (rhymes with Slash).

I figure Leary working in Boston as a comedian then going to MTV, as well as going to Emerson College, put him around musicians. That city had a thriving music scene for decades so he could probably base it around a mix of people. It's just hard not to have it be cliche driven. It sounds like he's doing a band with a minor hit in the 90s, had a hit or two, and then just never really made it after that.

I don't know if he can repeat what he did on Rescue Me. He probably should have produced it instead of starred in it, but the cast seems good.

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I liked a couple of his stand ups, gets a bit samey though.

Very samey to Bill Hicks :P
Leary is a notorious joke thief. Aside from his clique, he's despised by comedians

I was going to post that same thing.

How does a thing like that not ruin his career?

There's a big thing about his old smoking routine that kind of helped him catch his big break. But the original comedian has video proof and everything. I do like Leary's overall attitude. He had a deleted scene in Natural Born Killers that was sick as hell.

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It's a weird show, it almost feels like it's written by someone who read all the most popular rock biographies and mashed a bunch of the stories together, but never lived in that world themselves.

Isnt it written by Leary himself? Thats probably what he is doing, just a rock fan writing something. Flash though. A least try to disguise it!
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