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The Daily Show, with Jon Stewart

Dan H.

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I thought his parting words about "bullshit" was awesome. That's really what the show was about, other than to make people laugh.

Also I'm very sad now. For the next month we live in a Daily Show/Colbert Report-less world.

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sucks stewart/colbert leaving was a double kick in the nuts. even if i didnt always agree with them politically they always made me laugh or sometimes gave me a new viewpoint on a topic that made me really think about my original viewpoint.

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The man made politics entertaining and used video to catch them in their own bullshit, and I liked how they ended it.

This was 20 years ago when he was cancelled after 2 seasons, but it's cool to see Dave come out and support him. He had a lot of great music guests on at the time that never would have been on Johnny Carson or even David Letterman. They both went out on top this year.

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I'm so bummed that Jon is finally done :( You really can't overstate the influence Jon Stewart had on our generation - he made politics interesting and accessible for people my age. I do love Larry Wilmore and I wish Trevor Noah the best, but damn will I miss watching Jon every night :(

At least John Oliver is carrying the torch still.

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I must say, even though I'm not american, watching him unleashing on Trump the last few weeks was very entertaining.

I just can't understand how people are actually considering this man to be president material. It really scares me to read YT comments defending him and saying that he will be good for the USA and the global scene.

He's a pig in love with himself, that has 10 opinions / replies in repeat in every single debate / interview he does. China, Mexico, terrible Obama administration, Iran deal. And most used words are 'terrible', 'joke', 'very successful', 'disaster' and of course 'I'. He can't conduct himself and makes everything look like a show, taking out the substance out of every debate.

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Cried when Colbert went off script. Landscape won't be the same without him, especially during the election. I hope Noah is good, I will give him a shot, but he's got a hell of a legacy looming over him.

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