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Ultimate GNR Album (Top 3 songs from each member)

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If you could take three songs from Slash, Duff, Izzy, and Steven's solo work, replace the singer with Axl's vocals and release it as a reunited GNR album, what 12 songs would you choose for the album?

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Slash: Good To Be Alive, Anastasia, You're a Lie

Izzy: Shuffle It All, Hammerhead, Box

Velvet: Fall to Pieces, Slither, Messages

Gilby: Cure Me Or Kill Me (I know you don't really need Gilby when you have Izzy, but this woulda been an awesome GnR song)

And then like 3 Axl piano ballads to round it off.

Never listened Duff or Steven's stuff so I can't say anything in regards to those songs

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I don't know Steven or Duff's solo albums. But this couldve been a cool record.

1. Jump In Now

2. Slither

3. Better

4. Fall to Pieces

5. Time Gone By

6. There was a Time

7. Ghost

8. Ain't it a Bitch

9. Catcher in the Rye

10. California

11. Safari Inn

12. Battleground

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WOF alone has enough potential to be turned in a GNR album.


Automatic Overdrive

Wicked Stone

30 Years

Bent To Fly

Too Far Gone


Withered Delilah



Not as they are but if Izzy rewrites some chords and writes some lyrics.

Axl's melodies and lyrics. I think there is enough potential and we are talking just about one single album here out of what? 20?

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Generally that's not how a GNR has been made?

It's normally Izzy songs, Axl songs with Slash adding to it.

There's a few that happened like that: Jungle, Paradise, Civil War, Don't Damn Me, Garden of Eden, Locomotive, Coma.

Automatic Overdrive has potential, maybe World on Fire, Wicked Stone, Savage Sun, Unholy. It's nice suite of songs to contribute. Definitely riffs there that Axl might put into another structure like on Paradise. Unholy could be like another Coma with longer solos and ranting. Savage could be a DDM rant song. Then there's a load of Garden of Edens. Wicked Stone has some Nightrain feel. Automatic has something too. Throw in some Izzy acoustics and Axl piano epics then I think agree. There's no real hits there. Leave that to Izzy.

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1. Standing in the Sun (Slash)

2. Anastasia (Slash)

3. World on Fire (Slash)

4. Bomb (Izzy - song sounds a lot like "Do it for the Kids" by VR)

5. Get Away (Izzy)

6. King of the World (Duff)

7. The One that You Hated (Steven)

8. Just Don't Ask (Steven)

9. Back From the Dead (Steven)

10. Mashup #1 - "New Beginning" -

11. Mashup #2 - "If the World/VR" -

Not sure which other Duff/Izzy songs to put on.

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