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Do you rate Lenny Kravitz as a musician?


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I love Circus and was disillusioned to learn it had tanked.  Didnt like the Fly Away.  Havent really checked back in since.  That Long Sad Goodbye is great!

I respect any musician that can play to studio quality on all/most of the instruments that they write for.  Great guitarist in my books!

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Yes. You could put a list of his 30 best songs which ever those are for each individual and his catalogue is very enjoyable I think.  I also agree with soon, Circus was really good. 

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I'm a casual fan and mostly listen to his hits. But I must say the guy blew me away live. Fantastic show, great energy and enthousiasm, really working hard to make everybody love the show. He sounds sincere and I like that. 

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Half of his studio stuff is pretty good, the other half is bland and generic. Live he's quite the poser nowadays, tries to sell his songs by his supposedly sexy moves but avoids all the risky vocal stuff. His shows have become predictable, he's been playing the same setlist for about 20 years now with the exception of the odd 3 new songs. I could also do without the lengthy "spontaneous" jams he does, half of it goes nowhere. Meh.

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