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Slash on conan's podcast

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I just heard Slash on this podcast called "Conan needs a friend" with Conan O'Brien. Haven't listened to it all so I have no clue if there's any news outside the new Myles Kennedy record.

But I figured I'd have to post it here in case anyone hasn't seen or heard :-) 

Sorry if it's been posted elsewhere -- Didn't see it in the 'new posts' section at least.

Spotify link to the episode

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Conan is a great interviewer but doesn’t usually get “news” out of his guests. He makes people comfortable and they have good and entertaining conversations, but I don’t expect any big new revelations from it. 

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It was a great interview, it’s fun to listen to Slash talk and hear him be super comfortable.  Guns only got mentioned twice pretty much just in passing, not a single bit of news to be found on that subject.  In general Conans podcast is a lot of fun to listen to, he always has a lot of fun with his guests.  

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