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stinson on air tonight


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Stinson On The Radio

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Thursday, 13 April 2006

Tommy Stinson will be interviewed on WMMR tonight sometime between 7pm and 11pm (local time), so listen out for that.

The host will be Matt Cord.


mr tommy "i don't know" stinson :rofl-lol:

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The guys on WMMR said they were eager to get some dirt from Stinson.

Maybe they'd get more from him then they could from Dizzy.

Apparantly there are rumours floating around that Slash might leave VR,

and a reunioun is in the works.

Well that's what they said.

Might finally get some answers about those rumours.


Does anyone know what time the interview will be in G.M.T?

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Can anyone give heads up on:

1 - Can you listen over the web?

2 - what is "local" time in relation to the UK?




im in NY so all i can tell ya is listen to that about a half hour from now. then, he should be on within the next 3 hours(they said to check at 7pm-10pm

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' date='Apr 14 2006, 01:07 AM' post='1226003']
They are playing KOHD.

CD starts NOW ??? :krider: :krider:

Well, when Dizzwald was on the air, they played Slither about half an hour before mr. Dont Know spoke.... :D

He's not mr. don't know, he's more of a mr. not allowed to tell

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