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Where's GNRs biggest audience?


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Wasn't most shows in Europe at least 30k+ visitors? While in USA it seems like around 10-20k is average?

The size of the venues differed around Europe. In the UK, I think most of the venues were around the 10k mark.

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Europe without a doubt. The North American audience has yet to be convinced that GNR are for real this time since the 2002 fiasco.

America maybe needs convincing...but,

Canada's always been big on Guns (we even offered up the first North American Fall 2006 sell out).

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Look to whats current in the college scene in America. See a GNR type band in there? Look at the scene and it is nothing more or less than dismal. The saddest thing about this upcoming generation is that they have no legendary stature bands to hold up against the test of time. Flash in the pan bands that fade with the fads. No Queens, No Stones, No Floyds, Zepplins.... No GUNS , no Crue...These fuckers sold out stadiums in their day. These bands define a niche unto themselves. Trailblazers. The market has been to diluted by mediocre garage level bands that have gone national. Most of their demographics have been limited to a small portion of a generation. The legends cross those lines.

Robert Plant said that breaking into the American market took 4 times the effort and cost now days because it is harder to appeal to the American audience.

Culturally America seems utterly confused as to what they really want. So the audiences in Europe and South America for some reason seem to turn out in mass for shows.

Why don't we have something like Rock In Rio? Why don't we have something like Rockim Ring or Roksilde?

Ozzfest is probably the closest thing weve had to that in the last 15 years.

* I love this last line of the above post

istanbul gig was 17,000 without nearly no promotion and announced only 3 weeks before due to a cancellation in deutschland. and i must add that we DON'T give a fuck for the late shows, rock n' roll spirit still lives here unlike the states.

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Manchester was 22000k and there was only a few crappy seats left haigh at the back.

Download was a festival but I believe it was around 40-50000k.

22000k? :laugh::laugh:

Imagine Axl not showing up on that gig :P


Yeah no it was really 22000k!!! ;)

Lol.. work has fried my brain I apologise! 22k

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definetely NEW YORK is the biggest gnr spot in the world

Man you're high..

I guess Europe and particularly Sweden is where they'd be able to get most people(in %, otherwise china would win :P ). There was a time, when the hardrock had it's nest in the states, those times are long gone.

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The Calgary show is sold out and the Pengrowth Saddledome holds around 20,000 people for concerts. Then again, thats not that big deal. Every bigger band that comes here sells out. Velvet Revolver, System of A Down, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Motley Crue, Nine Inch Nails, Van Halen are some of the more recent ones, then there's the obvious sell outs like the Stones and Aerosmith... Hell, even Nickelback sold out the 'dome!

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Europe (Norway)... Though I believe South AMerica comes close.

In Norway (Oslo) Gn'R did two shows because of the high demand.

Both show's sold out in about 10-15 minutes after the thickets were available!!!

Both shows had around 16,000 people attending.

And hey, Norway population is only about 4-5 million. That's not even half of any of the bigger cities in America. Everyone in Norway loves Gun's N' Roses. at least most of us ;)

here's a link (if you can read norwegian) :P review of the norwegian concert;) pretty good one


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