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  1. I don't presume to know what happened, so what you're saying could have been the case - Axl and/or the label could've decided that the shit that got leaked had to be released and they've made adjustments with the rest of the album. This is what I remember happening: Axl said in the Trunk interview after Catcher leaked he wasn't sure if it was gonna make it on Chinese. Was that cause he didn't know if he wanted it released on Chinese 1, or was it because it was pending label approval? Axl replaced Atlas with This I Love. If he can do that cause Robin made a convincing case, does that mean he decides which tunes get released? I don't know if it even makes sense to me he can't release the tunes he wants to release, but that is possible I guess. Maybe the label decides number of albums, like it's gotta be just one disk. Could it be that the label just said: "no, no way we're gonna release a double album"? or was it Axl that just thought it would be a good idea to save half for later cause he truly believed he was gonna release another album 1 to 2 years after Chinese got released? Does the label even have that kind of power over Axl? that they can just tell him which tunes are too out there to release right now? and why was Axl so pissed off and didn't promote or tour for a year? I thought it was because Azoff was a shitstain and wanted to reunite the old line up, not because Chinese itself. Hard to believe him and the label would hold off on the tunes, saving some for Slash.
  2. Maybe Axl said he always viewed Chinese as a double album, you know... 30 tunes mixed cause that is the album. I just can't ignore what Axl said about the music being 100% what he wanted to release, and that the second half was completed "for a while now". I'd like to hear all the versions. I do believe Axl is like Kubrick. He does that. He tinkers. A lot. Catcher demo, the 1999 leaks.
  3. Read the interview again just now. I think Tommy dislikes some tunes, but that could have been the case for a long time now, but he was talking more about him thinking Axl still wasn't satisfied with the music on Chinese close to it's release so in that regard it was released prematurely and that was fueled by Azzof and the label. Maybe if it was up to Tommy it wouldn't have had so many layers and he would have released the 1999 version of it, rawer or at least something close to the initial version of Chinese. And when it comes to Tommy's preferences, I think we're also talking about song selection. Tommy would have probably dropped some tunes that got released in favor of material he preferred, perhaps even tunes they didn't finish in time for release that he considered to be stronger material.
  4. lol I'm not holding it against him. And I think it was really what he thought about Prostitute. We know he wasn't a Gn'R fan, so it's logical he didn't think SCOM was infinitely better than Prostitute or some shit.
  5. Tommy did say Prostitute was on the level of SCOM or something like that before the album came out. Thought it was worth mentioning.
  6. I don't think anyone was pretending. They were just being themselves. Even DJ. It's just the way I feel about it but Slash doesn't have to be the most technical guitar player in the world to be one of the best guitar players in the world. And just because you have crazy technical abilities and can shred doesn't mean you can't be considered one of the best in the world either. It's cool, I think Slash and Bucket are very different guitar players in many ways, but they're both 2 of the best I've ever heard.
  7. Finally. Now we're discussing Gn'R. Why? because he fuckin' feels like it perhaps? I honestly think sometimes he gets confused, misses cues, and sometimes just changes it cause he wants to or because it's a live show and you can get carried away sometimes. Like there was one show where Axl missed the last chorus in This I Love and Slash did an extended solo. Or how he decided in 2006 that the first line of Nightrain must be sung twice. He makes adjustments based on his personal preferences or just makes mistakes. I'm following, but I see no hypocrisy... Chinese is the latest album Axl released. He changed Nightrain 10 years ago, it wasn't in his full control before so he wasn't in a position to make as many changes then. I hope you're following. Edit: also, when I say "you gotta stay faithful to the material" I don't mean you must play it just like the studio version forever. I mean that if it's an album like Chinese, heavy on the synths with many layers, you gotta have someone like Pitman or Mellisa to play those parts live.
  8. It's a complete waste of time trying to discuss Gn'R with you. Your method is to make it about me, moving away from the weak shit you have spewed. wink at me all you want, you know what I've said was only logical. The way Paradise City is played sounds fine to me. Just because you don't like it doesn't make it "wrong" or whatever. Just because I mention Axl has the power to change it if he doesn't like it, doesn't mean I try to justify shit. What in the world would you do without making it about the person that shows you how silly your posts are? it's all ego with you all the time. At least I back up my claims without making it about you. Weak. Weak and pathetic.
  9. What the fuck are you talking about? opinion, position... whatever. I've explained why I disagree, you just try to weasel your way out of the argument cause you have nothing to counter my opinion with. Do you even understand how a discussion works? you don't like to lose, do you? I can tell. Ego driven bullshit.
  10. Again... I have no idea what the fuck you're talking about man. Please clarify what you specifically mean. I kinda think this is you just trying to save face cause you don't have shit to back up your bullshit opinion.
  11. Not trying to justify shit... what are you talking about? Axl hired these people, it makes sense he likes what they bring to the table. We know he has the final say, so if something is not to his liking, he can just tell them it fuckin' sucks. Stop making it about me, I was just replying to your silly posts.
  12. Mostly I don't read what you say, but this time I read some. Still... it applies to the drumming and the fucked up intro as well. If Axl didn't like it or it bothered him enough, I'm sure he could just fuckin' say so and it will get "fixed". But it's just you disliking it so it basically means nothing. Almost less than nothing.
  13. The love/sex/relationship thread

    I feel like that is a generalization. Some guys can be honest, some chicks can't. Some people just choose the easy way sometimes and that is dodging issues. I'm a guy and most of the time I'm honest. I take pride in that, but notice I was being honest just now and said "most of the time". Sometimes you just don't want to hurt the other person or you don't want to lose what you have or just delay it I think. It takes balls too. ("balls")
  14. Even if that's true, I still think they're complete opposites. Their personality and their style of playing.
  15. Complete opposites. But I guess if you can see similarities between Tommy and Duff, you can kinda understand why a Slash follower like Ashba would be welcomed to a band like Guns by Axl. Having Bucket and Tommy in the same band was even weirder or at least just as weird.
  16. I still can't believe Tommy was in the same band for 6 years with DJ Ashba.
  17. Tommy said in one of his interviews he told Paul Westerberg about Axl offering the gig and him not being sure or whatever and Paul said: "you should do it, it would be cool just cause no one wants you to do it" or something like that. The former bass player of The Replacements joining Guns N' Roses was probably a defiant move to him. Westerberg is a cool motherfucker.
  18. I think the intention was to make the epics more concise. There Was A Time from 1999 didn't even have an outro. I think Bucket said everything there. It was exactly how the song should have ended. (with Axl final "there was a tiiiiiime vocals) Madagascar, much like Better, has that whole interwoven vocals in the end. It's like that in Scraped. Axl has layered 2 or 3 vocal parts so you get the assault of what the ear has previously heard and it fits perfectly together. It's a common technique, but Axl really nails it on these Chinese tunes. In old Guns it was more Slash playing that role, with his fills and on top of Axl's vocals. Bucket does that on his Street Of Dreams outro on top of Axl's vocals kinda like Don't Cry ending.
  19. Yeah, it would have been so cool to get that, but I really think Axl never had any intention of including that part in the studio version. I still like what got released though. At least we got the better version of "only memories" in Street Of Dreams. He only sang that part live in that higher octave like... twice before it got released and I was really glad he included in on the studio version. Much more powerful.