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  1. I love you my brother

    1. Silent Jay

      Silent Jay

      Thx bro! I know we can't get married, but I'll always try to be a good goy.


  2. there's a lot goin' off and on. and so on and so on
  3. serj and Bucket - weird ^1^
  4. I want to stop smoking now.
  5. I didn't do shit.
  6. Queen - Princes Of The Universe
  7. The Carpenters - We've only just begun
  8. An agent of mine will be coming over with Ringo's catbell and some dead flowers smeared in poop that I've purchased from a retarded kid on ebay. Very expensive shit. The seller claims it's genuine and from the Neil Young benefit disaster but I can't guarantee it's 100% all original parts. There is really no need to exchange insurance information. It was just a small fender bender and it's not like you're driving a Lamb. I know a guy with a fly name that got into a true trainwreck and he said it was worse than getting cancer in the balls so this will have to do. If not, you're gonna hear from my lawyers of course, but I wouldn't go there if I was you.
  9. Just to play devil's advocate here, not that I've actually heard this performance yet. Personally I hope one day Axl will see the light and reconnect with real dolphins personified aka the half deaf master with custom ear aid mini jubilee amps from the future. Sorum and Slash on Patience for the first half, then Adler's mom comes over with a shotgun and Adler is beating the shit out of both Frank and Matt just before the solo kicks in and then and only then, they should do it all acoustically and like... barebacked as you say. Slash perfected the Patience solo three times. One in the studio version, one on the couch in like 1993 or some other hell hole, and the electric version in Oklahoma of course everybody knows that but goats. Even the more experienced ones with brutally bright voodoo powers from a place that even Satan himself rubs some lotion on his penis.
  10. I love you bro.
  11. Perhaps I should own his sig Tele cause it's so damn sexy. Look at that fuckin' beard. It's... it's nit pickingly dope, absolutely fully formed beastly and rad that bursts from everywhere.
  12. SRV had the perfect mix of flawless technique and 100% balls plus feel at all times. It was weird. Gary Moore had perfect technique god rest his drunk ass soul. He also had perfect feel technically speaking if you know what I mean, something was missing, I guess for me it's the wrong influences or something, I prefer Peter Green and Roy Buchanan or better yet, the Telecaster Disaster as I love to call him, but it was Danny motherfuckin' Gatton.
  13. The disaster of losing SRV was to me something like if for my generation we lost Slash to a snakebite. I still hate it that it happened. It's not just Albert King licks, he was absolutely always connected to whatever he was feeling aka thinking really fast, but with full feel all the time, Clapton was jealous of that too. I've seen clips. So jealous.