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  1. @OmarBradley got it! I'll edit this post with some low-res pics the seller took. Hopefully it works, the pics should be on the left of the screen. Best guitar I ever played by far except a Custom Shop Tele I once played that was on the same level but it was much too expensive so there was no way I could get it. got this for 2 g's. I can't love anything else anymore and my other guitars can suck my dick. Right click and open in new tab, maybe it will work: (it's the fourth one on the left, scroll down)
  2. Im posting from my phoneon my way to purchase my first custom shop. Its a fender strat 1967 nos in tobacco sunburst. Seller assures me its hendrixian
  3. Clink is like the Izzy of Gn'R producers. If you can have him, why get someone else? And for a final Guns album, why get someone else? After all this time and with Slash back in the band and Duff as well, they will need to recapture the essence. They will need all the help they can get and Clink can help the most imo.
  4. Shit I fucked it up.
  5. I can't see past Clink. It wouldn't be ideal if it's not him for me at least partially, but I like Axl's taste and Cweed so when it comes to production just not RTB again and I'll be good.
  6. 1. Money 2. Comfortably Numb 3. Hey You 4. Pigs (three different ones) 5. Time 6. Coming Back To Life 7. The Gunner's Dream 8. High Hopes 9. The Final Cut 10. Have A Cigar
  7. But Slash's SG incident recording Appetite could maybe show the other side of it. Slash, great player, but didn't have the right tool to achieve perfection until the right guitar fell into his lap along with a fleeting, yet giving destiny amp. And it's more than just the guitar. It's finding your tone. Also not just about any Gibson or Strat or whatever, cause each one sounds different and there is a perfect one out there for every player. It's kinda like finding true love. There was nothing wrong with that SG, it sounded fine. Good enough to be used on My Michelle. But it wasn't the one for Slash. Works for Angus.
  8. Truth is Gibsons and Fenders have a very distinct sound. Especially Strats, Les Pauls, and Tele's for me personally. But a great player can make a piece of shit guitar sound absolutely incredible. The amp plays a bigger part imo. The pickups of the guitar make a huge difference, maybe the main part of the guitar's sound and the way the pickups interact with the rest of the guitar, but the wood type, electronics and many other things and how it all came together to form the instrument. I was introduced to a guitar player a few years back by a friend. He played a shitty 150$ Strat copy. The thing looked like absolute shit and my friend is a decent guitar player and couldn't make it sound decent, I wanted to break it on his head to be honest it was that bad. But then the dude picked it up without changing anything on the amp, no pedals. It sounded truly great. Most of the tone comes from the fingers, that's not a myth.
  9. Day 8
  10. I remember another Catcher one you wrote it's in here somewhere, but so many posts it's hard to find. Hope it's cool, I can hide it but it's probably too late now. "I guess what I meant was that the way the song was designed/structured as Axl explained it compared with multiple uniformed subjective takes of each listener. Depending on your take of the book and Axl himself. The question is does it work as Axl set it up. The kind of psychedelic Beatlesy Mansonesque chiming of the guitars and piano with Axls syndrome sufferer lyrics. That's why the music is the way it is. Whether it changes enough for Axls chorus. Maybe a metal band or more theatrical band like Maiden would make it clearer. Like Alice Cooper does I think. That's why in the end it always feels like this is actually Axl. Like on Shacklers it's meant to be the shooter and Axl is playing that role but you think he's the one going on the rampage. And it works best in both cases like that. On Catcher it's Axl losing his mind after finding out Lennon got shot in the verses or trying to come to terms with it, like talking it over with the catcher, he struggles through a breakdown to finally side with sanity with the help of the ideal of Lennon. That's what I want it to be, and with the music that's more how it works for me. In the video Axl would play the role of the syndrome sufferer who kind of stalks himself and gets close to killing a version of himself but pulls back when he realises. Same deal with Shacklers, Axl was pushed to the edge by the industry and could have gone on a killing spree after a long Malibu night. It's like Axl is venting through metaphors and identifications with lots of themes, metaphors (Madagascar), images. It's these multiple perspectives and composites which make CD so fascinating. Even a song like Riad n the Bedouins could be about the Iraq war, terrorists but its not its about a small time arms dealer who was helping Erin sue Axl but the same time it could be about Slash and GNR. Catcher could be about the malaise that Axl went through and Slash is the kind of rebel figure that Axl is railing against. A real grown up doesn't identify with Holden, they are amused and nostalgic more. Axl matured a bit but then he's still on stage rubbing buns with pole dancers during Rocket Queen so all is not lost. Living the dream!"
  11. Cool story about Prince. Shit quality but good interview.
  12. Dude spot on. See... Billy deserves his Pearly Gates. He can get bluesy as hell with ease. But infinitely more important, it's his sensitive silky smooth touch. Check out the tone at the 0:29 mark. No one can do that but him. And it's always bluesy, even when it rocks.
  13. My point is bands get old but band members want to stay rich/still play together. Doesn't mean the fire is not there anymore for an album, but live it's a job and it's silly to expect musicians to not do their thing. What are they supposed to do instead? Slash getting a job as a life coach? get real. They still want to do it, and the quality of the shows for casuals and even a lot of hardcore fans is fair. Axl is showing no signs of stopping and still has artistic intentions for the future. They haven't played together for a long time. Maybe later they'll throw some inspiration into the mix.
  14. The Stones do it. Other than a covers album they function the same. You act like it's so dirty for an old hard rock band to give nostalgia to their fans. There is demand for it, so why not? Axl is all smiles and seems to have a good time. He answered the new music question already, you just don't like the answer: not soon, but he'd like to do it eventually.
  15. I can see a trilogy or a double album in the works.
  16. He followed his muse for 10 years and the result was a lot of recorded music, 3 to 4 albums including Chinese according to Richard, but only a fraction of it released. Maybe there's no problem with creativity, or drive. The tour is for making money, the albums to make an artistic statement. It's very simple to understand and accept.