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  1. You don't have to visit internet forums as a Gn'R fan to know Steven is a great drummer and this band does sound better with him on drums. His simplistic style and limited technical ability are enough for Guns, and you don't factor perfect musical chemistry here. There is no drummer that sounded better with Guns. What he brought to the music, the energy and just the vibe of it, was a perfect match, live and in the studio. His feel is irreplaceable. In a way it's kinda like Ringo and The Beatles: he is limited technically, but his drum playing and sound were important as fuck in Beatles tunes. You don't have to write the tune or play something complex to make the tunes better and elevate them cause you're the only person in the world that sounds like that. This is what Steven brought to Guns. All that energy and his wild nature can be heard in his playing, even today.
  2. I'd imagine it would have to contain more hard rock tunes and rasp. Slash has used Fall To Pieces ideas from before he left Guns in 2004 for Contraband. Axl wasn't sure if Catcher was going to be included on Chinese. What if it wasn't? if it was never leaked or released. no reason to not use a good idea if it still works. I'd want them to include Catcher with Slash on it if it was never released on Chinese. This I Love could have still remained unreleased. So if for example, Atlas is a really strong tune that lends itself well for Slash leads, it could be used as long as the lyrics are not about the old band/a theme which cannot be used anymore. If they have enough new tunes that strike a good balance, a different kind of Queen, with raspy rockers and piano ballads, that's fine, but I believe Axl could have written and completed tunes from the CD era that are probably on the level of Catcher with the post old Guns line ups and out of 2 to 3 albums worth of material, what can be used could be closer to UYI in approach and after a Slash make over no one will even know it was Chinese at one point. Could bump up quality if it's There Was A Time levels of great with Slash solos and Black Sabbath moments.
  3. Maybe not to remake it, but even if the goal is still to make a musical statement with every new Guns album, some unreleased tunes could still be viewed by Axl as something that still reflects what he's into. He still likes to perform Chinese tunes the most? if they use some 1996 material it doesn't mean that it will define the album. And Axl has played Slash and Duff some unreleased music. Some tunes could be carried over and updated just cause they could fit really well and it's just strong material like You Could Be Mine in UYI2 for example. So it can be carried over to the next album like November Rain or if Slash made some tunes relevant again with his sound it could be used. I think that after Axl writes some new lyrics and comes up with vocal melodies and they complete a few new ones together, it may be enough to not use any Chinese material, but it also could help Axl see if he can fill in the blanks with old Chinese material and 1996 material. Chinese also represents Axl's musical interests in general, so for any Guns album to be genuine now artistically, it has to contain some Axl elements after he took control of the band. I don't think it changed much: Axl still seems to like Hard Rock but also what he achieved on Chinese, so if the 15 tunes that got released from that era don't represent every success in the studio Axl had, maybe he still likes those tunes and they can still work somehow with Slash. Kinda like a love song like This I Love ended up being on Chinese cause Axl finished it with Robin but that wasn't how all of Chinese sounded like or was about really.
  4. How? how can Slash finish 90% of Con lll and choose to go on tour for probably 2 years with Guns playing Chinese tunes? how. And AC/DC is a priority, but good enough of a reason to go do an album with Angus for not half a decade, unlike an album with the name "Guns N' Roses" on it. If you choose to accept Axl always wanted to be an employee, he just never found the right boss and that's Angus, than you should have no problem agreeing with what I'm saying here. I think Guns is important for Axl artistically and commercially. But Angus is this once in a lifetime thing and a Guns album is something that is planned slowly from the look of things. It's important for any artist to do what he wants to do and it can be also beneficial for a Guns album. Axl never did anything other than Guns really. He uses Gn'R as a semi solo thing project and AC/DC is kinda what Slash and friends album was for Slash. Ironic that it's part of a band that lost members and kinda funny Angus is on lead. Generic Hard Rock gets in the way. Just because Slash might decide to go do something with Myles doesn't absolutely mean Axl is not interested in making another Guns album or only cares about AC/DC. Axl is more than just Gn'R's leader. He'll do what he feels like doing just like when Baz asked him to sing and write some lyrics while Chinese was still unreleased or when he chose to design an ugly watch. Now it's much more appealing cause it's Angus. For Axl, not for you, but it's more about what Axl wants to do. He doesn't do things by the book of rock n' roll. (or does he?) Doesn't matter how we may prefer it to be. He's not gonna say no to Angus just cause the Guns catalog is much too small and Slash and Duff are back in the band.
  5. It's not a priority for Axl to make 100 albums with 100 different people. Just with Angus. Doing an AC/DC album is probably special enough for Axl to make it a priority and it's easy to understand why. The Conspirators is not at all Slash's priority anymore. It's an avenue for Slash to be productive and do something non-artistic when he is not needed to tour, write, and record for Axl.
  6. But maybe it's going to take some time for Axl to start working on a Gn'R album and once they begin working on it, that will be a long enough of a process to allow for side projects to happen without it actually interfering with Gn'R work. Axl can choose to take naps for a year after this tour is over while Slash is just itching to do something. I think it will be more stable if they treat a Guns album like the mother project and solo projects as shit to keep things delayed. Angus is probably our best chance to get another album with Axl vocals without it taking 4 to 5 years is my guess. Beats a collaboration on Angel Down.
  7. With Axl and Izzy it seems like if you give them enough time they sometimes automatically just default back to speaking terms. It's Axl and Izzy. They're weird. But if Izzy is not a part of a potential new album, or even if he is, I think this line up is probably going to be a part of it. An important part of the album, or at least this is how Axl usually operates. If he's going to write new lyrics, everyone should try to come up with ideas and Axl should listen to all of it. I'm more interested in Axl's approach of at least pushing some things forward in Guns. If they can find a way to have more Gn'R elements in there, more hard rock tunes but with still having shit like Catcher in there with good lyrics that would be ideal. Fortus not getting to be a real part of it doesn't make sense to me. I find it hard to believe Axl won't give him a chance to compose and record more ideas this time and with Slash it's possible they will sound really good together or at least I can see that happening.
  8. Artistically and commercially I think it was the right decision to include pianos. November Rain was a huge success. Estranged served as a base for Axl and Slash to musically connect on a very high level and that wouldn't be possible without pianos. It's not like it took away more than it added to the music.
  9. Had Had a feeling Axl just didn't want Steven there. Duff and Slash won't stand up for Steven, probably cause they can't do that without risking their own position in the band and a very lucrative partnership. Bottom line is if Axl doesn't want to, it's not going to happen in the capacity Steven deserves. Maybe Axl is just happy with the current line up for now and it's perfect to him. Technically it's his band, he controls it with junior partners. But Steven is being fucked here, if all of what he's saying is true here. If it's not about the money it's either cause Axl doesn't want him there because he doesn't like him or doesn't think his presence is sending the right message when Frank is still the drummer. What Steven said about Axl in this interview sure doesn't help shit either. But I threw a little in my mouth reading what happened in Argentina allegedly. If true it's sad and pathetic. Reunions are always ugly one way or another.
  10. Zutaut saying Atlas was pretty good and Axl having May play on it with other tunes getting Beltrami treatment and Robin saying his favorite guitar moments still unreleased makes it seem it's possible it's like Josh and Dizzy said and there's more good stuff/AAA tunes. So I think it really was probably more of a pragmatic choice of just what they could do with some of material that would still work as an album but will have a chance to do well. The leaks and the label probably changed things. What Tommy said makes it seem like it was a mess and it was supposed to be a double album or at least more time to finish some tunes that could have replaced some material on Chinese at least. Chinese was always supposed to be more than just one album. It goes against the nature of it as an album it seems. Should have been presented as a multi album release. Sprawling, with half of it more classic rock, and another with more electronic sounds and If The World, Oh My God, and Silkworms type of stuff.
  11. This is just speculation, but I believe they tried a lot of things. I don't want to say everything, but what Robin said after he first left Gn'R about how they had tunes that were completed and had orchestration and more basic stuff that originated from a more classic set up of bass, drums, and guitars. He also said there were songs that saw the finish line and others that were still incomplete. Even what is considered finished was altered by whoever came along to produce it again or play different guitar solos. I believe what Fortus is saying about Axl having 2 to 3 albums worth of material. Some of it must have been way more electronic simply cause that's what Axl said years ago about having a distinct difference in sound between the first record and the second one. He wanted to ease the fans into it. Then abandoned it and completed a double album, released Chinese, probably a far more conventional album in sound compared to the original concept and we had samples from tunes that had more classic rock and others that features alternative influences to Guns. Songs like Better, Shackler's, and Sorry are such good melting pots, I'd imagine Axl must have completed many tunes that incorporated many influences.
  12. Even if this report was real this doesn't mean Axl won't try to make a Gn'R album. I think he will. It's just the process of doing that is very different to working on music that doesn't have the Gn'R name attached to it. It's a longer and more demanding process to record a Gn'R album. It would be fuckin' stupid of Axl to not go do an album with Angus whenever he wants to do it. You make time if it means you'll get to make an album with your idol and it's a shorter process compared to doing a Guns album. (but not during an ongoing tour)
  13. They were planning on bringing the joker back to the third movie even before they finished the script for The Dark Knight.
  14. Part of Chinese features some of the CD ll material. Shackler's, Scraped, Sorry, Prostitute. There was an alternate tracklisting and in concept it was supposed to be a double album. So we got some more new things and old style tunes on one album. The other completed album with the unreleased 16 tunes could be more of the same in that it's got more industrial influenced tunes maybe, next to classic sounding tracks like Street Of Dreams for example. Only meaner, darker like Axl said. The differences could be "accidental" like Use Your Illusions l and ll, or just 2 groups of songs that functioned well as 2 parts of one album. The label/Axl chose to go with the 14 tracks that got released out of about 30 that were completed.
  15. And old influences like The Beatles and Queen in Catcher plus it sounds like Yesterdays like Chuck Klosterman said. Zeppelin in I.R.S and Riad. Riad also sounds like Hey Bulldog by The Beatles like Axl said in places. That's one of the things I really like about Chinese: it's a lot of Guns elements working so well with newer influences that I've never heard in a Guns context. So you get proper guitar solos with the advantages of some of the newer elements Axl liked. Maybe if there's another Guns album, Axl will combine a strong Hard Rock foundation with Slash and Duff, but will still incorporate newer influences that were never there in old Guns albums like in Chinese.
  16. Wrong wording on my part. I said he never had the message, but I meant that if you take all his catalog and compare it to 2pac's, for me it's not as powerful. The element that draws me to Rakim's music is more his delivery and flow, just the sheer talent when it comes to flow. I go back for more because how he says it just as much or more than what he's saying. With 2pac even if I don't want to listen, you kinda do.
  17. Eminem - Rap God
  18. About Rakim, not that it proves anything, but I see evidence for it all the time, people that share my opinion that his lyrics weren't like the main thing about Rakim. Yeah, he talked about some issues but it didn't feel as varied or with the weight 2pac delivered it with if that makes sense. Like somehow his style didn't lend itself very well for what I consider the ideal in the genre. This fella said it better and I've read other reviews by him (Steve Huey) "It isn't necessarily the substance of what he says that's helped him win numerous polls among rap fans in the know; the majority of his lyrics concern his own skills and his Islamic faith. But in terms of how he says it, Rakim is virtually unparalleled. His flow is smooth and liquid, inflected with jazz rhythms and carried off with an effortless cool that makes it sound as though he's not even breaking a sweat."
  19. I thought long and hard, I'm not really in the minority there either. I wasn't talking about sales, nor was I denying his importance to the genre or it's evolution, it's just to me he never had as much to say as 2pac did. 2pac's flow is nothing special, that never bothered me at all though. Just not one of his gifts. It's good enough but he never really had a great flow if we're honest and not deaf.
  20. You can write about whatever you want as a solo artist and in some bands, it's just that in Gn'R each album reflected the personality of whoever wrote the lyrics really well at the time, and the music always was a perfect match to the lyrics. But you can't really do those themes forever or for a full album. A repeat of UYI and Appetite. (albums that used old material as well and songs that were written by other writers) Also, it's less about individual tunes, or not just about that. The wheel doesn't need to be reinvented, but Slash is sober and in Guns. Can't be 12 cock rock tunes like some of his solo albums. An album that consists of material from all eras, old and new could work, you don't have to know what the album is gonna be about in order to start working on it. So they can write new tunes and work on updating old ones and go from there.
  21. Rakim is truly one of the best, but he never had the message. Not as much to say as 2pac. But he is supremely talented. The Beatles and Jimi had it all, Rakim is not comparable to me if we're talking importance. I guess he was still super important for rap, just not quite reached the heights of The Beatles or Jimi. Eminem and Nas are on a comparable level I feel on paper but Eminem is just a more exciting personality and had an appeal that Nas never had. Eminem is also just a better mc. Nas brought his own special thing but Eminem is the one sitting on the throne. Eminem never had the message 2pac had. That goes beyond his talents, 2pac never had a great flow as an mc but that is less important as Rakim's career proved.