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  1. Where do you guys go to bet? I want Ziggler to win. But that won't happen. Nakamura is a beast.
  2. I thought that the ending was great. It completely shatters the whole lesnar is a beast thing. Regardless of how you feel, you didn't expect a 1:25 match. Lesnar being beast, and the streak, and the suplex city shit was getting annoying. Having Goldberg just break him the way he did sets up a future that brocK isn't all powerful. And props to Shane! Other than him spending like an hour laying down on the mat, the dude took some big hits! That spear he took from reigns had to hurt like fuck.
  3. Lol. Well Goldberg turned into reigns I guess. 2 spears n a jack hammer, game over.
  4. I can't wait to see Goldberg and lesnar turn this into a farce!! GGOOOLLLDDDBBBEERRRGGGG!!!! I'm betting at least 12 suplexes! How many for you??
  5. I have a feeling deep in my gut that the Lesnar/Goldberg match will be bad. Like someone is going to interfere and ends up a cheesy ass ending.
  6. It's great! They sound great. N the SA crowd have always been Guns' fans!! It's great that they get to see the legendary band back together!
  7. That's awesome man! Maybe I should take a trip n pick up a few
  8. Must of been when seth threw him into the Barricade. I noticed he wasn't raising that arm to much right after. Pushed through though. It'll suck
  9. I really wanted Ziggy to win, but I didn't think he'd get it. The styles match was really good. I think Orton was a little concussed there. N Shane took a ride to. That probably wasn't on his list of plans tonight.
  10. I wish, like some people have said; that there would be one title to spilt between both brands. And to be a contender for it, you would have to have a tournament style battles within your brand to build up to having a title match against the winner of the other brand. Maybe do the same with the tag titles. N the management could add stipulations or special rules. Like Hell in a Cell, or a TLC match. That, or have someone new come in and start tearing apart the one brand, but also want the title from the other to hold both. N have everyone try and take him out.
  11. What part of Pennsylvania? I live in shitty clearfield. In the county of the same name. It's a black hole.
  12. Sounds so great! these guys have just hitting all the right chords on this tour!
  13. Glad they played CITR. n I know a lot of people don't dog CD song's. But it was pretty good. TIL live has such a great 'pull you don't feel live. It sounded great in Pittsburgh. I loved it.
  14. I'm sitting here watching Stallone's Cobra. N I know he's trying to stop the slasher killings, which he finds out is a whole gang. N this whole gang is going after this chick that saw only one creepy dude standing in the streets. The gang pretty much fucked themselves. Why the hell did they even bother going after her? They had no reason to do so. After she sees that dude n speeds off, she makes no point in reporting it. N they could of kept going about their business in stabbing chicks. But fuck yeah! 80's action movies were flat out full of unlimited bullets n no nonsense explosions . The part where Stallone's in the back of the truck just throwing out lead st the motorcyclist n basically being immune to their bullets is awesome. The movie could of used some Jackie Chan though.