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  1. Best show of the leg for me, Axl sounded better than the previous concerts.
  2. Out Ta Get Me and Don't Cry instead of My Michelle and Patience
  3. ISE Mr. B Chin Dem WTTJ DTJ Better Estranged @gnrsudamerica GNR and Susan live on instagram
  4. Slowed down sounds so much better. Even Slash's playing was better
  5. Sweet Child O' Mine was great.. They're playing at the correct speed now.
  6. Goosebumps all over the video.... Crowd singing "when you're high you never..." part and then Axl comes in screaming. 4:35 til the end. Amazing ending, epic moment.
  7. oh no, not this again..
  8. even his higher register with ACDC is better...
  9. Tracey Leckie, the girl who streamed Yesterdays and Used to Love Her complained about Axl's voice..
  10. I'm pretty sure that who is complaining isn't doing it about the fact they played 2 AC/DC's songs with Angus Young because it was awesome. I know it's 2 nights in a row at the same venue, but, they should have dropped another covers and not GNR songs like Coma, UTLH, My Michelle or OTGM.
  11. loved the ending, Axl is improving again
  12. just watched it, wow, awesome . I hope they release some of it in proshot.
  13. Agree with you man, watching other vids right now. Civil War had rasp but Estranged wasn't raspy, but it was great, much better than that 2011-2014 voice he uses.
  14. What the hell happened in Houston? I was watching some vids from the show and man.. where that voice came from? It was excellent, natural rasp voice, great control, awesome.