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  1. Concerts in 2019

    Saw Zeal & Ardor/Baroness/Deafheaven on the 5th which was pretty incredible, and sold me on Z&A's material big time. Then last week on the 13th I saw Periphery and Dance Gavin Dance together, which, despite not being that heavy of a show, was fucking intense crowd wise. Thought my neck was broken when a crowdsurfer fell on me, and the crowd crush didn't even stop between sets lol. Those are my favorite kinds of shows though, I love that kind of energy. Beyond that, I might catch Stone Temple Pilots again next month, and in June I'm seeing Coheed and Cambria for the fourth time, with Every Time I Die and Mastodon (doing Crack the Skye in full!!!) playing with them. That's gonna be a great one.