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  1. This may help you http://www.mygnrforum.com/topic/220883-guns-n-roses-related-studio-sessions-a-definitive-collection-of-available-info/
  2. Lots of old Recordings

    I remember a Dizzy interview talking about Toothpuller: On Izzy: [...]I saw the guy a couple years back in the studio… and he was showing me a song he had just written called "Toothpuller" – it was literally about him visiting the dentist and getting a tooth pulled out. [Dizzy then sings some of the lyrics] I mean… this is a guy who wrote some badass songs and now he’s writing about getting his tooth pulled… I mean come on… can you imagine Axl singing that live?’ http://metalsludge.tv/classic/?p=30945
  3. I have a spare litho from Johannesburg for sale. #123/150 PM me
  4. Does anybody know what hotel are they staying?
  5. Listened to this last night. Another great interview with a great guest! Thank you!
  6. Hi Greg I'm flying solo too. I'll write you a pm later today
  7. Very cool, thank you! Sounds beautiful
  8. I'm starting to like Driving Rain, sounds great I'm sure I will like all the songs after I heard them played live
  9. Happy Birthday to McBob

    Of all the bass techs in the world, he is definitely one of them! Happy birthday McBob! Hope he comes back for the final leg of the tour, I want to hear his introduction live instead of a recording!
  10. Back Off Bitch Rare Video 80's

    This is not that rare at all. This is from the first set of the March 28, 1986 show Both sets have been circulating since ages. Altough video quality seems to be better than what I remember
  11. According to Troccoli's contacts: http://www.mygnrforum.com/topic/220921-rumored-golden-ticket-in-one-of-the-locked-n-loaded-sets/?do=findComment&comment=4618825
  12. Yes, that's just a standard Scotch audio tape "cover"