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  1. ^^ You don't need to "crack" anything. Just extract the dts audio from the m2ts files and convert it to wav. There are plenty of software capable of doing this. By the way, I was just messing around with the files in audacity. Did you hear Izzy's backing vocals in Mr. Brownstone??! Those are amazing! love his falsetto lol I also like the backing vocals on ISE, PC and UTLH, nothing fancy but so punk rock So cool to being able to discover these little pieces here and there I didn't even know were there.
  2. Yes, the Lies tracks are amazing! Someone talks at the beginning of UTLH, and at the end Axl says "Thank you very much". There's an acoustic guitar at the beginning of You're Crazy I never heard before, and also some more background vocals and guitars! Also, I love hearing the background vocals during the verses in Move to the City!
  3. Usenet Setup Discussion PM List In The Works

    I'm interested in this and I'd like to participate Thanks!
  4. Fly GNAIR

    For anyone who wants to track where the plane is in the world https://www.flightradar24.com/data/aircraft/9h-yes
  5. wow, that sucks so now we can't even share audience recordings?
  6. Thanks for the update Rockphantom, great news! Can't wait for the flacs and the blu-ray!
  7. Encore: (Melissa) / Patience, Whole Lotta Rosie, There Was A Time, Don't Cry Madagascar, The Seeker Paradise City So yeah, basically the same setlist lol I would love to be there though
  8. That's great news Rockphantom! Thanks to you and everybody who contributed!
  9. This one looks better. It's also the full set but "pro-shot"
  10. Thanks. That's why we need a private GNR tracker to talk about this kind of stuff. They wouldn't even know about the Paris tapes project if the tracker had still existed
  11. @Lim666 Limulus is the man for this job
  12. Here's some other Marc quotes: "It really wasn't a real song, just something they put together and it was quick and short and it wasn't anything special like the rest of the songs" http://www.mygnrforum.com/topic/190318-demos-and-recording-sessions/?do=findComment&comment=3304629 The song was very short 53 seconds and not even finished and may have been put together at the last minute. It was not really that good and that may be the reason the bootleggers didn't use it when they put out that stuff. http://www.mygnrforum.com/topic/190744-the-plague/?do=findComment&comment=3170412