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  1. I'm starting to like Driving Rain, sounds great I'm sure I will like all the songs after I heard them played live
  2. Happy Birthday to McBob

    Of all the bass techs in the world, he is definitely one of them! Happy birthday McBob! Hope he comes back for the final leg of the tour, I want to hear his introduction live instead of a recording!
  3. Back Off Bitch Rare Video 80's

    This is not that rare at all. This is from the first set of the March 28, 1986 show Both sets have been circulating since ages. Altough video quality seems to be better than what I remember
  4. According to Troccoli's contacts: http://www.mygnrforum.com/topic/220921-rumored-golden-ticket-in-one-of-the-locked-n-loaded-sets/?do=findComment&comment=4618825
  5. Yes, that's just a standard Scotch audio tape "cover"
  6. Does anyone know if a 1080 HDTV capture of the broadcast surfaced? I was just able to find the 700p x 404p that was shared here
  7. Something like this: Call... Call it The Plague Call again, call ... ... call (the names?) that you want Cause you know that you are but you just won't (bleed?) me So you've been nailed to a cross What it cost? What's your loss? But you know that a cheap imitation just won't free me I don't know what you been (putting me through?) But I will put it (to an end?) You been walking on (thin ice?) You are on the (scheme?) I said (...) I won't take it anymore I won't take it anymore I won't take it anymore I won't take it anymore (Thanks to Ludurigan here http://www.mygnrforum.com/topic/220812-the-plague-1986-sound-city-session-discussion-unheard-vocals/?do=findComment&comment=4596373)
  8. Actually, Axl sings "Izzy was crowned..." In case you haven't noticed, the lyrics of the version included in the Alan Niven CDs is a little different, Axl mentions everyone! Slash was drowned, he was washed up and left for dead. Steven scowled, at the sight of the crust of bread. Duff looked around, there was no sign of our friend. Izzy was crowned, with a spike right through his head http://www.mygnrforum.com/topic/48478-jumpin-jack-flash-lyrics/
  9. Oh I see, sorry, I just don't know much about the city. It is exotic to me though because it's located in a continent that I had never visited but always curious about it. But I know what you mean!
  10. Anyone going? I'm thinking about it. Exotic place for sure
  11. ^^ You don't need to "crack" anything. Just extract the dts audio from the m2ts files and convert it to wav. There are plenty of software capable of doing this. By the way, I was just messing around with the files in audacity. Did you hear Izzy's backing vocals in Mr. Brownstone??! Those are amazing! love his falsetto lol I also like the backing vocals on ISE, PC and UTLH, nothing fancy but so punk rock So cool to being able to discover these little pieces here and there I didn't even know were there.
  12. Yes, the Lies tracks are amazing! Someone talks at the beginning of UTLH, and at the end Axl says "Thank you very much". There's an acoustic guitar at the beginning of You're Crazy I never heard before, and also some more background vocals and guitars! Also, I love hearing the background vocals during the verses in Move to the City!
  13. Usenet Setup Discussion PM List In The Works

    I'm interested in this and I'd like to participate Thanks!