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  1. Axl also said on Kimmel if he could go back he would relive the past 5 or 6 year cuz he has more fun maybe we care more than he. That said , he should be proud of Chinese democracy. And I’m proud to say it’s my favorite album, too
  2. making an educated assumption that the band rehearsed the song is different from making a statement saying they DID rehearse it. if you have a reason to believe they did rehearse the song, other than the title appearing on a setlist, please share. That would be really interesting to hear.
  3. Wait. It is known that the group rehearsed hard school ?
  4. On one hand the entire gnr catalog feels open playing locomotive and dead horse. And on the other it feels like it’s time for something fresh. Good for the band and the people rocking out tho. Might not be that many in the latter
  5. Rolling stone: “Axl speaks” -02/2000 Imagine Led Zeppelin’s Physical Graffitiremixed by Beck and Trent Reznor, and you’ll have some sense of Axl’s new sound. I remember reading this description. And thinking out loud, what the hell does that mean ?