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  1. Chinese Democracy Audio from 2009 Rehearsals Leaked!

    For me it totally did. Not how i imagined it. No fun. Especially with axl. The delivery makes it. It’d be like reading a screen play to Unforgiven before seeing how the great actors portray it.
  2. Chinese Democracy Audio from 2009 Rehearsals Leaked!

    My point is : people are requesting lyrics for unheard songs. Asking for lyrics to unheard songs is stupid I made the mistake in 2005 and read IRS lyrics before hearing even the demo. Also. Sorry Russ. I’ve read like at least 87 of your posts. And then when you respond to one of my, lack of insight posts, it’s only due to my grammar errors.
  3. Chinese Democracy Audio from 2009 Rehearsals Leaked!

    I remember reading irs lyrics. Listening to a demo before the hearing the final song Kinda sucks. Reading lyrics before hearing anything is totally weak.
  4. The fake Kerrang 1999 song titles

    my 15 year old username better be based on a real song, even if we never hear it.
  5. Does anyone else think axl is singing in a higher pitch than he was to end the North America stadium tour ? He also seems to use less voices on jungle, compared to the of the last leg.
  6. I don’t like replying to a concert thread for show I wasn’t at and which i pathetically watched pieces of through a stranger’s cell phone, but this show seemed like a lot of fun and I will go to another installment if they play within 100 miles of me
  7. I live in the US north of Chicago by about 100 miles. I heard it on the radio station 95.1 WIIL rock. At 420p each day they have the 420 hit of the day. The host said there was very few passes. Google the station and they have it linked up on their site.
  8. It was cool to hear this song on the radio. I hope people like it. Whatever they did with this song, it’s not the same as when I first heard it in 1999. I hope people enjoy it.
  9. Well that’d be a shame. I enjoy following the band and think the shows have been great times. I think we’re all allowed to think somethings sound boring and stale.
  10. I’m sorry. Do you actually mean “move on” or is “relive the past” more like it
  11. “I just want to bury Appetite. I don’t want to live my life through that one album.” -Axl Rose. 1989.