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  1. Good point here. The reunion is over 5 years old. Clearly duff and slash weren’t made to do anything.
  2. In so many ways this sounds like a spaghetti incident song recorded in 2021.
  3. Awesome story. quick follow up, does your dad like the song now ?
  4. One of the really interesting components here is the band’s strategy. It’s incredible to release a single that may or may not be connected to anything other than the tour. But it also makes sense in 2021. If you play a song live, most your fans are going to watch the cell recoding on YouTube. didn’t a former manager of the band say in an interview something to the affect that songs are basically free to the band. The tour is where the money is. And then the same person said he could see a few singles released and then an EP. im not versed enough to make this up. Just thought I read it somewhere. So the artwork and the signature on the single stand out. Because it seems like branding we will see again.
  5. There’s no way anyone expect this to be a commercial hit. I think they are posturing themselves as a band that’s making legit stuff and not streets of Los Angeles. Clearly. I could be wrong. But I think they are having fun and setting some expectations *proof read and left it. Wrong song title. Point exactly
  6. This is shared reality, correct. This is happening, right. Confirmation needed
  7. Let’s not over react. Lots of musicians liked this song snd at least a few decided to play it.
  8. I think I really missed my Chance. If I ever had a chance to be considered a valuable insider I could have posted a cryptic message saying that the first “new song” played in the reunion would be a reworked version of silkworms which wasn’t quite as okay as the original heard in 2001. I thought that set list with absurd was fake. And I remain a no one.
  9. Seems like a bad idea to introduce it live. We aren’t in the 90s. Release a single, get some hype, and crowd recognition. Without releasing it, no one in these stadium shows will care. Many will just think it is one of the 7 covers they play.
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