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  1. I guess it perhaps proves they're not scared to promote their current live sound and a release featuring a whole set isn't such a far flung possibility, probably more so than a new album?
  2. Fuckin' hell, Axl really did sound the bloody goods during the 2010 era. Easily comparabale if not on par vocally with 06/07 surely
  3. The "New Album" Thread

    The excuse is... Axl Rose
  4. The "New Album" Thread

    Yes, I agree, SI overall as an overall release (marketing, product itself etc.) > Chi Dem
  5. Just dabbled in a bit of 2017 London first gig Youtube debauchery and it's telling to read the comments from casuals and the like... there's even some that query Slash's sound from that time let alone Axl's... boy how the ensuing years have been so cruel...
  6. If the first (or any upcoming gig for that matter) begins with It's So Easy we know it's over now...
  7. This thread needs locking up just like the "New Album Thread"
  8. Anybody else get slight Hitler-esque vibes off of the tannoy style exclamations from Ozzy at the end of Scary Little Green Men? Easily the most bonkers track on the album
  9. Andrew Watt's playing is reminiscent of Slash on a few of these tracks imho
  10. 05/29/20 - London, GB - Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

    I still need to secure a GC for Saturday, after I skipped the o2 show in 2010 and Izzy showed up I never want to miss a show here.. just in case

    Tako posted up a closer look at the 2020 l/s tour tee and a bandana.
  12. https://instagram.com/stories/susanholmesmckagan/2238134265555361095?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&igshid=v2fdi6c91c6d Susan's IG story shows Duff with his own GN'R pinball setup which he says he's owned since 1995 and has had in storage in California.