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  1. For me, if naything, it gets better with age
  2. Izzy can’t handle the tour life and perhaps is simply not willing to settle for one-off performances ala Adler... therefore he’s out

    Never saw them on sale during any tour legs, but recall Famdango showing them off (there were 2 versions) on his IG at one stage

    @frankmillerwhere’d you score the semi trailer
  5. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    I wonder if this extra number of dates will ensure NITL eclipses UYI for total shows played?
  6. Were you actually there at the New York show? Have you attended ANY shows this entire reunion period? If you answered "no" to either of those questions then you just answered your ultimate one.
  7. Has anyone in here actually read his book and if so, is there any Axl/Chinese Democracy stories?
  8. The Duff/Burr pod is on YT now, but I'm reading the comments and the majority is saying Duff's mic volume is terrible! Good thing your big guests are always easy to hear!
  9. No, I 100% agree, the perpetual wait for new GN'R music deserves a Netflix doco!
  10. Where’s the livestream footage link from Axl’s footpath at?!
  11. Don't Cry Frame by frame video remake - WOW !

    Brilliantly bonkers