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  1. Cool, but how about some more info?! Like, who makes them for a start?!
  2. Lovin' the spirit of posts in this thread that are really rising up and showing nothin' but love for Big 3 era stuff from past and now present... thank fuck I can legit say that last bit, still feels surreal for real! ;-D
  3. Listened up to about track 9 I think, was having issues with the browser player, but I thought it was decent serviceable party rock with some nice solos and other elements added by Dizzy’s keyboard heavy style. 6.5/10
  4. Best SCOM of NITL tour?

    London 1 2017
  5. An album launch in Australia?! Didnt see that coming! On the contrary I think the album artwork sucks, it’s just a Live Photo! Enjoyed the interview though! Notice Dizzy said he’s fitting this in whilst being busy. Busy with what? Hmmm..
  6. New GN’R album confirmed!
  7. Slash featuring Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators new album confirmed
  8. I’m looking forward to this more than the new GN’R album
  9. Sorum @ed Axl whilst wishing him happy b’day! https://twitter.com/mattsorum/status/960958676428189696?s=17
  10. Rumor of a new album???

    Has anyone posted about the new album rumour on Jarmo's board? If so was it swiftly deleted?
  11. Rumor of a new album???

    Not sure if it's already been posted in here or what, but Rick Rubin confirmed as working with Billy Corgan, Jimmy Chamberlain and that other guitarist Billy's used over the years in the studio right now!
  12. Choirboys from Australia have some of the most memorable tunes ever committed to Aussie rock annals, especially apparent in light of Aussie Day in full effect right now! Tuunes! Run To Parardise!
  13. What is with GN'R former drummers that seem as though they're comin' off cocaaine stroke rehab... *referring to Sorum interview above*
  14. Dissapointing new DL announcement (for me personally at least) but still hope for the final annoucements, I anticipate another 2...