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  1. Many Media Outlets Saying GNR Album Is On The Way

    Everyone knows that the next step for GnR is a world tour. And after that, another world tour. After that? I bet a tour.
  2. I've been a member here since 2004, which is nuts itself. I've seen all kinds of things go on here through out the years. It's just more of the same. It'll be nice to see something good come of this. But it's just going round in circles.
  3. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    He knows that. He's just stating that they want to do this ppv because it looks like it's a smart move from their stand point. I understand why theyre doing it. But I know why they're doing it too. The GRR wasn't built the way it is because of against women. They had no control. But let's do this "all women's ppv to make it sound like we're being so forward thinking. " Let's admit it, this wouldn't happen if the GRR didn't happen. It's cool they're doing it and all. But it's also just stupid. Also. I hope heel Orton really bust up everyone and hopefully it'll make Nakamura fight like a devil.
  4. 06/03/18 - Berlin, Germany - Olympiastadion

    I know the experience watching online vs. being at the actual shows are far different. When youre there you're just caught up in the whole thing. So it doesn't matter. But you tell he wasn't 100% here. Either way, it's good to see them out there.
  5. GNR playing Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (25 Nov 2018)

    The tour will never end!! But if they come back to the States, I will go see them again if they're close!
  6. More dates. Who didn't see that coming?
  7. I would really like those rings, but jesus. I would never wear them. they just look awesome!
  8. That much??? Nope. I'm out. could of, but not happening. who the hell has that kind of money?
  9. I'm on the fence with this. I have enough money saved up already. Mainly because I need to buy a bunch of shit to fix up my back yard. But I really want this. N I want it now. I know it seems like a waste of money, but mainly just for the novelty of it makes me want it.
  10. EVERTBODY HAS AN OPINION!! SO LETS FIGHT ABOUT IT!! Don't forget the first and second rule of Fight Club!!
  11. Next GN'R Album Name Rumors?

    'maybe next Tuesday'.
  12. 14 Years (lyrics)

    I thought he said "well it's been never!" But pronounced 'never' as 'neva"
  13. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    Had a feeling Paige would get injured somehow. WWE is gonna be flipped all around with that. As well as Ambrose out.
  14. Official GNR Social Media Update / Discussion

    Typical D.J. using the GnR name for more hits on his 'swag'..Do people still use that word? Jesus.
  15. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    Ziggler! U.s. title! Good. Although. Idk what he's doing. Leaving the belt in the ring. Jesus. They're just gonna screw him over again aren't they?