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  1. sure oh sure, thats exactly what came to my mind.
  2. Yeah, it has no place with the current line up and I much rather prefer the other leaks anyway!
  3. As far as I know musicians get royalties for writing credits even if they dont actually record the song, there is a performance royalty aswell that musicians get for recording an album even if they havent wrote a single note. Hope that helps!
  4. Nice list! Me personally would put Oh My God instead of Shaklers and Street of Dreams should be an additional song!!
  5. Im not sure what to make of this "song", I hope Slash finds a good melody for this! I prefer Hard School!
  6. I dont mind an EP 4 new tracks + 2 live (Shadow of your Love and Better).
  7. The song has potential, its clearly unfinished. I think it may be about Izzy.
  8. Slash and Gilby

    I think he only recorded in the spaghetti incident, sympathy for the devil was Paul Huge.
  9. Crashdiet history

    agh i cant find a gnr version of crash diet on youtube!
  10. UYI - Boxset (wishlist)

    I know and the videos also have been released but if its a boxset it would be neat to have it all together! But im with you I want more stuff that we havent seen.