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  1. I wish they release Locomotive and Coma as bonus tracks from the other nites!!
  2. If they make this trades for future setlist i would love it!! Outta Get Me instead of Wichita Lineman Oh My God instead of Black Hole Sun The Garden instead of the Seeker And Duff play So Fine instead of Attitude!!
  3. I wont complain about the setlist but its odd they dont play dont cry AND patience at every gig being both super popular singles, and they play covers like Wichita who nobody knows. they should swap the covers no the hit singles!
  4. they played used to love her and BHS before KOHD
  5. is this show complete out there or just DC and RQ?
  6. Just watched it, liked Axl´s energy, his voice was good I think. Liked KOHD version and all the CD songs, hated how they played most of the old catalogue. Fun show to watch for historical purposes!
  7. What else is there to leak that yo guys know of?
  8. SOYL rocked my cock!!! loooooooooooooooooool
  10. video please of shadow of your love
  11. Subscribed! thanks for your hard work, cant wait for part 2 of the NITL!