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  1. Still no photos from Cliff?
  2. Do you think you ever out grow GNR?

    I was pretty hardcore from sometime in 88 till 93. I stopped listening to GNR from 94 till probably 99 that i discovered oh my god on the End of Days soundtrack. I got interested in GNR again pretty hardcore before the RIR 2001 onwards.. lose interest sometime in 2012... back again on fire with Slash and Duff back
  3. Its on in Peru and can listen to the complete CD album
  4. Im from Peru and Dont Cry alt is there but yeah CD is gone WTF!
  5. I would keep the current setlist but take out Black Hole Sun, Wichita Lineman, WYWH and The Seeker and include My Michelle, Pretty Tied Up, The Garden and Bad Obsessions. Also Duff spot would include So Fine + a Spaghetti Song (Raw Power, Attitude or New Rose with You cant put your arms as intro). Also the 4 CD songs would be: Chinese, Better, Sorry and Madagascar.
  6. true but RS have been touring stadiums for decades i think, in the end we all wish GNR had the back catalog as massive as RS. One can only dream!
  7. The Rolling Stones have a vast album catalog with brilliant albums (sticky fingers, beggars banquet, let it bleed, exile on main street among others), cant compare the two.
  8. They need to release a live album so we can have CD songs with Slash and Duff and Slither with Axl!!
  9. looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
  10. I wish they release Locomotive and Coma as bonus tracks from the other nites!!
  11. If they make this trades for future setlist i would love it!! Outta Get Me instead of Wichita Lineman Oh My God instead of Black Hole Sun The Garden instead of the Seeker And Duff play So Fine instead of Attitude!!
  12. I wont complain about the setlist but its odd they dont play dont cry AND patience at every gig being both super popular singles, and they play covers like Wichita who nobody knows. they should swap the covers no the hit singles!
  13. they played used to love her and BHS before KOHD
  14. is this show complete out there or just DC and RQ?