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  1. Maybe in concept, but I also think two nearly 10 minute long piano driven songs on 1 album wasn't the best fit. Which is why they split them up.
  2. Don't see this .. at all. Both guys fingerprints are spread all over both albums. As are SLASH and DUFF.
  3. LOL. It sure sounds weird saying 'preinternet'. Makes you feel like you're also from the 'horse and buggy era'. But it really wasn't all that long ago. Since the actual Internet has been around since the 80's, it's probably more accurate to say 'pre-online' days. I first started exploring online around 1992 and I worked for an ISP beginning in 1999 when many were still learning what it was and were largely using dial-up. I know I didn't really start purchasing tickets online until around 2000 or so and the online method wasn't near as popular as calling in. I began working for a cellular company in 2004 and most people didn't have PDA's or data access for their phones yet. So it's really only been the past 15-20 years that it's been this way. It just seems like it's been longer. I'm really not that damn old. But it sure seems like it sometimes. LOL
  4. LOL. You know Dimple! That's where I worked back then. They're still around. At least 5 stores that I know of. The Roseville store moved locations last year and is much larger now with a book store included.
  5. Were you aware that the Country Club location was the very first Tower Records? And that Metallica played a 30-min set in that parking lot in 1996?? Fun facts. But that wasn't the location I used to frequent. I lived near Citrus Heights at the time so it was the one right next to Birdcage Walk and across from Sunrise Mall. For the GN'R midnight release, for some reason, I ended up at Warehouse just a few blocks up Sunrise before Madison Ave. I don't recall the reason exactly, but I'm guessing the line at Tower was much longer. That Tower Records also had a Ticketmaster within it and back during pre-internet days the lines usually wrapped around the building a few times when big shows went on sale. Believe it or not, standing in line was often better than trying to call in via phone -- which was always busy. I actually couldn't get tix for the Sacramento show and had to opt for Shoreline Amphitheater, which had 2 shows on back-to-back nights. Shoreline was one of few venues in which they performed 'Locomotive'. IIRC, they only played it live like 3 times EVER. Of course, as fate would have it (of the back2back shows), I was at the show when they didn't perform it. Sorry to get off topic, but thought you might find that interesting.
  6. I got mine at a midnight sale at a local Warehouse Records in a suburb of Sacramento. Tower Records was my usual spot, but for some reason which I can't recall, I ended up at Warehouse which was less than a mile away. I bought both versions that night and still have the original CD's and cardboard containers (opened of course). I also remember it being my younger sisters 17th b-day. I so vividly remember looking forward to the release all Summer long -- as it had been pushed back a couple of times. From radio play and MTV, I knew of LALD, YCBM, and Civil War. And I saw them on tour that July so I had heard numerous other new tunes but couldn't recall titles for many of them. I believe it was Circus Magazine that had a rumored track listing leading up to the release. I immediately inserted UYI1 into my friends CD player on the ride home and skipped straight to LALD -- which had been stuck in my head since the live MTV performance 12 days earlier. I just couldn't wait to hear the studio version. That, and Don't Cry were my immediate favorites. I do really miss the anticipation of midnight releases back in those days. And none were more special than on 09/17/1991 for me. Coincidentally, I began working for a local music chain a couple years later in 1993 and we still had the occasional midnight release. One that comes to mind was for Pink Floyd's Division Bell. Pearl Jam's Vitalogy was another. But none of them were ever the same as the Illusions.
  7. Slash or Axl - Whose the bigger asshole (Pre reunion)

    I'm with you on the entirety of this statement. I think the Beatles were certainly good, but very overrated to me. Just not my cup of tea. The Stones, Hendrix and Doors from that era are more important to me. And you're spot on about time and place. That has almost everything to do with it.
  8. Slash or Axl - Whose the bigger asshole (Pre reunion)

    Of course. I obviously didn't say GNR/AXL were the only ones. But they are the ones that spoke loudest to me -- that were also in the sweet spot of my era. While GN'R influenced me, the members of GN'R were obviously heavily influenced by Iggy, the Stones, Aerosmith, Queen, Elton John and numerous others. As much as I like and appreciate those artists and recognize how they helped pave the way for GNR, they aren't #1 for me.
  9. Slash or Axl - Whose the bigger asshole (Pre reunion)

    That's certainly true. But as much as I dig the Stones, they were more my mom and dad's era while GN'R was born during the Summer of 1985 just before by freshman year in HS. So I followed and grew up with them during some very important years for me. And AXL had a huge impact on me during that time. It's all about era. GN'R was my era and who I wanted to be like back then. The ultimate fuck you we don't care what anybody thinks band. And nobody embodied that more than WAR. But Mick is a bad ass in his own right, no doubt about that. When it comes down to the age old question, Beatles or Stones?...... I'm most definitely a Stones guy
  10. Slash or Axl - Whose the bigger asshole (Pre reunion)

    Let me preface by saying that I started out in the late 80's and early 90's as an 'AXL' guy. And I still see him as the greatest rock n' roll front man ever. But as I started getting into and learning how to play guitar circa 1993, I became a 'SLASH' guy. And he became my favorite guitarist, along with Stevie Ray Vaughan, and still is to this day. When the whole break up thing went down circa 1996, I took SLASH's side. And as much as I still like and admire WAR, I suppose I still lean towards SLASH today. I get that SLASH has told numerous lies (or mis-remembered some key things due to years of drug use). But I still hold AXL mostly responsible (they were all somewhat responsible) for the band falling apart. Most of all, I didn't like that AXL kept and re-used the GN'R name w/o most or even some of the original core. I still feel that was a BIG mistake on his part. And let's face it. Between the two, AXL's reputation in the music world and among peers is far less stellar. While I believe AXL has mellowed and changed a lot in the past 20+ years, he still did a ton of things to piss off and hurt fans, peers, industry people, etc. to earn the title. Meanwhile, SLASH has generally been good to his fans (with Snakepit and Blues Ball, I witnessed him get off his tour bus and sign autographs and take pictures til everyone was gone at least 4-5 different times) and rarely, if ever, was the reason the band went on stage hours late night after night. For those reasons, I'd say AXL has to be the obvious winner. But I still love the guy. He's the ultimate bad boy rock n' roller as far as I'm concerned. W/O the riots, late starts, on-stage rants, controversial lyrics, etc, he wouldn't be that guy and GN'R never would have been known as 'the most dangerous band in the world'.
  11. Eddie Van Halen Wanted to Join AC/DC

    I don't know how much I believe the EVH thing. Not saying that Johnson was lying, but more that EVH may have been extremely drunk or kidding or both. Eddie is well-known for being a bit of a music snob. I really don't see him being enthused about playing AC/DC's music. In fact, other than Eric Clapton and Cream he pretty much doesn't admit to being much of a fan of others music. He even grew cold on Clapton over something Eric said about him.
  12. If SLASH and AXL ever part again, the GN'R brand will surely survive just as it had before they ever reunited. What won't survive is touring interest from mainstream fans. Many fans don't like to accept it, but, beyond the music itself, the mainstream appeal of GN'R has always been AXL and SLASH. IZZY, DUFF and STEVEN were instrumental to the overall sound (and writing), but AXL and SLASH were and still are the image. When STEVEN was ousted in 1990, the bands popularity didn't suffer. When IZZY left in 1991, the bands popularity also didn't suffer. When SLASH and DUFF left circa 1996/97, the bands popularity suffered (evident once AXL continued on his own). There are numerous other reasons why popularity waned, but the fractured lineup was the biggest of those reasons. When AXL, SLASH and DUFF reunited, the bands popularity increased from where it had been the previous 20 years (despite not releasing any new music). When not together, both SLASH and AXL's bands appeal to niche fans. When together, they appeal to the mainstream. Whether or not that appeal applies beyond nostalgia to new music remains to be seen.
  13. I believe your attitude to be largely prevalent with NuGuns fans. Which makes sense. But those that grew up with the band during the 85-93 era are more likely to care about the original band reforming (more so if IZZY had also been involved). I fall into the latter. But I also would love to hear whatever remains of CD 2 & 3. But Axl/Slash reuniting was definitely #1 on the list for me. Duff’s involvement was a big bonus while Izzy would be the huge cherry on top, if it ever happens.
  14. Exactly. If he was really standing up to AXL, why did he fill in for Gilby during his absence? Why did he show up for some guest appearances during the New GN'R Era? For someone that supposedly put their foot down and wouldn't tolerate all the boorish behaviour and late starts, he sure had an odd way of committing to completely cut it out of his life.