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  1. I don't understand (1) why this is hard to believe or (2) why it's a big deal. I can easily see any artist being silly in the moment and doing the same once they heard their music being played in a situation like that. It's a bit of an ironic joke. Nothing more, nothing less.
  2. Oakland 1992. After Metallica's set and a LONG wait --- this began to happen (see the video below; skip to around :55) and continued into GN'R's set. I was in the upper-level with a vantage point similar to the video. It was pure chaos. I remember a subsequent Oakland A's game was postponed due to the damage to the outfield. If you watch enough of the video, you'll see some fans using the tarp to protect themselves from being pelted by the sod.
  3. Good for them. Still doesn't change the fact I stated. And a lot of them don't. So what? There's no hard and fast rule on how a band or any type of artist must operate. If you were an independent business owner, would you want anybody telling you how to run your business or what type of work you must do? It's up to them, nobody else. You don't have to like it. But comparing them to other independent artists that operate how they want to is apples and oranges. It's not relevant. If it was, then all these artist would do the exact same things and pump out the same type of music. But they don't. LA Guns and 'vital' in the same sentence is laughable. LA Guns can't have a nostalgia tour on the level of GN'R because they've never been relevant like GN'R -- even when some of GN'R's members were part of the band. They don't have the catalogue, the hits, the reputation, the popularity -- none of it. If they did, they'd likely be doing something similar. But they don't. Hence they are creating new music that will appeal to a very small niche crowd. Great for them and whomever likes them. According to you. But you and all these other keyboard warriors aren't the authority on what GN'R 'should' be doing. The band members are. You (we) are just fans. IDK why many don't seem to grasp that point. I mean, I liked Star Wars all my life too and hated what they've done with the latest movies. What I would have preferred them to do doesn't matter. In retrospect, it could be argued that not making more movies might have been better than effing up the story line for a large faction of fans. But Disney didn't care and continues to pocket billions. And they have every right to. They own it. Same goes for GN'R. They've earned the right to do what 'they' want. SLASH is making new music on his own and so is DUFF. If AXL and those two want to make new music, they will. If they can't make it work or just don't want to, that's on them. But they don't owe anybody anything. I'd like to hear new music too. It sounds like it could be a possibility. But if they don't ever get to it, c'est la vie. Internet nerds claiming that they 'have to' or 'should' are narcissistic and naive.
  4. First off, LMFAO over this clown mocking GN'R -- who produced more memorable music in that one album than LA Guns ever did no matter how many filler albums they put out. Secondly, someone should tell him that GN'R released 4 other original albums besides AFD. He might want to check into it. Thirdly, whether some fans like it or not, there's no guideline or rule that says a band has to create new music all the time. Last I checked, 'The Who' has released only one album since 1982 and they're still touring. Lastly, this band just got back together (sort of) and toured as a nostalgia act for only 2 years. Yet people are already breaking their balls? Seriously? The Stones, the Who and countless others have been doing it for much, much longer. Ridiculous.
  5. This kind of pompous take always makes me SMH. Noodling better describes the banal takes by this sites resident critics who couldn’t dream to produce anything remotely as exciting as what SLASH does night in and night out. That’s exactly why he’s doing what he’s doing for a profession and why we come here to talk about it. I swear, it seems as if many fans expect the band to do whatever they would do if they were in the band and if they don’t, it sucks. And they complain about it excessively and endlessly. Cool. Well, now it my turn to criticize and complain about these shitty takes.
  6. Anyone meet Slash after his solo shows?

    Post-GN’R and Pre-VR I found it easy to see SLASH before and/or after shows. I saw Snakepit mutiple times with the 2 different vocalists and Blues Ball once. He came off his tour bus each and every time after the show & typically hung out taking pics and signing autographs until everyone was taken care of. One time he even stopped boarding the bus to step back off and answer a question I asked him. He was always very accommodating and nice. At one show at Slim’s in San Francisco, he actually walked right out the front door of the venue while we were waiting in line to get in and talked to a few of us before getting in a vehicle for a quick trip somewhere. I also had good luck at the Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, CA when I swear only about 300 people attended a Snakepit show there. Good times. I will say that he usually was apprehensive about taking pictures, but always relented. Because of all the positive experiences I had from 1995 through 2000ish, I was fully expecting to take my 12-yo son to the VR show in SF in 2007 and see him again (my son never met him). But that’s where my streak ended. While waiting near the tour bus after the show, SLASH, DUFF and Weiland snuck out a different exit and left the venue in a car. I was quite bummed. I chalked it up to Weiland’s influence. I saw Slash with Myles in 2010 but didn’t try again as my wife was with me and she didn’t want to stay late and we already had to wait for the live CD’s they sold for that show. So I don’t know how accessible he is with that band. My advice, though, if you’re gonna try, is to do it at a SMKC show. Your chances should be much greater.