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  1. I tend to agree. That's always been my POV in the past. And I still feel that way on the whole. BUT, the reason I made that last point is there has been so much media attention and focus on IZZY not being part of the reunion -- including fans and fellow musicians being upset about it -- that I feel news of IZZY's sudden involvement would spark a lot of intrigue and interest that was lost or never there in the first place. Hell, there are a lot of fans on this site that have said they won't see them again unless there's new music and/or a heavily revised set list. However, if IZZY returns, a good deal of those fans would go see them again regardless of either.
  2. This is the reality of it all. SLASH and AXL both have to be involved or it wouldn't attract the same attention. We saw that with the NuGN'R lineup, And once SLASH came back into the mix, it went to another level in terms of fan interest. Even though, as @Tom-Ass points out, the currently lineup with Melissa and Frank isn't great, it still is drawing good crowds. Because SLASH and AXL are there. Take one away and it's gone. Each original member added in raises fan interest, of course, but nowhere near the same level as those 2. Although, at this point, if IZZY was suddenly involved, I think it would be bigger than it is now ... at least for a little while.
  3. For me, whether I like the new material it or not, a current record would be 'close enough' to be considered legitimate GN'R. Despite the GN'R name on the packaging, CD was no different than any of the solo material released by IZZY, SLASH, DUFF or STEVEN. Had any of those guys retained and used the GN'R name instead of AXL, then their material would 'technically' be considered as GN'R while being no different than it is today. New material would involve heavy participation from 3 of the classic core members thus would be close to as legitimate as UYI was, which pretty much omitted STEVEN completely. Of course IZZY's lack of participation would hurt, but it wouldn't qualify it as completely illegitimate. We all know the pro-IZZY faction disagrees completely, but I've always felt that when it comes to the mainstream fan -- which constitute the largest percentage of fans -- the 2 most important ingredients are AXL and SLASH. When both are part of band, overall fan interest is much, much higher than when 1 of the 2 are absent. Doesn't matter how much the music suffers from the absence of <insert name here>. AXL + SLASH = GN'R to the overwhelming majority. Because of the above, a new album involving just the 2 of them would be a legit follow up. Adding DUFF into the mix raises that level even more. Now go get IZZY and STEVEN too
  4. Agreed. Especially this line: " If I change my opinion about something I said in a song, you know, as time goes by, that's okay because that song as a reflection of where I was then. [...] " It explains why the ALT lyrics for Don't Cry were born. Also explains why he's always fought with SLASH over musical direction. Whatever he's into at the time is the direction he wants to go. AXL's honestly is one of the things I've always appreciated and admired most about him. He's unapologetically honest. And introspective.
  5. Whether you like 'Avatar' or not. It's a nonsensical comparison. The only possible comparison is that they were both expensive to create, but that's where the comparison ends. Nobody knew anything about Avatar leading up to its release. It wasn't a highly anticipated sequel to a highly successful franchise. Nor did it fail to make a lot of $$ for the studio and producers that invested in it. I couldn't read past the 2nd paragraph, but it's clear that the author of that shit piece needs to find a new day job. Forget who he was trashing, his inability to cite a worthwhile comparison (especially when intended as a slight) is an embarrassment.
  6. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    I’d love to see a full reunion — even if just for one night. But they don’t have to do that to sell tickets. Doing so, though, could sell even more tickets. As for new music, I’m almost at the point where I hope they don’t create anything new. Not only to spite the entitled crybabies that whine about it in nearly every single thread, but because whatever they might do would never be good enough for the masses anyway. Instead of whining about new music, the crybabies would be dissing it just like they do to CD and SLASH’s work. No thanks. It’s a no-win situation.
  7. I know there a lot of CD haters on this site. But quite honestly that album alone is greater than anything LA Guns ever produced or ever will produce -- let alone the Lies and UYI material. Hell, most of SLASH's solo career is greater, as was VR as is SMKC. Same goes for Izzy's Ju Ju Hounds record.
  8. Phil Lewis labeling GN'R's catalogue aside from AFD as 'average' is pretty hilarious. But to then double down and act as if LA Guns has done anything special is even more hilarious. A great many R&R or even Metal fans don't even know who LA Guns is. And most of the ones that do only know it because of the GN'R connection. So there's that. I can understand the POV that none of the subsequent material was as 'classic' as AFD. But average?? GN'R Lies and both UYI's didn't sell like they did or receive continuous radio play like they did or spawn videos like they did because they were 'average'. If they were average, the sales and radio play would have drastically fallen off. As would the popularity of the band. But it didn't. Because most of the material was pretty darn good if not 'classic'. Funny, but take away AFD and GN'R's supposed 'average' material still dwarfs anything LA Guns ever did, and a lot of other bands for that matter too. What a joke.
  9. Every time you snobs cry about new music, I’m gonna cry about you guys crying about new music. Bunch of freaking entitled babies.
  10. Nothing embodies 'intellect' like defecating in bottles and drinking your own urine. In that regard, I suppose they are leaps ahead.
  11. I hadn't read this before I replied, but, yeah, very true -- essentially for the reasons I laid out. Love Patton as a vocalist and FNM as a band, but they are pretentious and self-absorbed. It's kinda funny, but even though AXL has his own issues and has been a jerk at times -- he's never really been that way toward his peers sans the comments he made about Iron Maiden and Eagles of Death Metal. He was usually offering up support and praise to up and coming acts the likes of Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails and even NWA before they became known to the mainstream. Rarely was the appreciation reciprocated.
  12. I might be wrong, but I think he means delusional from the standpoint that it was well-known that Mike Patton hated GN'R and their music. So what made SLASH believe Mike Patton would remotely entertain accepting that gig? Not only that, the vocal style and type of music Patton prefers doesn't at all fit in with what SLASH likes to do. To defend SLASH, though, he likely had zero clue how Mike Patton felt about him and GN'R. SLASH largely was in his own world and didn't get involved in band politics or give a rats ass about a lot shit back in those days. If anything, I think SLASH reaching out to Patton is ironic if nothing else.
  13. First off, I'm a huge FNM fan. I met and interviewed Puffy Bordin at the Warfield in 1995 around the start of the KFDFFL tour. I also believe that Mike Patton is wildly underrated and one of the more well-rounded and gifted vocalists I've ever heard. They are/were a tremendous band. One of my favorites from the 90's. That said, I've always felt FNM was full of shit when it came to their opinions on GN'R and AXL. First, FNM is the type of band (like Cobain and Nirvana) that loves to disassociate from the mainstream and anything considered popular. Mike Patton, especially, is a music snob and likes to dis a lot of contemporary bands. He really trashed Motherwolf not all that long ago. I get it, he's entitled to his own opinion on what he likes and what he doesn't like just like anyone else. But IMO this goes beyond that. With regard to GN'R, there was the story about Patton and Roddy Bottom being 'sickened' one time when some of the GN'R band members and crew were watching an inebriated groupie perform oral sex on some other female groupie (like all rock bands don't have similar stories of debauchery & drug use). Yet Patton is the same guy that thinks it's hilarious and ok to shit in bottles that he expects others to use and piss in his own shoe then drink it. His definition of what's sickening differs from the norm. We all know that GN'R is and always has been an easy target of criticism among their peers. A lot of these bands felt they were as good or better but just didn't reach the same level of success so it breeds 'haterism'. And the ones that didn't care about the success hated GN'R because they were the most popular band in the world thus considered mainstream. That was always my gripe with Cobain, who at times even hated his own fans because it wasn't 'cool' to be so popular. Always hated that 'I'm too cool' and don't want to be associated with popularity stance. That's why Metallica was so universally loved by most other rock/metal bands. Because, until the 'Black' album, they were never considered mainstream. They had never done a music video until 'And Justice'. So bands on the spectrum of Sepultura and Slayer and bands on the spectrum of Def Leppard and Poison could usually find middle ground and agree that Metallica was 'cool'. But even that changed once Metallica sold out in the minds of many and became mainstream. FNM did take part in making some videos and even had a couple of mainstream hits but, on the whole, they never made mainstream music and were always a niche band. To this day, they still have that mindset. Mike Patton's music aside from FMN strays even further from the mainstream. In short, he's just a different cat. It's really no surprise at all that they've taken an anti-GN'R stance. Even though GN'R is my all-time favorite band, it doesn't bother me in the least that FNM hates them. It doesn't affect my enjoyment of FNM's music -- which is fantastic IMO. They are also a great band to see live.
  14. I don't understand (1) why this is hard to believe or (2) why it's a big deal. I can easily see any artist being silly in the moment and doing the same once they heard their music being played in a situation like that. It's a bit of an ironic joke. Nothing more, nothing less.
  15. Oakland 1992. After Metallica's set and a LONG wait --- this began to happen (see the video below; skip to around :55) and continued into GN'R's set. I was in the upper-level with a vantage point similar to the video. It was pure chaos. I remember a subsequent Oakland A's game was postponed due to the damage to the outfield. If you watch enough of the video, you'll see some fans using the tarp to protect themselves from being pelted by the sod.