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  1. Rare Slash Interview 1994

    Such a boring lame response. It was a cool interview, interesting to hear him say in 1994 he had no interest in doing a solo record when he had one come out in 95. Axl rejecting 5 o'clock somewhere probably really hurt him. Sounded like at that point everything was really good in GnR land...
  2. NITL Setlist vs UYI Setlist

    Philadelphia 1991 Nightrain Brownstone L&LD Bad Obsession DTJ Civil War So Fine Attitude YCBM Patience ISE Don't Cry November Rain Jungle Move to the City SCOM KOHD Estranged Paradise City Philadelphia 2016 ISE Brownstone Chinese Democracy Jungle DTJ Estranged L&LD Rocket Queen YCBM New Rose This I Love Civil War Sorry Out Ta Get Me Coma SCOM Better WYWH November Rain KOHD Nightrain Don't Cry The Seeker Paradise City I'll take the NITL set any day between these two
  3. It is such an iconic album, they view it as perfect as the way it is. The single is on disc 2 of the special edition. Personally I think AFD would be better with SoYL instead of Anything Goes but I can understand why they don't want to change such an iconic album.
  4. Bands release b-sides all the time as singles when they release box sets or greatest hits. Obviously they want something to promote it. I mean seriously how weird would it be to have a new 180 dollar deluxe box set and a new 2 disc version of AFD hitting shelves and NO single to promote it? lol you guys complain about everything.
  5. Has Axl lost his piano chops?

    Axl probably doesn't want to be stuck behind a piano for 40 minutes a night. He likes to walk around and sing, and they already have 2 keyboard players. He probably sticks with November Rain because that is his biggest moment of the show. That song his his baby don't forget.
  6. Could you imagine if this is your first Guns show and instead of seeing Estranged and Yesterdays you're seeing Going Down and SoYL. Come on lol
  7. What are your expectations for the upcoming leg?

    Yep I was actually just on my way back to mention that. 5 shows if I remember correctly.
  8. What are your expectations for the upcoming leg?

    Obviously BH isn't rejoining GnR on stage, but you are forgetting Izzy joined Guns on stage a few times in 2006.
  9. What are your expectations for the upcoming leg?

    Exactly. Why is this so hard for people to understand?
  10. What are your expectations for the upcoming leg?

    You are underselling the production of a huge show they want to be perfect. It isn't a band jamming in a garage. Few bands change their setlist every show and there are clear reasons for that. You can either accept that or continue to underplay how much goes into a giant production 🙄
  11. What are your expectations for the upcoming leg?

    Go look at videos of welcome to the jungle or sweet child or wish you were here for examples. If you watch the shows the band members are in specific places during the same songs to get camera angles and shots. So the spotlight folk know where they will be. So the lights around the players won't be too distracted etc. It is a very choreographed show at times. And the light people, technicians, producers all need to know what is going on, where everyone will be, what everyone will be doing to put on the best show possible. It's almost more like a play but instead of acting they are playing instruments.
  12. What are your expectations for the upcoming leg?

    It is a lot more choreographed than you think for camera shots etc
  13. What are your expectations for the upcoming leg?

    Right but that isn't what I said. If you look at most bands they keep the setlist the same throughout the leg of the tour. It is disappointing that they have kept the same for the last 2 years now, but keeping it the same throughout say the whole European tour isn't anything out of the norm for most bands who put on a production this big.
  14. What are your expectations for the upcoming leg?

    Very few bands who put on the production GnR does change the setlist up night to night. There is a lot that goes into a show like this, with all the video production and everything else involved. To expect guns n roses to put on the giant production they put on and do it 25 different ways is silly. Now I will agree that playing the same setlist from 2 years ago is a bummer, but playing the same show over the course of a tour with only a few change ups here and there is more common than not. And it is such an act of entitlement to expect otherwise. Go look at the most recent Metallica, Aerosmith or Black Sabbath tour setlists on setlist.fm for example.