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  1. The Philadelphia show looks like it has sold okay but I also wonder if it is Ticketmaster holding back tickets to make it look better. Some odd patterns like full rows with no seats sold for no particular reason. Sadly the reunion excitement has just wore off. There is no money to be made in album sales anymore today but at least it would be good promotion for the tour. I wonder if this forces them to put something out in the next few months...
  2. Axl, Shut-Up and Sing

    I hope they rename the tour the Fuck Trump tour just for you
  3. 07/08/20 - Philadelphia, PA - Citizens Bank Park

    Can't wait. Let's go!!
  4. All this arguing. All I know is I'm going to see both Guns n' Roses AND Rage Again the Machine this summer and I am fucking stoked. It's gonna be a good summer boys.
  5. All sales are final with Ticketmaster
  6. Citizen's Bank Park is beautiful. Never been there for a concert yet but I can honestly say there isn't a bad seat in the house. I go to 5-10 baseball games there a year. Great food and good beer selection too. Summer is especially beautiful because you get this gorgeous sky at sunset with the city in the background. GnR is really big in Philly too, selling out where the Eagles play in 2016. It should be a great show mate 👍
  7. Meltdown (WRIF) Top 3 GNR Songs

    There is a Time is honestly one of my favorite GnR songs too.
  8. https://twitter.com/THEX1057/status/1225524895704068118?s=09 Pumpkins opening in Philly make me really happy I grabbed tickets! This will be a great show 👍
  9. Does anybody know if the Pumpkins are opening in Philly?
  10. This has been my thought process too. If it is a new show why give it away before the tour actually starts. It was clearly just a one off thing in Miami. All the negativity around here keeps me away for the most part, all I know is I got two seats in the hall of fame club at Citizen's Bank Park in Philly and I am seeing my favorite band for the first time in 3 years this summer at one of my favorite places to be (huge Phillies fan here). If they play a set that is mostly the same as of 2017 they do, and if they have a new show with a few new songs then it is a huge bonus. Either way it is going to be one of the best nights of my 2020 and I can't wait. Rock on guys.
  11. GnR has played Philadelphia twice since the reunion. 2016 and 2017 It will be almost 3 years since their last show in Philly. Not everybody spends all their time glued to message boards reading the setlists from a show in Guatemala. It baffles me how people do not get this.
  12. How do I do the Citi card presale?
  13. I always viewed this show as a one off and figured it would remain the same or similar at least. If they are going to change the show I would expect those changes to start up when the tour really gets rolling.