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  1. Most of this stuff was written before the reunion and if I'm not mistaken a lot od it was recorded too. They simply finished the album. Which is a good thing.
  2. May i ask when you purchased it last night? I ordered it before it said sold out but i dont see the autograph on my order
  3. I ordered it but didn't get the autograph now I kinda want to cancel it. Funds are a little tight. Altho it is a great deal anyway.
  4. A lot of people around here really don't give the Guns guys enough credit for this tour. At their age, to play as many dates as they have and to play shows as long as they have is almost unheard of. This tour has been nothing short of spectacular. People call it a cash grab which is so ignorant. They could play 85 minute shows if they wanted to. That would be a cash grab. I'm so happy to have these 3 back on stage and kicking ass.
  5. Funny when i searched it it showed 999k + and when i clicked on it it said 1B. I may have been the one billionth view 😂😎
  6. It hit 1 billion views! Here's to the next billion!
  7. Oh wow i toally disagree. Weiland is exceptional in my book.
  8. I was pretty embarrassed to tell people Guns was my favorite band during the CD era tbh. Most people though they had become a big joke. Thankfully the wife enjoys CD and Guns and would go to shows with me and understood my bad obsession. Ask redeemed himself for sure though.
  9. Final thoughts on NITL tour

    My thoughts. Seeing Axl and Slash on stage again together is truly wonderful and magic. The tour was a mega success. Everyone seems so happy together. Fans moan and whine that they dont want frank or fortus or whatever and it seems so selfish. Truthfully Axl Slash and Duff all seem happier than ever to be on that stage again. They all gel together and are great. The tour relegitimises the band. A few years ago they were playing half full amphitheatres, now playing full stadiums. For a band that had become a joke and forgotten by the majority of people to see them as one of the biggest rock bands in the world again is really special. Anyone who thinks this tour was anything less than a huge success is just wrong. Anyone who thinks it was a cash grab is also wrong. They had plenty of opportunity to take the money over the years. It was never about the money. The last 3 years have been Really magical. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for this band.
  10. I don't think it is a fair comparison. ISE is a really fucking easy song to sing outside of the high notes. Even I can sound decent on it.
  11. Trump Using "Sweet Child O Mine" at Rally In Montana

    Man I would love to see Axl punch Trump in the face.
  12. Acoustic by a landslide