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  1. January 22ed now and I don't see an announcement in sight 😞
  2. I think they knew YCBM and NR were going to be the big singles and wanted them on separate albums. If you put YCBM on UYI1 it really leaves 2 a bit lacking on the singles side.
  3. I love UYI1. I think it is one hell of a rock and roll album and has many of my favorite GNR songs on. RNDTH - totally underrated, and a great opening song DN'B - one of the best Izzy songs, Ask and Izzy are great together on this one. LALD - good cover DC - a GnR classic. One of their best. PC - great rocker. Love this song. YATF - this one isn't my favorite but I like it here and there BO - fun song, fits in well between you ain't the first and DTJ DTJ - musically one of the best songs GnR had ever done. I wish there was another verse but a great song anyway NR - an absolute classic and the center piece of this album. TG - not the best on the album and an easy one to forget about but a very good song nevertheless GOE - oh man one of my favorites. I Love the tempo of this song, just a lot of fun. DDM - one of my favorite GnR tunes ever. Great riff, great lyrics, great solom. Easily one of my top 5 and the most underrated gnr song IMO BA - unfortunately this song loses me. One of my least favorite tunes. Has decent music but just a bad song imo. DH - I skip this song a lot along with bad apples because I'm too excited to get to Coma but this is a really good song with a lot to really enjoy. COMA - Another favorite! Just one of the best songs this band has ever done. So happy I got to see them play it live 3 times on the NITL tour! Absolutely one of the highlights of the tour for me. I can't say enough good about this song. I LOVE this album. So many great rock songs 🤤
  4. So cool man, thanks for explaining it 🙏
  5. Yeah this is the way i took it too Which is good to hear
  6. How did you come up with fuck em all?
  7. Trick Axl into thinking he is doing an episode of loony tunes
  8. "Fucking each other.....You probably don't even notice if you fuck a dude if you're that famous" "So what is it that makes somebody so famous that they get close to being almost like uhh bisexual you think? Umm 'scuse me?
  9. I have no doubt Axl, Slash and Duff will put out an album with the rest of the guys, but I know that is still a bit down the road. I was really hoping for a live album or blu ray to commeneate the tour and now I'm starting to feel it won't happen and it is making me feel disappointed... Stupid rumors and hype 😞😞
  10. UCR best and worst Gn'R songs

    It's fine, I wouldn't say it's great. It is lacking a good hook and really outside of its orgins there isn't anything too interesting about it. I wouldn't say it is bad but I wouldn't say it's good either. It's fine. Honestly until track 12 I really most of TSI? but I never cared much for either song that occupy track 12. But I do think both were a good way to end the album. Raw Power and Human Being back to back is far more enjoyable
  11. Tension in the early 2000's lineup

    Well I'm sure money and fame had something to do with it. But I imagine he was good friends with a lot of people in the GnR camp (axl, Richard, dizzy etc.) and had fun playing the show's. There is a reason he went to multiple shows on the reunion tour too.
  12. Totally agree. House of Gold and Bones is very good. I would also say Coheed and Cambrea releases very ambitious projects.
  13. UCR best and worst Gn'R songs

    I love that one too. UYI1 is so good.