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  1. NITL live videos on youtube

    Watching these videos bums me out that I had tickets to see them July 8th. I also was supposed to be at Firefly music festival this weekend watching Rage Against The Machine Man covid blows.
  2. Need your help!

    1) unreleased songs. Any songs that didn't make it to album but are in the vault unreleased I would love to hear remastered and officially released. Let's get every song these boys wrote out there. 2) alternative mixes and demos! That to me is really interesting. I love UYI but to hear the original versions would be amazing. 3) a live show. Dear God bring us a live show.
  3. Live playing energy

    Might have something to do with the fact that the shows in the early 90s featured a crowd of people mostly in their early 20s and the crowds now mostly people around 50🤦‍♂️
  4. NITL live videos on youtube

    I thought it was fun. It was nice to see them pick songs like DTJ and CD instead of the same ol Jungle, PC and SCOM. It looked awesome and sounded good Honestly though it really makes me want a full show. Give us a 2016 show in this quality please. Pleeeaaaase.
  5. The New Mutants Is A Guns N' Roses Album

    As a big GNR fan and big X-Men fan I feel this lol

    I don't dress, say or do anything to "own" anybody. I could honestly not give one shit what anybody thinks about me or my opinions. That doesn't stop me from expressing myself though. I buy and do things for me, nobody else. When you start only doing things for yourself you aren't wasting your money man.

    Hmm I am more than capable of understanding any view point, I don't have to get all silly and try to throw around insults on the internet in place of actually making a point either. But you do you bud.

    Some of you guys make me laugh, as if anybody in this band ever gave a fuck about what anybody thought. Maybe you guys haven't been paying attention the last 30 years 🤔 but this band has never shied away from expressing their opinions, and clearly everybody in the band is strongly against Trump. Also fuck Trump. The people who also say leave the politics out of music also make me laugh, as if politics haven't been in music for well, forever. I'm proud of the guys for standing up for what they believe in and not hiding away like some pansy ass pussies afraid to let their voice be heard. If shipping wasn't 10 bucks I would consider getting this shirt
  9. No matter what Axl released or did with the band it never would have overshadowed the past. GnR was too iconic
  10. Yeah it's on the app only
  11. I heard nightrain from Coachella this morning
  12. My loked and loaded box set came today. Man this thing is absolutely beautiful. The box itself with the cross is even nicer than I imagined. I'm happy to have all the vinyl. I will never touch most of the stuff in the box but it's neat to look at. Some of it will get hung up too. Overall I'm happy to have this. I think it's a great collection, and a beautiful box, and I'm proud to own something so awesome from my favorite band. But man how did they charge 1k for this? Lol. 300 would have been the sweet spot I think, especially with 10,000 being made. I wonder how many of this thing they sold? I got #03770.
  13. Thank you. I can't wait to open it. 400 is still a lot of money, but with all the bullshit that we have had going on this year I deserve something nice. I never thought I would have the chance to own this when they announced the ridiculous price tag and that always really bummed me out. I'm super excited.