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  1. Sweet! I was at that Metallica gig, front row on the rail. Yep = GnR are the anti-Metallica
  2. Well said mate, so many experts here that know enough to judge other people because they read in a magazine some shit. Only those involved truly know. For the rest of us we can read and wonder, and simply enjoy the entertainment value of it all.
  3. I also thought Axl looked great back in 2006, so you are not alone.
  4. Both I guess, but genuinely curious about how many people visit here at MyGnrforum
  5. I’ve met Marc as well, absolutely lovely guy and didn’t say a bad thing about Axl or anyone when we sat down and chatted. I hope his stuff does see the light of day when he is ready to make it happen. If it is stuff that he recorded way back in the 80’s then surely that belongs to him? I would like to think that ownership is entirely his and that Guns n’ Roses has no claim to it or power over it at all?
  6. It would be interesting to know how many members are here, as in active members that for example have visited this place in 2020, or that have posted in 2020. Would it be in the hundreds?
  7. Good for you, sounds like you are doing great. By the way, I worked in a Rotary camp for children with disabilities in Akron Ohio for three months in my early 20’s, Which I loved and where I developed a passion for working with people with disabilities and therefore spent the next ten years of my life back here in Australia doing just that. Mostly children and young adults with severe disabilities. So you don’t need to debate anything with me dude. Furthermore, I have very personal experience with milliseconds changing someone’s life. My sense of humour helps me in life, and I don’t see cracki
  8. Nah mate, I won’t be worrying about who visits this board when i write. Do you think people worry about overweight people on this board when they call Axl fat? I’m sorry about your short arm but I think you’re being a bit over sensitive about my joke. It’s not really comparable to your condition. Rick Allen lost his arm speeding in his car and had an accident. It was self-inflicted. He also could have killed someone innocent driving like a tool. Lucky for him he didn’t and still went on and continued a good career drumming for Def Leppard.
  9. I agree with everything you say mate, hearing them and the process is interesting. And yeah if Axl put some effort into the songs and put his touch on them they would be so much better for it. Axl has a way of turning things into something glorious !
  10. Your hard drive shat itself, well because the majority of them were shit! I liked anything with Axl’s vocals but the majority of other stuff was crap that millions of people around the world could probably come up with, given just a little bit of talent and a computer/studio. I’m really seeing why those leaks failed to make the final cut, most of it deserved to be buried in a storage locker.
  11. Same here man. Late 40’s and mostly grey. Even my balls. All three of them. It’s so embarrassing...
  12. I agree, your right about alot of bands, celebrities, artists etc... There is a lot that just desperately want to remain relevant and in the public eye. This mainly to remain lucrative and keep the money coming in, or at least try to reduce the financial damage of Covid-19 and stay out there for when things come back to closer to normal. Guns n' Roses don't seem to get that, or don't care. They take their fan base for granted. They keep dragging in big crowds but one day it will reduce significantly. By that stage though, the big three would have made their millions, and the others hopefully w
  13. Its like the black n f'n white cookie in Seinfeld. That photo has perfect harmony... "Look to the cookie and all our problems will be solved"
  14. As a previous Intensive care nurse that has studied anatomy and physiology, I can confirm that there are no vocal cords in assholes
  15. Engaged, Enraged. Same thing , you just swap the g and r... 😁 or gnfn’r I should say.
  16. So far up her ass he can probably taste what she’s gonna have for breakfast the next day too...
  17. You do a great job, it can’t be easy and you need to develop rapport and relationships which is a slow burn. Doing your homework on them and focusing on their present and future is going to earn you their respect. But you are doing fantastic so keep up the good work!
  18. Totally agree mate, GNR had the natural chemistry and talent to have turned out to be the next Stones. Such a shame and probably the saddest thing about being a long time Gun’s fan - the huge waste of talent and time.
  19. “Keyboard Warrior funny” I actually don’t disagree with all you Billie lovers. I think she has an amazing voice and is immensely talented. But last year she played here in Brisbane to 10 000 people, and GnR played here a couple of years ago to 50 000. So when she is doing those numbers in the year 2050 , I will say she has had an incredible and sustained career. But yes, she leaves Guns N Roses for dead when it comes to actually being an active and relevant artist.
  20. I know right... replace the 'hours' with 'months' or 'years' and you will be less dissapointed. Still dissapointed, but less so...
  21. Oh, okay. I stand corrected, shows you how much I know or care about social media. It sounded impressive to me but as 'James Bond' pointed out above that doesn't compare too favourably to someone like Billie Eilish. I will have a parting shot though at some of the popularity of those artists - here we are discussing Guns N' Roses, and they are attracting huge crowds to shows, featuring on twitter trends etc... some three decades or more after their debut album. My guess is no-one will even remember Billie Eilish, and countless others like her, in one decade let alone three decades.
  22. That is actually quite incredible. Imagine if they actually made music
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