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  1. After playing the track 3 times, i have not played it since. One issue i have with the song, is the lyrics. There are not many of them, and what lyrics there are, are repeated too many times. Looks like they did not bother with a video as such, other than using the video made to play as a stage backdrop. I guess that's ok, even if the animated head does not always appear to time well with the audio. I hope the next new track will be better, not Better, a better track.
  2. My guess is, GNR released this for a bit of fun. I doubt the new album will feature the track. Possibly best saved for a b side track, or bonus track on a future CD single, assuming GN'R bother with these formats.
  3. Written by Guns N’ Roses Produced by W. Axl Rose N’ Caram Costanzo Recorded and Mixed by Caram Costanzo Brain Mantia - Drums Are there any other credits?
  4. This is my first post here in years.. I only discovered the new track AbsuЯd this morning, and immediately recognized it as Silkworms, the track previewed many years ago. It's not exactly the same. Seems weird GN'R releasing *new* Gn'R music as their own??? I thought the original Silkworms was a Chris Pittman track. Didn't Pittman have a falling out with Axl over money? ..seems odd to release it now. I wonder how Pittman feels about the new mix? Didn't Axl once say during a live show, the fans were not quite ready for Silkworms (..and possibly other material in a similar vein). On the subject on new GNR music, i wanted AFD or UYI style stuff. Silkworms to me is down there with the likes of My World I guess something new is better than nothing. I wonder if the new album will simply be a dusting of old unfinished work along with some cover tracks, which is similar to what they did with UYI. I assume there is no chance of hearing any of Bucketheads work, stored in the vault.
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