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  1. In retrospect, the last time GNR did something worthy of 15 pages inside a few short hours it was 2008...and they still managed to fuck that up.
  2. I think we've reached a point in our collective GNR fandom where it's 99% gallows humor on the main forums these days. It's the brave few who still swim against that current that stand out in August of 2021.
  3. When I found out it was the same thread retitled I had an audible laugh too.
  4. Yeah, it would make sense as to why every bad decision goes utterly unchecked too. "Yes, you haven't released an album in 14 years, and the road to that album release was a dumpster fire, but you're Axl Rose. People LOVE you for that. In fact, they'd be pissed if you DID act normally and put out a record in a reasonable amount of time. Fuck that! You're Axl!"
  5. If, despite themselves, Team Brazil figures out how to get a full GNR album released before the end of 2021, they still will have done a fucking pitiful job on the new music front. So, congratulations Team Brazil. Even in the very best case scenario, you still suck. Amazing.
  6. This made me lol and is such a spot on analogy. And that they're not the slightest bit self-aware about how odd they allow themselves to operate is just incredible.
  7. I honestly don't even think the information you're looking for exists in a tangible way. Everything just seems in utter limbo on that front right now.
  8. Exactly. You can't be mad at Slash for putting out a record. It shows he's still creatively hungry. But if a GNR album was "imminent" there's no way their schedules would not revolve completely around that for a good bit.
  9. Thank you. I was about to call Scotland Yard but this cracks it wide open.
  10. Anyone else feel like a SMKC album announcement is Slash's way of mercifully tempering the expectations of GNR fans?
  11. And it wouldn't even be the first time "TEAM GNR" had misled promoters that an impending album was imminent to get their money. Merck literally copped to it in his 2006 open letter. Some things never change I guess. Looks like whatever clout was gained from the NITL tour is being used to dupe promoters and fans alike...again. Spooky how this keeps happening.
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