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  1. Any other band this means something new is imminent. For GNR it’s likely just a confirmation that, yes, they hate their fans.
  2. Anyone else getting the impression that they’ve hit some kind of serious internal drama in regard to the next album? Maybe they can’t agree on the sound/direction....Again? 🤦🏻‍♂️
  3. It’s fucking terrific! Best GNR cover I’ve ever heard, honestly. RIP Chris
  4. Really, anything from the vault during the Chi Dem recordings.
  5. There was a time when news of Slash writing demos and recording guitar parts for Guns would have overloaded this place with traffic. Now, thanks to fuck-face Fernando paired with Axl's inability to be forward thinking and get shit done, it's met with a collective "Meh." from the fanbase. No one can be bothered to even pretend to give a fuck anymore, because we know it all means fuck all until they actually make it a reality. Well done GNR, you pack of fucking morons. No one cares. Someone leak The General and Zodiac so we can all move on with our damn lives and put this insufferabl
  6. Have you ever spent a wholly unnecessary amount of time watching different porn videos waiting for the perfect scene to dump your muck to, and then after the fact think “Shit, why the fuck did I do that?” Also, Guns N’ Roses are garbage and there will likely be no new album, ever.
  7. Agreed, those are literally the only two circumstances where I’d spend money to go see them again.
  8. I mean, they've been creatively retired for a decade, the question basically becomes how long to do you want to see this show over and over. Personally, I'm good and am ultimately cool with 2016 being my grand finale as a fan.
  9. Someone needs to explain to Sue what “working fastidiously” actually means.
  10. This is an outrage. Didn't anyone tell them that the time isn't right to release music!?!?! Shame!!!
  11. Then use your own imagination. I promise it will look funny. And it will be a better manager than Fernando Lebeis.
  12. I swear to God an ostrich with Down’s syndrome could manage this band better than Fernando Lebeis.
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