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  1. I like to think Lupe understood the urgency in my voice, and that we made a connection. And while part of me thought she may have said “Noweareclosed!!” I’m mostly sure she said “November it is!”.
  2. Just called Universal. The lady on the other line kept droning that I had reached a laundromat and, to be honest, she didn’t speak English all that well, but I’m pretty sure she confirmed November after some prodding. Get ready!! 🤘🏻🤘🏻 @FernandoYou did it you magnificent bastardi!! 🎉🥳 **Edited to add: I think we all need to remember the person truly responsible for this amazing news, Lupe in (I assume) Universal customer service. Thank you Lupe. 🙏🏻
  3. It’s either a great idea for Slash to drop a record 3-4 months after a surprise GNR album or a terrible one. Don’t think there’s a middle ground. All I got.
  4. It’d be a bummer if these two tracks were merely testing the interest in “new” GNR music. Means it can go heavily in one way or the other for however long.
  5. This is like an “Anti-whatever he hell other new music GNR may or may not have lined up. “ That’s not even meant as a knock or complement, just that it feels drastically different. Wonder if it’s a coincidence 🤔
  6. I’m quite sure this is bs, but if any track “deserves” to be leaked it’s this one, if only for being cock teased for the better part of 20 odd years.
  7. I’m sure these two tracks will be on the album, and while “throw away” tracks probably isn’t how they look at them, they could be saving (forgive me) the “big guns” for the album release itself.
  8. If we’re looking for these numbers to confirm the album before it drops or is even announced, it’s just not reality. All this means is that It appears the TREND is that album tracks get lumped close together, and that’s what we’re seeing wrapped around Hard Skool and Absurd. That’s a good thing. But like I said, nothing other than the album dropping is going to CONFIRM any of this. Now it’s just a matter of perspective.
  9. But…this is GNR. Everything is done at the 11th hour. Look at 2008 with Chi Dem. Scraped wasn’t supposed to be on there and got swapped in last minute, which is why it has the last assigned number in that bunch. So, knowing the way this shit show operates, while I don’t know if “imminent” is a good word, I’d be surprised if this didn’t mean something’s been turned over. Any way you slice it, nothings official until we’re all hitting play on track 1. I still say this is positive.
  10. Oh no doubt, it’s always cool to see something you especially dig get the recognition it deserves. I guess in my mind a new record with Axl, Slash & Duff is, in a weird way, even more of a miracle than Chinese Democracy’s eventual release was. Even more so than a reunion tour, which was at one point a long shot in its own right, if only because it requires them to be on the same page creatively to bring the two elements that made GNR special together, which is Slash’s guitar over Axl’s vocals. So sure, you’ll have folks splitting hairs about what works vs what doesn’t on the album, people upset because Axl’s vocals are from whenever, blah blah blah. It’s still a fucking miracle of rock n roll. Let’s not lose sight of that.
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