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  1. I think it’s moreso due to covid than anything else. There’s still a lot of Americans unwilling to attend something like this.
  2. I think it's awesome. Not every song has to be on the level of Estranged or November Rain. It's just a dumb, fun song that isn't meant to be taken seriously. The vibe of it with Slash/Duff playing it makes it sound way better to my ears and I like that it's more metal than electronic. The chorus is growing on me, but I think the "what should I do" was better. Not every song needs to be an artistic masterpiece. It's fun to jam out to.
  3. The voice sounds pretty rough. I don't know what I expect at his age, though. It always seems like he is trying but just can't get the notes or sound of his voice anymore. I think with some vocal surgery/coaching again he can get back to how he sounded in 2016, which I think was very realistic for his age.
  4. I don’t care what anyone says. I fucking loved this haha. The actual song and the fact they played it
  5. How did the hard school soundcheck sound I wonder?
  6. I have nothing against his voice in that clip. Clean but strong.
  7. It’s possible his voice is toast. I haven’t heard Better yet, couldn’t find it anywhere, and I heard that was a nightmare
  8. I’m really crossing my fingers that the mix is what was fucking up Axl the other night. Guess we’ll see tomorrow.
  9. I do think some of Axl’s vocal issues were due to him not being able to hear himself. It looked like constantly he was having difficulty hearing where he was in a song and as a singer doing Axl’s style with that added difficulty is fucking brutal. That being said I do think his voice is damaged beyond repair and it’s sad to see. The set list is fine but not adding Hard School to the mix seems like a cruel joke. Why does the band even bother rehearsing it every tour if it’s not going to ever get played? I would hope that next show some of Axl’s vocal issues will be better. From what I heard it wasn’t pretty though, and I hope some of it was just a horrible mix.
  10. Completely understandable decision. Don’t think anyone can fault you given the current state of the band. I hope you are taking care.
  11. I don’t believe Slash and Duff would listen to Silkworms and want to do anything with it. It’s not their style at all. Seems like a bunch of bullshit to me.
  12. They've definitely been doing something. No way that they band could've just bummed this one and have it sound as good as it does right now. If it premieres live, even if there's not an album, single, or EP on the horizon, this is still a form of a new music technically, and it's a step in the right direction. I've listened to the soundcheck 10 times already haha.
  13. I think the setlist is killer. It just sucks it's not accompanied by new songs, Hard School could be the change in that though.
  14. I think there's a chance it is finally going to be played. It seemed like it a serious focus for the 2020 tour before it was postponed, along with being heavily rumoured for a while. They have rehearsed this *a lot* to never play it. It may not be tomorrow but I imagine that it'll be this tour with how much work it seems the band has put into it. Also, keep in mind Axl was present at last year's rehearsal for it, something that we haven't seen from the alt tracks like Oh My God.
  15. Hard School is happening boys!!!!! The instrumental sounds great. Bring it on!!!!
  16. I don't care how the man looks at all, I care about how he sounds. For all we know he could have medication that makes him gain weight, I view it as pretty irrelevant
  17. Despite me being quite negative at points, I really am glad Guns is still around and doing shows. Axl is always going to be one of my favorite performers, if not my favorite, and we usually get some special moments throughout these shows that remind us how awesome Axl can be, whether thats vocally, or his classic moments like yelling at security, or just how much fun he has. Also while I do with there was new music I think Guns do a good job adding older songs to the setlist. Feels like we've gotten a great dose of the catalog throughout the past few years. Would hope to see that continue this year, hopefully Hard School, PTU, or TAY like was planned before. and breakdown please
  18. I would expect this to mean "new" as in new to this lineup, like Think About You, PTU, cover, etc.
  19. I imagine this is just about how the set list will look at this years show as well
  20. That Hard School sounded rough vocally but would still be down to hear it for the instrumentation and intent to do something new. I think we would’ve heard it had the pandemic not have happened, now, who knows. Ironically enough, we’ve come full circle. Hardschool demo caught my eye because it’s Axl and his killer vocals, now I’m hoping to hear a badass slash solo and tune out the vocals.
  21. Oh I know. But...factoring in age and the length of the break it’s been in this era? I think it’s going to be atrocious. I know that’s fucking negative lol but seriously it’s gonna be brutal if he hasn’t been putting any work. Way worse than other legs of this tour.
  22. Not be that guy, I’m expecting Axl’s voice to be rough Man hasn’t performed in 1.5 years, probably hasn’t practiced or done anything. It was already rough enough in 2020. I wouldn’t even be surprised at this point if he starts lip syncing, heavy backing tracks or lowers the key or something.
  23. Wow! TWAT sounds great! Glad to hear one of my favorite songs in a good quality live Is this the first official live proshot of TWAT? My memory sucks.
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