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  1. You just have to listen to all the layers, man. They’re so epic and progressive
  2. Lol, says you and about 100 other people. The other 99.99999999% of the world seems to disagree with you but carry on. On topic, I wouldn’t mind Slash doing another solo album with a variety of singers. I get why it probably doesn’t make sense at this time, so I’ll just enjoy the music he will be releasing under SMKC.
  3. All good man. Just a difference of opinion. Not a single CD song as it was released is worthy as a follow up to UYI.
  4. Why do you feel the need to argue every single time someone says Chinese is not Guns? This is a thread about the upcoming SMKC album.
  5. Why so agro, bro? Try to lighten up and enjoy this short life we have
  6. It’s not like they don’t have plenty of material between Axl’s unreleased NuGnR and Slash and Duff who are machines when it comes to producing new music. As always with this band, the questions of what if...
  7. Acting like every rumor is fact? ok, then. If you think for one second that the semi reunion is about anything other than money you’re fooling yourself. NuGnR was a theater act by the time Axl came to his senses. Matt is one of two people in the conversation he wrote about, so I am going to take his word for it on this one. Regarding NITL, there have been many reports regarding the financing. Are these to be taken as facts without confirmation? Nope. But they sure seem to make sense when out together. Just my opinion....
  8. @Blackstar I do agree that he wanted back in after VR fell apart WAY more than he let on in your quote above. IMO, VR was Slash, Duff and Matt's way of proving that they could be huge without Axl. Once it was over, his craving to be a huge star needed to be satiated and GnR have a built in following.
  9. Slash quit Axl's GnR, so I disagree that he has "always" wanted back in the band. He is all about making money, which he has every right to be. Funny thing is, I don't recall seeing anything about a reunion until after he and his ex-wife had spilt. -He wanted a star lead singer for VR instead of Izzy's hope for he and Duff to share lead vocals.: cost them Izzy. -He wanted a bigger piece of the pie for NITL: reportedly took more from Duff's partnership share; probably didn't back up Izzy's attempt to get his old % back.
  10. Out of context? Matt was crystal clear with what he said. And if it’s not true, Slash is free to dispute Matt’s take.
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