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  1. It surprises me that Axl haven't post anything about the election result yet I thought he would at least make a celebration post or something
  2. maybe we should start spaming every gnr social media account with the smae message until they hear us and give us a official update at least!
  3. Truth is Axl doesn't wants to do nothing because of the pandemic Dude's way too perfectionist,, he probably wants everything to be perfect again
  4. And I think it's also because AC/DC songs are sustained on the same level of tonality Guns songs are full of ups and downs and that's probably harder to sing with proper technique Sure, less shows + lose a few pounds + take good care of his voice and health would be the appropirate choice
  5. Megan post a pic of Slash and Todd Kerns saying they're recording it
  6. If he really it's doing this, that's a little late HAHAHHA But would be awesome anyways
  7. Solo album or probably he'll start doing soundtracks like he said he'd like to do
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