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  1. In fairness - each of the guests are introduced like that. Steve Buscemi’s intro goes in for ages it seems....and it’s only through that that I found out he used to be a firefighter!!
  2. The villain will be Perla. Or Interscope. Or Slash. Maybe the band have had all the village/CD era tracks stolen and need Scooby and Mystery Inc to help get them back so they can get working on the new album.......🤣 I know! Same as Looney Tunes....it should be red!
  3. Let’s just hope there is some random ‘rock the rock’ tune somewhere in the episode! Also - why isn’t he rocking the red hair? Same as LT - I thought it odd it was blonde! 🤣
  4. Quality.....I wonder if this was the thing Angus Young was referring to. 🤣 These episodes are quite funny actually so will check it out.
  5. Sturgeon - GNR are playing in Glasgow? Who’s in the line-up these days? Leitch - Slash is back in the band as is Duff..... Sturgeon - Whit....Buckethead isn’t there anymore? That’ll be right - get lockdown in place for a few more weeks - I’m no havin that.....I want my nunchuck solos. Disclaimer - I’m not suggesting Nicola Sturgeon is an avid Nu GNR fan.....she might be but I doubt it....🤣
  6. Yeah - agreed the 2nd type was better. It just seems that it grown from a small podcast into something much bigger which is great. I just wish/hope they get the rights to show and play decent footage! I know they were interviewing Mike Clink and Tom Zutaut - that will be interesting! And like most things....they end up on YT eventually!
  7. Yeah - she isn’t perfect by any means but she has handled this pretty well IMO. Yeah - seems most likely outcome TBH. Axl will be well in the swing of things and firing on all cylinders by then......we all hope......🤣
  8. Ha ha - I know, I’m not convinced it will all go to plan anyway....I just thought it was funny that the days matched exactly! And in Scotland we could run to a different timeline anyway.
  9. So if everything goes to plan concerts of some description COULD happen from 21st June in UK.....the very same day as the Glasgow gig....🤣 Is BoJo a GNR fan.....trying to get lockdown lifted for the gig....🤔🤔🤔🤔🤣🤣
  10. So if everything goes to plan concerts of some description COULD happen from 21st June in UK.....the same day as this gig....🤣 Is BoJo a GNR fan.....trying to get lockdown lifted for the gig....🤣🤣
  11. Apologies - just my way of speaking! It meant - what’s the story behind your comment? 🤣 That interesting to know...I have seen that name before on the forums right enough. Wasn’t there a story about a hoarder who unfortunately died....and with him went all the material?
  12. Slash doing SMKC isn’t a surprise - he has said all along it would be the case he would be doing both. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Obviously it’s frustrating to see actual activity here when GNR stuff is all ‘cloak and dagger’. Fortunately with the First 50 Gigs, possibilities of more live leaks and a multitude of other bands doing stuff.....I can afford to just wait. I still think we will get something but I’ve just put it to the back of my mind.....otherwise it’s a bloody frustrating time ahead for the foreseeable future!
  13. Yeah - but the two podcasts were the start and because of their success they have decided to improve and evolve them to be multi-platform. When you listen to them they say it’s a series/covering the 50 gigs etc. I’ve been following since the start when it was announced on Discord and chipped in with feedback and comments so im familiar with how it’s all evolved. Have you listened to the two podcasts - what did you think?
  14. It’d be more interesting than some of the footage we have had recently! 🤣 ANY TB FOLK LOOKING IN.........PLEASE, STOP WITH THE CHRONIC FOOTAGE. ITS EMBARRASSING TO WATCH/LISTEN. SHOWCASE THE GOOD STUFF - 2016/17. 😤
  15. Marc can’t get the ‘sync rights’ to show the video/audio he has of the band - which is effectively a goldmine of material (seems like the band wouldn’t give permission). That was a good few months ago so hopefully it has changed or will change.
  16. No - there were 2 podcasts last year based on a gig and slash’s pre GNR bands. It was the success of them that led to what we are soon to get. The website will likely still have old material from the book however - maybe you were looking at that stuff? The podcasts are definitely new (as of last year anyway). 👍
  17. I’d prefer a physical release to purchase but I’d take a digital release for sure. Literally minimum effort for them and they would coin it in........yet nothing 😤
  18. Exactly mate. I keep harping on about it but Summer 2016 is the ‘sweet spot’ where vocally gets was on point (as has been effectively confirmed with the Houston cuts) and the band were really on fire. They had that ‘buzz’ with it all being fresh and new and really did kick ass. THATS what we want to see. Late 2016 through to mid 2017 it starts to slide but it’s more than acceptable.
  19. Why oh why do they persist on showing poor performances of a song which is going to get loads of views and then rubbished and laughed at?!?! As said elsewhere - pick a 2016/17 version and immediately it’s better. The whole band sounds bored - such a lifeless performance backed by poor vocals. Shooting themselves in the foot again.
  20. What’s baffling is that Marc is clearly a good friend (I think he is still friends with all of them) and GNR/management wouldn’t have to lift a finger to get all kinds of great PR through this......and yet nothing. GNR/management won’t even allow the holy grail footage to be shown as Marc can’t secure the ‘sync rights’. If they just endorsed it and allowed some footage to be shown/heard then this thing could literally be goldmine for all concerned. Again - an ‘easy win’ and yet it’s somehow ‘a draw’.....😤
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