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  1. Please cite some examples of people catching covid outside? Oh that’s right you can’t. Because you would literally have to be in someone’s face coughing or sneezing into their mouth to catch covid outside. These false notions are why idiot governments like California and all of Europe and Canada require people to wear masks outside. Rules backed by nothing based on nothing.
  2. Every outdoor stadium should be at 100%. It’s almost impossible to catch covid outside. It’s all so ridiculous.
  3. Paul Tobias would be a fascinating get. Kind of a mysterious figure.
  4. @Gambit83At the end of the interview you mentioned to David Wilde that Axl stated he wanted Dylan to hear a song. Axl was not talking about Bob Dylan. He was talking about Stephanie Seymour’s son Dylan.
  5. Not to beat a dead horse (no pun intended) but the main reason his voice was so much worse is weight gain and being out of shape. Your vocal cords and head and neck muscles and diaphragm and trunk and spine muscles all play a roll in your ability to sing powerfully. When your body is de-conditioned those muscle groups cannot contract optimally leading to less vocal control and power. This is why many singers get worse as they age. Their muscular system is degrading. This is also why singers who emphasize proper nutrition and physical fitness (like Mick Jagger) can continue to perform at a leve
  6. I enjoy the songs that feature Axl. He sounds better on all of them than he does on most of CD. His voice was so good in 2006-2007.
  7. It’s annoying how many people have listed stuck inside. Not because it’s not one of Axl’s best studio performances (it definitely is) but because it’s on an ok song on Sebastian Bach’s crappy solo album. I can only hope Axl brought it like that on some of the unheard holy grail songs.
  8. This list has always struck me as completely real and completely odd. Some of these songs are references to what I would assume are remixes (TIL2, Better2, Pro2) some unheard songs (a few of which we have now heard) and Catcher which I’ve read in places over the years was not always slated for CD1. This list seems to potentially confirm that. Then as mentioned above a bunch of songs that are rumored to exist are not listed. Which may confirm it actually was supposed to be a trilogy of records with bonus tracks (Remixes)
  9. No fucking way. First of all this is not a “vaccine” Vaccines keep you from contracting a virus altogether. This is symptom mitigation shot. Meaning you can still %100 contract covid. You just may not develop the symptoms of the virus. This “vaccine” was rushed to market and has zero long term studies. 1988 Guns n Roses would have to come through a time machine for me to even consider getting the “vaccine” to see a concert. And even then I would probably not do it.
  10. 1. CD 2. Hard School 3. Riad 4. If the World 5. The Blues 6. TWAT 7. Catcher 8. State of Grace 9. IRS 10. Perhaps 11. Atlas 12. Madagascar 13. Prostitute All finished in 2000 era form that is far and away the best rock album of 2000 and is a better album than CD. So I think it would have been praised for its modernity blended with classic GNR feel. It probably sells 5-8 mil copies and paves the way for a follow up with everything else on CD that is not on that track list plus a bunch of the unheard holy grail songs.
  11. So I’m assuming you are a hot woman. Axl is a famous man but still a man after all. That might explain all the staring.
  12. I never need to hear the live (or the album version for that matter) of KOHD or Paradise City ever again. Why won’t they dip backwards to the 90s for any of these pro-shots?!
  13. To answer the question of the OP 2020 was extremely underwhelming. For some artists when you hit a certain level of wealth you just stop being motivated to do much. Some artists never stop being obsessed with their craft and sharing it no matter how wealthy they become. Unfortunately for all of us Guns is not one of those artists.
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