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  1. Axl is going to sound awesome on this song. I had never heard this song before but it’s really good. I’ve never given much time to exploring the UFO catalogue but I know many rock fans think they are criminally underrated and appreciated.
  2. The first part of the era (2000-2007) was pretty interesting. Axl sounded good. Looked good. I liked Robin Finck. Especially 2006-2007 Robin Finck when he looked like rock n roll Jesus instead of an alien. There was real hope. Some good leaks. 2008. CD finally comes out. It’s good but really 2-7 years too late. Axl sounded good in 2010. By 2011 the rails began to come off. Axl got a little fat. Started sounding off. DJ Ashba was not a good choice. He’s just so cheesy. Ron is an amazing guitar player but just didn’t seem happy after 2007. By 2014 there was no mystique. It was just kind of a weird hodgepodge group of musicians and an underwhelming Axl. Anyone who thinks any version of nugnr was going to take over the world was not around for the 80s and 90s. This was NEVER going to happen. The original band was just too big. It would have made much more sense for Axl to present this whole era as a solo project.
  3. Unless they pump in a track to enhance his voice there is no hiding his vocal issues in that venue
  4. The hype for the venue is real. It has the most amazing live sound quality you could ever imagine. If it just had that it would be worth it. You throw in that screen and it’s a mind blowing experience. The online pictures and videos do not do it justice to what it’s like in person
  5. That would be amazing if that show leaked. It would be such a trip to see it again after all these years
  6. It is shocking that between two shows no one recorded it. My guess is someone probably did but just never put it online. These shows are only mythological to a very small subset of the hardcore fan base.
  7. I remember being so afraid that Axl was going to leave after OMG had all those sound issues. Do you remember he came back out and said that “of course everything was going wrong at the one show he had ever asked to do” I remember relief washed over me like Patrick Bateman getting a good table at Espace.
  8. It’s bad. Tried to listen last night and turned it off
  9. Clear Channel has agreed to promote the book tour. Mix master Mike is confirmed as the opening act for the Philadelphia signing.
  10. Best Buy is in negotiations to be the exclusive retailer of the book. It will all be previously published information except for 3 chapters.
  11. I still have it in my phone as Soul Monster. We only waited 15 years to hear it from the first time Axl mentioned it.
  12. According to Pele The Children of the Revolution vocals were actually recorded in 1999.
  13. If they want this out on time they definitely should not make Axl responsible for any part of the production lol
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