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  1. @Gambit83 Is this all because you are writing a book with Doug? Maybe TB knows Doug knows a lot of shit that doesn’t fit the narrative they have been creating for the last decade (such as the delays with CD were all because of the label, every manager before them tried to force a reunion, nothing was ever Axl’s fault ect…) just a thought…..
  2. Is it at all possible that Axl refused to promote CD because they released it without the proper booklet? Is it possible that the booklet artwork was being held up (because everything is always held up with Axl) and he asked for a slight delay in the release date (maybe Christmas vs Thanksgiving) the label and or Best Buy said no and released CD without the super weird and somewhat awesome booklet and Axl just freaked the fuck out? Because let’s face it the booklet we got DOES NOT fit the vibe of CD at all. It feels rushed and cheap. And when you have toiled over something for so long you want
  3. I went to one of the Hammerstein shows as well. And Robin was playing out of his mind and had moved from looking like an alien (see 2001 and 2002) to looking like a weird bearded wizard with a smock. (See all of 2006 and 2007)
  4. Had You Could be mine made AFD and taken the place of say anything goes…..OMG…..it’s breaks my brain to think about…..AFD is already one of the top ten greatest hard rock albums ever and you add buy far the best hard rock song from the illusions to that…..yowzers
  5. I was at show 4 or 5 honestly I can’t remember. But it was a very badass show. No one had seen Axl in almost 4 years. 2003, 2004, and 2005 were pretty hopeless days for GNR fans. I wasn’t sure if I would ever hear any of Chinese. Then the rolling stone article came in January 2006 where he confirmed Chinese was still happening. Then the leaks. Then Hammerstein. He should have gotten Chinese out for fall 2006. That was actually the best time other than 01 or 02. They played Riad at the 1/1/01 show in Vegas.
  6. Who’s ready for another 12 minute rendition of knocking on heavens door.......
  7. I think the original plan was to do an extensive European tour that summer of 01 and it got canceled. My guess is that North America was probably tentatively planned for the fall and also got canceled.
  8. Robin was the one who actually sang the end of Oh my God. Axl had walked off the stage. When the song ended Robin slammed his guitar down and walked off stage. I was convinced that was going to be the end of the show. Axl came back out a minute later and said that of course they were having sound trouble at the first show he had asked to do since 1991. Then they immediately ripped into think about you.
  9. 12/29/01. At the Original Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel and casino in Vegas.
  10. I was at the show on the 29th. His hair did have a couple of braids but it was nothing like the 02 predator look. Axl actually looked amazing. He looked almost exactly like he looked in 1991/1992. I was actually shocked when took the stage. I did not expect classic Axl Rose to walk on stage but that’s what we got. As far as his voice it was very good. It was not as good as it was in 2006 or 2010 but it was damn close. That lineup was absolutely bonkers. Brain had a fucking Mohawk at the time, Tommy looked like a Sid Vicious impersonator, Robin looked like an Alien, Paul Tobias looked like a de
  11. I liked it when I first heard the bootleg from the HOB show back in 01. It was weird which is what I was expecting from the CD songs based on the descriptions I read in 1999-2000. I thought Madagascar was super weird the first time I heard that song as well but it grew on me immediately. I’ve never liked any of the studio versions of Riad. Mainly because the lyrics are bad. I was super disappointed it actually made the cut for CD because I thought it was by far the worst of all the leaks. But at least it wasn’t the worst song on CD that title belongs to Scraped which has the worst lyrics of an
  12. If it didn’t have the long intro or middle section I’d say hard school is the most like appetite from the Chinese era.
  13. Please cite some examples of people catching covid outside? Oh that’s right you can’t. Because you would literally have to be in someone’s face coughing or sneezing into their mouth to catch covid outside. These false notions are why idiot governments like California and all of Europe and Canada require people to wear masks outside. Rules backed by nothing based on nothing.
  14. Every outdoor stadium should be at 100%. It’s almost impossible to catch covid outside. It’s all so ridiculous.
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